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  1. On the Products page I see the Black Magic 350 Features / Specs button does not link to a page. On the About Us page, Phase Linear section there's a typo: Phase Linear corporation, founded by Bob and Steve Johnston, was created to build and marketing this product. And a couple of typos in the Troubleshooting FAQ. Overall, a clearly readable website.
  2. Consider it done. And all the best to you and Jen.
  3. Response appreciated, although for me the claims made could still use a good bit more explanation. Circuit design is not my thing.
  4. Good advice offered on swapping V2 and V3 to see if the distortion follows. The second statement I don't understand and would like more info.
  5. Someone needs to get H.W. Brands or Walter Isaacson on the case. Both men knows how to write a compelling biography.
  6. I seriously hope someone is actively working on a biography of Bob
  7. Around here I'm an even older fart than BarryG.
  8. I have a Sherwood S3000-II, and you're right, they sound fantastic. Crystal clear with a tuning eye. Although mine refuses to work since the last move and I'm personally at a loss to trouble shoot it.
  9. The Aristocrats With Primuz Chamber Orchestra dropped on June 3rd. The album came about after the band stumbled across the PCO playing one of their songs, and they liked their arrangement so much that a collaboration was proposed. The result is 9 songs from across The Aristocrats' catalog reimagined from the floor up with lush orchestration raising the bar where it had only previously been implied. The album is available on CD, hi-res 24/96 download, and limited edition gatefold double vinyl. Additionally, the band embarks on a 50 show N. American tour starting July 1st. Details at the-aristocrats-band.com Here's the first visualizer video, The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde.
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