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  1. Welcome to your new addiction. The foam surrounds on the flat honeycomb style woofers are blessed with long life, unlike the paper cone woofers found in the Silver and Platinum Amazings. Have no worries, there's still lots of life in them if they aren't damaged now.
  2. Now I see it. I almost never scroll that far down. Perhaps oddly, I was defaulted to Bravo6 and not to 'default' or Veux (default).
  3. I guess I'm completely thick because I don't see this option.
  4. Hell I don't know. I just logged in under whatever theme is defaulted.
  5. Really minor thing...........It might be nice if the "submit reply" button had a visible background for contrast. Thanks for all your efforts, Greg.
  6. Nick Johnston - Wide Eyes In The Dark As a guitarist, Nick Johnston is eminently capable of bringing the fire but he does so in a way that never burns the listener. Instead, Johnston creates lush sonic landscapes with guitar and piano as the main instrumentation. Put this one on, give it a little volume, and go about your tasks. You'll notice the tune takes you for a ride.
  7. Looks like a PowerVar conditioner on the lower left, and a fairly big one at that. Furutech, Panamax, Furman, Monster....bah! PowerVar matches them for a lot less.
  8. Greetings and welcome. Your background reveals you're a nutter like the rest of us.
  9. Congrats to Zenith4me and I tip my hat to both Kevin and James. I doubt there's another corner of the internet so generous.
  10. Anything with the words "Star" and "Wars" in the title.
  11. I don't have nearly such a fatalistic view of Netflix. Lately I've been focusing on their foreign offerings to get views from a different perspective whether it be films or television series. For $10 a month there's a whole world of programming access. That said, I wholehearted and enthusiastically recommend the Australian series called Rake. It's truly terrific! Forget the banal attempt at an American remake starring Greg Kinnear - it's absolutely drab by comparison.
  12. From one old-timer to another, welcome back Papajoe
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