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  1. The new album from Soften The Glare (Bon Lozaga - Gong, Godzilla, Ryan Martinie - Mudvayne) was just released. This is the first single.
  2. The United States was not founded on religious principles. https://www.cnn.com/2015/07/02/living/america-christian-nation/index.html
  3. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/grand-fold-flag/
  4. Coming out of Great Britain, of all places, comes The Lucky 13s. Here's a flavor closer to Motown than Liverpool. Their debut album is forthcoming but this single is available now a www.thelucky13s.com
  5. Hey J-P, By the sound of it you'll fit right in. Welcome.
  6. I've seen it and you'll enjoy the whole thing. I'll watch anything with Benicio.
  7. Yasi Hofer's Working Man's Life Recently became acquainted with Yasi. This is a bluesy tune and but a single facet of what she can do.
  8. When the original series was on I was glued to the tv and found it utterly fascinating. Really dug the revival series as well. Got a light?
  9. Shocked to log in here today and learn about Wayne. Rest peacefully, my Carver brother.
  10. Oh my! I’ve never really had a nice camera. Please accept 32 as my entry and should I win I’ll find something for another karma.
  11. From one old fart around here to another, get well fast, Wayne!
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