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New Memeber and Carver owner

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Hello, just joined the forum...thank you!   I've always been a huge Carver fan but havent owned anything in over 20 years.  I just purchased a CT-7, TFM-25, TFM 6cb and DLP-20 from the original owner.  All seem to be in good working condition and I will pair the TCM-25 with a set of Ohm Series L's that I picked up will be refoaming.    I am wondering about the DPL-20 for use with a 5.1 setup, I think I would need another amp unless there is a way to connect the center channel along with the rear surrounds to the TFM-6cb?  Any advice is much appreciated!

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1 hour ago, TRupp said:

I think I would need another amp


Welcome to the site!


Depends on the speakers... 


The more amps - the better!

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Hello TRupp, and welcome to thecarversite.com. 


Once you get to Novice status, please consider uploading some pic of your system in the Members Systems area. We all like pics of all kinds of gear.


I think you'll need another amp for a 5.1 system. The DLP-20 owners manual is available here , and it shows the various ways to hook up sources and amplifiers.


Again, welcome aboard!



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@TRupp Welcome to the Carver Site!!


I agree that one more amp would be required to get you the 5.1 that you are looking for.


I might be inclined to get another tfm6cb to use as the center channel with the other 6cb being used for the left and right rear the 25 would still power the front left and right.


As things progress adding another 25 and another 6 cb, this will give you two 25s for the front L/R (each in mono mode) and three 6cb's, two each in mono mode for the rear L/R channels and one in mono for the center.


I started off my 5.1 (Sunfire tgp) with one 35 and two 15s, and ended up with two 35s, three 15s and one 7t for a 7.1 system (Marantz)


You have flexibility with your starting combination of CT-7 and DPL.


Any other combination of amps will work, it could be just a matter of how the cards fall.


It will be a fun journey!!


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@TRupp With the two amps that you have its possible to enjoy Dolby Pro Logic with only four speakers and two amps. According to the user manual you can create a "Phantom" center channel.


With the system setup as shown in Figure 4 of the User manual you then find the "Normal/Phantom" button on the front of the DPL-20. When the LED is on it will indicate that the system is in "Phantom" mode. The circuitry in the DPL-20 routs the center channel information to your Left and Right front speakers thus creating a "phantom" center channel.


You can read more in the user manual, starting from "Figure 4" forward.


In this mode you will get to enjoy a simulated 5.1 while other pieces of the puzzle are assembled.

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  • Community Admin

Welcome @TRupp, so glad you found us.


...remember, when it comes to your Carver gear..., it's a "Journey, not a Destination!" 😉 

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