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  1. Apparently ALL original members of Molly Hatchet have now passed on, meanwhile 38 Special refuses to die. Seems backwards to me.
  2. Ekhidna is the latest from Norwegian guitar phenom Hedvig Mollestad. This one is a solo outing having preferred to drop 'Trio' from the artist name. What to expect? Well, suppose Jimmy Page and Tony Iommi were mashed together and sent off to jazz school and you have something of an idea of Hedvig's playing, but that's not really the whole of it. Expect avant-garde soundscapes with heavy grooves in a free-form atmosphere. I just discovered her and quickly grabbed all her music. Simply phenomenal!
  3. Kind of a long shot.... Does anyone here work with plastics and in particular with blow molding HDPE? I'm looking into a custom production run of long out of production automotive coolant reservoirs and hoping to maintain a factory look.
  4. I met bassist John Avila in 2007 and attended an intimate performance with him absolutely wailing on his Vigier bass accompanied by his daughter singing. They were simply breathtaking. Though this is clearly a Danny Elfman driven performance, the way John's baseline enters the song is perfection. The song itself is sublime. For lyrical imagery it closely rivals Eleanor Rigby. Dig.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1953-ZENITH-L518-RADIO-SERVICE-MANUAL-PHOTOFACT-L518F-L518G-L518W-L518Y-5L03-/352837096789 https://www.ebay.com/itm/ZENITH-L518-L518F-L518G-L518W-L518Y-RADIO-RECEIVER-PHOTOFACT/382312727736?hash=item59039d44b8:g:Nw4AAOSwI8laNt-Z Everything you need to know should be in these photo facts. No affiliation with sellers.
  6. MFTJ is a collaboration between Australian producer Scott Schor and the incomparable Mike Keneally. Released in early April, MFTJ get's in your face throughout the album in a freaked out funky psycho manner. Dig. https://mftj.bandcamp.com
  7. Look up Michael Hedges. He was a near genius on harp guitar.
  8. I saw that ad, and sighed because they were too far away. Good on you for giving them a proper home!
  9. That's quite a collection although I wonder if cassettes will ever see the resurgence vinyl made. Fun to look at though.
  10. Is there any news on this front? I know there's a lot of good reference material particularly from the earlier days in that archive. It would be nice to see a searchable database made linked through here. If it's a question of funding I'm sure we can collectively pull it off.
  11. Very rough news. We're all pulling for your son, Charlie.
  12. A very cool offer yet I'll sit by and watch what happens.
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