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  1. Ah, this looks like some fun. I submit The Raid 2: Berendal This Indonesian film is firmly rooted in martial arts and organized crime yet utterly better than anything Hollywood could offer. Enter Silat master Iko Uwais who has most recently found fame in Mile 22 and one of those endless star wars films. But before that he made several films in his native Indonesia. This guy makes Bruce Lee look dated. Taut, intense fight scenes directed by Gareth Evans like the one linked below are staples of the story, but as good as this one is, the best is yet to come. Track down The Raid 2: Berendal and stream it, buy it, whatever. You'll be glad you did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8QsSqqX2yk&frags=pl%2Cwn
  2. Thanks, I was previously aware of this issue. Somewhere back in time I recall a photo of one installed using little brackets on each mounting screw - not ideal. At any rate, I've located a replacement and it should arrive next week.
  3. The same ones with damage are listed on eBay with the same stupid high prices. I checked Dynavox but the business is offline till next month due to a death. They must be a small family operation.
  4. I feel your pain, brother. I'm just emerging from 4 years of financial hell. Good luck with your sales.
  5. These are the best two rock albums of 1980 in my view. Every track is a stunner and both from Canada. Rush - Permanent Waves Max Webster - Universal Juveniles
  6. Greetings all. Does anyone have a spare honeycomb woofer? It seems one of mine has taken a crap since I moved again, probably at the hands of the movers.
  7. An impressive offer! I graciously request to be 'in.'
  8. You could also try USAudiomart. It has a Canadian counterpart as well.
  9. Mellencamp....never again Eagles.....please shoot me...in the head U2....wretched and awful tripe Van Halen...Eruption...like an icepick in the ear Kiss....without the makeup people would laugh at them Dave Matthews....seriously, why is this even successful Springsteen.....I'd rather masturbate with a belt sander
  10. I have two inquiries. Can you PM me your contact details? I will only share them with your permission if these guys remain interested now that they know your price.
  11. I put out a couple feelers to people I know were looking for a Sunfire tube preamp in the recent past.
  12. I think I'd be having a word with the seller.
  13. I think this would be a very fair trade.
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