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  1. My order is all Mens shirts/with logo on front CF info on back and Wayne on the arm. 1 Ash grey XL 1 Kelly green XL 1 Teal 2XL 1 Lime 2XL 1 Charisma coral 2XL 1 Charcoal sweat 2XL
  2. Reservation made for Watershed 10. 16 days starting Sept 7th
  3. There may be a treehouse or possibly a loft available those are the smaller units dogs are allowed at an additional charge
  4. The usual gang in cabin 10 for 2020
  5. There will only be one Kingman. Lord make our brothers transition swift and merciful. Amen . Till we meet again Wayne.
  6. If any of you guys plan to attend this years fest they finally have this years pricing figured out. Call Watershed and speak to Veronica as Chris no longer works there. I placed our deposit on Watershed 10 today
  7. Ray the guy I got them from said one woofer crapped out . The replacements came directly from Human speakers.
  8. Different model Wayne .Genesis just the same the pair I had at the fest were well thought of so why not try again
  9. Picked these up yesterday. Curious to hear your opinions before I give mine. Same guy has a pair of flagship Polks I dont need 2 pair of bad ass polks so my future son in law is buyi ng them upgraded tweeters 1400
  10. Amp is mine. Iron courtesy Watershed 10
  11. Anatech/ Chris Bridges Was authorized Carver Service in Canada for many years.
  12. X2 what Ed said. CONGRATS
  13. I hope to build some stands to stack these. Bring them to carverfest and play them with my new 210 watt tube monoblocks.
  14. Trying out my ability to post pics from my phone. Here is a shot of my bedroom system
  15. Welcome to the forum looking forward to seeing some pics of your system.
  16. Mike listens to Men at Work while at work.
  17. hewlew1

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone!
  18. How weak is this place! How weak is your place just cause someone doesn't look at your forum everyday you lock them out . Must be nice to be a modern day Hitler. Yardcrap is just plain crap!
  19. Happy New Year everyone!
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