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    Thanks Rob 🥰👍
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    The doctor called me to let me know that my fathers lungs are very compromised due to the neumonía and the COVID, they where going to transfer him to a higher level of care. This morning he face-timed me and he seemed very cheery and managed to sneak in a joke, so I can say that he is doing a little better.
  3. I have an XBOX ONE S as a dedicated Blue Ray, it will do 4K but it will not play SACD
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    Thank You, Brian, yeah something must have clicked tonight as he re-admitted himself into the hospital. He had gone out and bought himself a oxygen machine but he needs so much more than that. In the few short conversations we had yesturday he said he was going back to the hospital as he really had trouble breathing and needed help. Its shocking to see how on sunday night he was still able to talk oka vs yesturday where he was gasping for air like a fish out of water. Hopefully he follows through with what the hospital recommends and is able to pull through.
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    Since my wife will be donating with BE THE MATCH on Thursday they had someone come over and perform the test on Monday, the results where NEGATIVE, I went to get tested today, but I can maybe... maybe say that if she was negative most likely will be negative. DAD IS STILL AT HOME DOING NOTHING
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    My father has just tested positive, they told him to go to the hospital due to his oxygen levels being low. Upon arrival he was given a room and was given oxygen. The Doctor also stated that he has (either I dont remember) neumonía or pneumonia. But for some reason he was not getting it or it was hard on his body (obese, copd, long-time smoker, ect.) They decide they where going to intubate him and immediately he flips out and decides to leave the hospital. As in his mind if he gets intubated he will die. Last time we where in contact was on fathers day. I let the USPS know but they where very non-chalant about it. I am going to get tested today and my wife got tested yesterday. I feel no sympathy for him and if he ends up dying is entirely on him and his lack of getting medical help
  7. DADDY COOL... Daddy Cool
  8. I had a 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S referred to in Japan as a AE86 so my vanity plate was a take on the japanese word 8 6, 8 being Hachi 6 being Roku. So my plate read HCHI RKU
  9. Ended up selling both the Wizard and Black and Decker and with the money I bought a sweet METABO Circular Saw. I have already owned 3 circular saws and I have yet to cut a piece of wood 😂🤣🤫
  10. All I have is my vintage g-shock and once the strap broke I have never worn it again. So I will pass. Thank you for the offering
  11. Congrats Dick and thanks for the Itch
  12. I passed on 77 because I knew there might be a chance that you might be on here
  13. 86 and thank you itch for the great offering
  14. I go on youtube watch other people grill and eat their perfect steak and just choke on my own saliva 😂🤣☠️
  15. I second everything packratt said especially the going to the station as we are tracked and the scanner takes a picture and the location where your parcel was scanned.
  16. Wow just wow, I know we have been hit very hard but there is no excuse to have outgoing mail sitting since thursday there
  17. How late at night was this? I ask because sometimes we get pushed back sooo late and they do not want us scanning parcels after a certain time that we just mark them delivered, 9 times out of 10 that parcel will be delivered otherwise it gets delivered tomorrow. But its sad to see DELIVERED and no package plus the upside that they did not pick up your outgoing either (double whammy)
  18. Wow!! No thank you... ☠️ But then again the 💵 must me coming in good.
  19. Yeah its crazy because I just found out that many people working in the processing plants have not been going to work So it piles up and EVERY DAY is Christmas
  20. Ironically I too have my own dose of USPS fail where is my package (grumble, grumble) The seller did refund me. So no biggie
  21. Im living the SAD LIFE as I have no more beer
  22. I'll be back in the high life again... After a 12 hour shift it just hit the spot
  23. This is awsome!! Glad to hear all these great news
  24. Well that new blade on Walmart was 7 something dollars so what do I do well I go out and buy another circular saw for 7 dollars. Its a black and decker 7391 and it accepts the bigger 7-1/4 blades I got with the other saw. So the plan is to clean them up and sell the older Wizard Saw, I would not want to because its suuuper mint!!
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