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  1. The $35 shipping is interesting.. you can send it by Media Mail for about $3 bucks. Don't know what insurance would cost though
  2. Damn, I knew I should have bought some of those discs way back when! I have several sealed copies of dark side of the Moon, one of steely Dan Asia and a couple of others that I don't really remember that are in my garage, but they're all the original omr recordings, not the uhqr ones.
  3. Sorry, I wasn't real clear in my questions/comment.. Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs first produced their audiophile Original Master Recordings, OMR, in the 70s. Then in the early 80s they came out with their UHQR, Ultra High Quality Recordings, which were on heavier vinyl, and used JVCs proprietary Supervinyl. I was wondering if that super vinyl is the same as today's super vinyl. They also changed some of the mastering and pressing techniques to make the discs better as well. They were about double the cost of their regular O My R discs. So I didn't know if they were really worth the price back
  4. Interesting. Is this the same way they did it 30-40 yrs ago when they first introduced it?
  5. Wow! I've got quite a MFSL vinyl discs, but none of the ultra discs, because I just didn't see why they would be any better simply because they're 120 g heavier. Lol Also have a bunch of Sheffield Lab discs, and Nautilus Superdiscs. Telarc made some great classical recordings as audiophile discs as well. Including one of the most famous records ever... Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. You can actually visibly see the 6Hz cannon shot grooves with your naked eye. Only one cartridge that I know of was ever able to track that groove, and that was the Shure V15 ty
  6. I'd probably repost in: https://thecarversite.com/forum/25-carver-pro-amps/ Also, your service and instruction manuals can be found here: https://thecarversite.com/carvermanuals/
  7. You might want to move your post to another one of the more applicable sections of the forum.
  8. I do. I also have a PL 1000 Series II myself. It's awesome at hiss type noise reduction. Nothing was better. I also have an interesting troubleshooting flow chart that Bob put together when he was at Phase Linear. If you don't get the one from hifiengine, PM me and I'll get it to you.
  9. Actually, for a good audio cable it's actually pretty negligible. For a 3-ft long cable, of good quality, you would expect less than 50 pF. However, I don't really know what the recommended loading is for today's phono cartridges, especially moving coil. Back in the day, people rarely used moving coils simply because of their extremely high cost, very delicate nature and the fact that we had plenty of moving magnet cartridges that were outstanding. The selection of cartridges today is dramatically smaller. RIP Shure V15 Type V MR I have two of the above with the stylus
  10. From Denon's User guide: Load Impedance 100 ohms min. (40 ohms when using a transformer) On my 1980 Pioneer SA-9800 integrated amp, there are also settings for capacitance. Do you have to worry about that? The settings available for moving magnets are: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 pF 100, 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k Ohms
  11. Oingo Boingo Telarc's 1812 Overture
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