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  1. I completely get you both Dick and Dennis, its just sad how some people inside the organization are just oka with doing LESS THAN the bare minimum. Im not saying that I am driking the magical kool aid if upper management as I have only been a carrier for 2 years but, we get paid very good (NOT ME BTW I AM STILL NEW ☠️) to do this job yet very few go above and beyond. For myself being prior-military it honors me just as much to wear the USPS uniform as it did when I wore the DIGITAL CAMO (well maybe not that combo, what where they smoking?) uniform for the US ARMY. Its funny how we have two ears yet we dont use any of them when trying to hear the needs of the customer. Its al ME ME ME ME and ME what can I do to my benefit vs the need of the customer that is getting the mail for me to deliver it and in turn get a decent paycheck
  2. CT-Seven

    Fuel prices

    1.77 in Miami, FL I think I have not seen these kind of prices since 1999/2000
  3. No offense taken but I have decided to do a separate thread on the matter to not derail this thread from the potential members who what to take advantage of the XM offer
  4. Not to derail the XM Thread I decided to create this thread to further expand on @Sk1Bum thoughts on the USPS. No offense taken, to be honest this place is a work of art this USPS, I have never seen a place where the employee hates its manager and its manager hates its employees so much. Its crazy to think how our lives cost only ($0.55) the current stamp rate. We have been provided with nothing and given very to minimal instruction on what to do in these times. Obviously common sense does kick in on what I have seen/read over this past month on COVID19. But still its very scary. We currently do have a positive case in our district but they are trying to shuffle it to avoid everyone from just picking up and going home, again per my above statement we are worth less than the 0.55 cents of a Forever stamp
  5. I deliver a bunch of their letters every day if they can reach you on the phone or email they will resort to snail mail
  6. I have an Everdrive for my Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  7. LT that unit looks very good!! Should sell pretty fast. Dennis great job as always
  8. CT-Seven


    It does not help that people now are starting to ask me when the stimulus check will arrive... sir/madam please give your mailman room and do not approach them. I am still amazed that the sheer number of postal employees only a hand full tested positive and only one has passed away from complications from the virus
  9. 5 Envelopes ready to be ready to be shipped, I just need to go to the counter as we have 2 international winners!! PLEASE DONT FORGET THE MONEY SHOT ONCE INSTALLED Carter, remember you are the odd man out as you have to wait till I get my amp back and decide which badge I will use.
  10. Hope you guys enjoy it I will let everyone know when they are up up and AWAY!!
  11. Great Karma, thank you Charlie and enjoy the music AJ
  12. I have nine participants which I will number from 1-9 in order of them saying "in" to the karma 1)Oldtexasdog 2)Charlie 3)Zenith4me 4)4Runner 5)Jeffs 6)BarryG 7)Drummerjuice 8)Peck555 9)Chiroacademy Im going to run the RNG 5 times, plus a bonus one time that will get the last badge standing as I have not decided for me if I want black or gold
  13. Last stretch KARMA is tomorrow Oldtexasdog Charlie Zenith4me 4Runner Jeffs BarryG Drummerjuice Peck555 Chiroacademy
  14. Great Karma but I will pass I only have eyes for the M-500
  15. @zumbini did you keep the badge on it after you did the LED Swap?
  16. Here it is on my previous M-500(t) I lined it up with the power supply button as the bottom of the button is the bottom of the badge
  17. Worst case scenario if you don't win they are very easy to make simply contact my buddy Craig at Benton Trophy and he can set you up in no time flat. Its a 1" by 1" size plaque. As I did back then this is also good to help promote his business too as he is a great guy too
  18. Yes the black and gold is in. The way it works is as follows. 1) otd 2) member 3) member I tell the random number generator I have 3 and it picks a number, if that happens to be you you get a first pick of the badge, then so on. Thats how I did it 6 years ago when I did the Karma but if you have a better idea let me know
  19. Exactly 6 years ago today I held a Karma for some MKII badging for our Carver Amps. As I plan to have my latest M-500(t) MKII modded I decided to get these done again with Craig at Benton Trophy. The only two differences from 6 years ago is that I have more badges to offer and I only had the 1x1's made, plus an experimental BLACK ON GOLD. I will have 5 winners chosen via the Random Number Thingimabob, on the 20th of March so GOOD Luck. I would like to keep this open to current MKII owners or members who are planning MKII mods within the next year.
  20. CT-Seven


    Well here in the USPS they have yet to say or recommend anything, as Newman would say the mail never stops
  21. Now thats a Pucking amp!!
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