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  1. Thats a particular divvy bit of prat that afflicts otherwise brilliant early models of the Stereo Dimensional Array speakers from Polk. An interconnect cable conjoins the two speakers carrying out of phase versions of each amplifier channel to the opposite channel's speaker. That signal is passed to one side of the SDA array, maths and physics happens, and each channel's crosstalk is nullified before it can reach the opposite ear. Quite nifty, actually. Bob Carver, the genius, did it with electronics so you can have a similar effect in most any good system without towers that are near two yard
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  2. Just because I haven't been here doesn't mean I have not been finding new Carver bits. No, in fact I've been running hither and thither and snapping up Carver shinys like a certain madcap Italian plumber chases gold coins that inexplicably hover in mid-air. We won't speak of the mushrooms. As if the burgeoning stacks of audio components that threaten the structural integrity of the very floors of Schloss Butcher were not enough, I happened upon a quite equitable deal for an M1.5t recently. In a matter of hours, cash was placed in palm, amplifier placed in boot, amplifier added to
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  3. Hi JRS! You have found the right place to express your love of all things audio (especially Carver) and to flex your sense of humour! You are very welcome here!
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