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    With recent developments in cannabis legislation in the United States, it is more important than ever that heath care providers are prepared to have conversations with their patients about cannabis use... http://blogs.biomedcentral.com/on-health/2020/01/16/cannabis-conversations-the-role-of-the-health-care-professional/
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    Major accident here, and couldn't get any one of the 23 doctors on the case (trust me ... I counted <G>) to write a prescription for medical marijuana. I did manage to find one of three in the area who would do so. Haven't had a standard pain pill since, and none of the silly side effects inherent in the stronger varieties. ** No silly side effects on the MMJ ... other than getting a bit silly every now and then. ;-}
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    I am reluctantly selling my Carver Amazing Silver Edition Mark IV speakers. They are really in very good condition in appearance and sound wonderful. The cabinets have a few nicks and scratches that do not show in the pictures. There is no buzzing in the ribbons. In the last year, all six of the woofers were replaced with new ones that were purchased from Dynavox. My asking price is $800. I will not ship these. Pickup would be in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
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