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    Guys, it is very important to keep technical topics...on topic. We are lenient on Way Offscale topics, and other various threads which are more like conversations than discussions. Technical threads are NOT like other topics. They have a specific purpose and should be treated as such. A technical topic must remain as free from chatter as possible because they are used as references. It is also important to post accurate information if not cold hard facts, research stats or statistics. It is tempting to put your own 2 cents in, but if you really don't know, please refrain from posting. If you can't help yourself, then please use deferring language such as 'I believe' or 'it's been said' or 'the way I understand it...'. None of us are perfect. We get things wrong. That is okay. But if errors are exposed, please have the testicular fortitude to acknowledge it. It hurts to do this - I know. But do it you must, or you will wake up tomorrow as an earth worm. Regards, Hashy
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    Hello all! After a few months of transferring accounts and trading emails, Rich and I have completed the transfer of ownership... I am the current owner of the site and its domains. However, the site belongs to the Residents and Members, and I firmly believe in the spirit that RichP and BillD intended for this forum - generosity, goodwill to all and sharing of knowledge. I'm still an amateur with Web stuff and applications, but I'm learning. So the Cee-Bang store may take some time to get back into order, and the general workings of the site will remain the same until I can find ways to improve some if its functions without causing problems. I'd like to thank Rich for the incredible amount of work and dedication he put into this place. It is no small task to keep this place running, much less design it and integrate it with various applications that make it unique and fun to interact with. Rich is a talented and knowledgeable man, generous, and very much dedicated to music, audio theory and science. Without Rich, many of us wouldn't have been inspired to DIY in Carver stuff. Without Rich, many of us would not have understood the joy of electronics and the science of audio. Yeah, the information is out there. There are other forums out there. But we didn't go to those other places, we found a home here. And so destiny would have it - Rich brought many of us together, and I am grateful for that. I am grateful for the mkII project, for his instruction, for his corrections and for his invaluable humor. Thank you brother! I did not know BillD. I joined just a few weeks after his passing. But I have talked with many that knew him, and I became acquainted with him via proxy. Bill loved this site. He loved it so much that he wanted to fund it with his last will and testament by auctioning off his gear. He tirelessly shared his knowledge and skill with others, and this place served as a vehicle for his generosity and openness for friendships. It is my hope that TheCarversite always serves this purpose - that it remain a place for friendship, generosity and instruction. I am humbled that Rich has entrusted the site to me. I truly feel that I am simply a steward, a servant of Bill & Rich's legacy. I am honored by it, and I promise to maintain their legacy with honesty and integrity. I don't know what else I can say...other than I will do my best. I'll do my best for all of you. I urge all who knew Bill, all who were part of the origin of this site, to stop by and share a story with us. The future of the site depends on the new blood being directed by the elders - so let us gather before the fire and smoke and be at peace. This is the place to be. Have fun and enjoy the music! With great respect and admiration, Greg Garska aka Nahash5150
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    Hello all! I hope you're enjoying the Carversite! and all it has to offer. Since there have been some changes recently, and a few more changes coming, I'd like to address some of these and explain the current 'State of the Site'. The current Administrators are: B-Man - Administrator Sk1bum - Community Administrator Nahash5150 - Tech Staff The current Moderators are: Compwaco - Chief Global Moderator DennisMiller55 - Content Manager Charlie - Global Moderator Kve777 - Global Moderator An Administrator's job is to protect the community. Admins also assign medals, approve new arrivals, organize the boards, moderate threads, assign roles, maintain the database, enforce the rules, and manage complaints. They also present ideas to the leadership for possible implementation. Moderators keep the boards safe and fun. Moderators are not here to stifle free-speech, arm-twist or intimidate participants. They ensure that threads are kept organized and remain on-topic, and as active participants themselves, preserve the spirit of the community. Moderators, like the Admins, are here for you so that you feel welcome to share and participate without the worry of being harassed or flamed for it. If you have just signed up, then you are Inbound rank. You have limited access and you can't upload files yet. In order to advance to basic membership, you need over 6 positive reputation points. Reactions, such as 'thank you' to your content increase your positive reputation. There are three basic member Roles: Novice Member Resident A Novice is new to the forum. They have limited access but can participate in the most popular forums such as Way Offscale and The Chain. In order to advance to Member, we expect a certain amount of activity to evaluate their willingness to be a part of the community. The post count required to advance to Member is 100. (If you are currently a Member and don't have 100 posts, you will not be 'demoted'). A Member is considered an active participant. They have nearly full access to the site and its resources, and can progress in rank and earn medals by sharing their experiences in the audio world with the Site. As time goes on, a Member can eventually become a Resident or play a role as part of the Administration. A Resident is a highly active member who calls this place home and acts as a council member with the Administration. Residents are participants who are willing to take on the challenge of discussing site policies and provide the site with valuable resources - such as funds, time and talents. Greatly concerned for the site's well-being, Residents work hard to welcome new 'inbounds', encourage participation by starting topics of interest - and offer Karmas, skills and knowledge to all who visit. There are two special Member Roles: Carver mkII Team Carver repair/mod Team Carver mkII Team - The mkII Team members are authorized to perform the mkII mods. Generally, an mkII Team member performs mkII mods full time, and can offer assistance and advice for those mkII DIYers who post their mod activity. These team members are Residents by default. Carver repair/mod Team - Chosen only by the Administrator, these members are trusted with their skill to work on audio gear. They actively take work and offer a variety of services. They are also essential to the site's 'helpful hand' in assisting those who need help with their troubled gear. Carver Repair Team members are also Residents by default. There are two consequential Roles: Retired Sandbox A Retired Member is a participant who has either shown a disinterest in the community but has not violated the rules, or one who has 'moved on' and no longer wishes to be an active member. This is not a disdained Role, but a Role for members who for one reason or another, do not wish to be part of the community's growth (for example). Retirement is a friendly, mutual agreement between the administration and the member. Retired members have limited access. When a participant is Sandboxed, they have violated the forums rules. A warning is always issued before a participant is Sandboxed. If the warning is ignored, and participant continues to break rules or cause trouble - an Administrator, with the consent of the Moderators, will curtail their activity for an indefinite amount of time. Removal of the Sandbox status can only be done by the Site Owner or Administrator. Our goal is to maintain a site that is welcoming, helpful, courteous and fun. With audio and Carver as our common ground, we wish to stay focused on the music, and all the creativity that results. Have a great day! Hashy
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    Russ Kall, one of our more infamous past members has gotten active with an eBay auction for parts to be used in an M-1.0t mk II upgrade. He's offering a board that implements the bias modification of a mk II. Please note that this board was conceived, designed, built and tested by our own Dennis Miller. The board Russ is offering is a knock off of Dennis's board. It is a copy of Dennis's work done without his permission or knowledge. Dennis is not involved. Russ does not acknowledge the contribution Dennis has made. Purchase at your own risk. Russ may be planning to sell mk II units on eBay again. Please be aware that Dennis, Greg and myself, have refurbished over a dozen failed Kall amps. All were filled with counterfeit transistors. He didn't load test any of these amps. They would have failed on the bench under load. He has also refused to respond to support requests from the owners. In each of the five amps I have refurbished, the owner claimed to have attempted to contact Russ but was ignored. I know the wait can be long for a mk II, but you will be better off avoiding an amp from Russ. It is not my intent to revive the Russ Kall bashing of the past. My only intent is to let people know that the bias board he is offering on eBay is a knock off of a site member. Further, you need to be aware of the poor reliability and support history of his previous mk II upgrades.
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    This weekend is the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory Point in northern Utah, commonly referred to as the “golden spike” event. To commemorate, there is a week long celebration in Ogden UT (about 10 miles north of me). This celebration kicked off Wednesday, with a very special arrival - Bigboy 4014. 4014 is the only operational Bigboy steam locomotive in existence. It lives in Cheyenne WY, and steamed over to Ogden for the festivities. I decided to sneak out of work for a couple hours, and post-up along the route to snap a few photos of this rare event. The crowds that this drew all along the 30 or so miles of the route I drove looking for a good spot for photos were nuts. Every bridge, overpass, pull-out and off ramp were jammed with people. Police had to close the right lane of the freeway near the ramps, as cars were parked nose to tail. I ended up finding a semi-hidden mud road that I followed for about 5 miles, then got out of my truck and hiked 2 more miles to find a great spot without freeway or houses in the backdrop, and no people. The sound of this thing was unlike anything I have ever heard (felt) before - true reference level bass! It probably helped that I was only about 10’ from the tracks... here are a few shots from the passing, along with a link to the article about the event: https://kutv.com/news/local/big-boy-locomotive-arrives-in-utah-for-150th-anniversary-of-transcontinental-railroad
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    Okay - we have arrived at the painful period of the upgrade. We will be performing upgrades to the database and running tests, which may mean we have to shut the site down for a day or two. We will also be migrating to another Host provider since Arvixe can't get their shit together. This will take place later, more details coming on that. This is a forewarning - so please tell everyone you know about the coming transitions. I will posts dates when we are ready start. Regards, Hashy
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    Everyone, I'm not going to claim I understand what is happening around the world, but I'm just going to say that I don't want to see the frustration, rage and knee jerkiness here on our forum. I have always believed that it was beneficial to discuss, and even argue, over challenging issues - whether it's about audio or not. So I have never supported banning political topics, even though political topics rarely ever reach a peaceful ending. My understanding, and hope, was that once things became personal, we could stop it, and everyone would just move on because this is an audio forum, not Twitter, and that such topics are at best 'recreational' here. So I'm going to ask everyone to please refrain from bringing up political issues, which could include News Stories and other links to media related to current events. Our political climate is very stressed right now, so please talk about it elsewhere or just call your friends on the phone and talk it over. If you ever have any trouble with another member or even a moderator, please contact me or @B-Man. Please don't try to 'discuss' personal issues on the open forum. It's just not appropriate to disrupt the whole place because you're having an issue with one or two or whatever members. Personal attacks can violate the rules, so the admins need to know, even if it's in a PM. If the shenanigans continue, the Sandbox has plenty of room and will only cost me 2 seconds of my time. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! Enjoy the music.
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    First off, I couldn't find a good place to put this..... As many of you know, I'm in a health battle that's not going as well as I could hope. I am fighting a cancer that's not going as well as I would like. In the past few days, many members of this site have come together to offer me assistance in many forms. Funds to keep me moving forward and even gear I could not afford. And most of all fellowship. You are truly a band of brothers. I am in awe. I am fundamentally humbled and honestly a more than a little bit ashamed. Never expected to be in this position. I've been rude and aloof, and let's just say it a bit (or more) of a dink. At a loss for words to express my gratitude. You guys really do rock! Thank you my Carver brothers. I hope to be able to reciprocate sooner rather than later. Love, brotherhood and mostly Thank You! RodH /Doh-R
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    Hello all, Open to ALL members (200+ posts), is a fully refurbished TFM-45. Gene and I collaborated to offer this fine amplifier up for karma during the season of giving and gratitude. He bought it, I refurbed it. EDIT: And B-Man gave us the big blue high rail caps!!!!!! And now, it needs a new owner! Drawing December 16th. Good luck and Merry Christmas!
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    I have asked to be the Manual Database Manager. I have finally figured out how to add back all the manuals. With the help of wrf (Wayne) we will get this important site resource back on the site and available to all. This is a work in progress and you should see manuals added daily. If you need a specific manual that is not listed please send a PM to Wayne or myself and we will add that one right away. Our goal is to get what we have posted as soon as possible. Then we will work on replacing poor copies with new high res copies as they become available. I already have a large number of new files. I will also buy original manuals from eBay for those manuals that I don't already have.
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    I noticed that my 11 year old daughter was listening to more and more music, so I took a cue from other members here and set her up with a quality sound system. This is a BillD C1 with a TFM-15. The speakers are a couple center channel speakers I had laying around and the source is her tablet.
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    After reading Jim’s Karma thread the other day, I just can’t seem to get it out of my head (heart?). I used to be a very active karma participant here, as many members here will recall, but I have not offered anything in quite some time. Not to seek sympathy or pity, but the last few years have been rough for me, and I suppose I used this as a subconscious excuse for not participating in any karma offerings. However, after reading Jim’s post, I realize I am probably looking at this backwards (In reality, I think I knew this all along - sometimes we just need a kick in the head to get the pieces to fall into place). This all leads me to the following story: A couple of years ago, I came across a CL listing for an M500 for $300. Carver gear almost never came up on the local CL in Montana, let alone an M500. I quickly arranged to meet the seller at her home. When I arrived, I learned that the elderly woman selling the amplifier was a recent widow liquidating most of her belongings and heading to an assisted care facility. She reminisced about the many hours her and her late husband would sit and enjoy the music from their modest system. As we prepared to finalize the deal, she asked if I wanted the boxes – boxes? I of course said yes, but why plural? She said the $300 asking price was for the entire system (NHT 2.5 speakers, Carver M500, AMC pre, and a Sony ES cd changer). She had boxes for everything – even the speakers. Incidentally, I LOVED those speakers, but ended up selling them to a friend whom I set up a very nice 2ch system (Oppo 95, Emotiva pre, M500t mkII, and the afore mentioned NHT 2.5s) I often regret parting with them, but I remind myself of all the gear I own, and the fact that they bring him daily enjoyment… Anyway, I digress – as I drove away from her house, thinking of the incredible deal I just got, I was overcome with a strong sense of guilt (Call me weak or soft, but it bothered me – I have never been ruthless or shrewd in business dealings). I went to the ATM and drove back to her house and handed her another $200. She teared up and hugged me, and told me how nice I was. I still think I should have given her more, but I digress again. As I said, the speakers wend to a good friend, the cd player went to another friend in need, and the pre became part of my garage system, which brings us to the M500…. The amp is in outstanding condition – I’d say a 9.5 out of 10. It has the original box and foam, with matching ser# on the box. The karma is for the amp, upgraded to a mkII. The winner can even pick the led meter light color. The only qualification to be “in”, is that you must do a good deed, large or small, for someone. It must be a new deed, not a past deed, and if you want to share it here, so much the better (But not required – if you are “in”, I will take you at your word that you have, or will, perform a good deed). I am doing this because I believe the world needs more people doing good for others, with no expectation of reciprocity, and also to assuage my guilt for the price I paid for the gear. Drawing will be three weeks from today, 07/30/2017. Thank you
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    It is probably not my place to say the following, but I have never been very good at following directions, so here it goes : Recent events in the forum seem to have damaged the "family fabric" that is so intrinsic to the day to day life here at the CarverSite!. I am guilty of not posting up technical items like I used to do. I am also guilty of posting in some of the topics that have caused the damage I am referring to. I would like to apologize to you all for both of my actions and would like to offer that I will not allow myself to post in topics that are not audio related. If we are going to argue amongst ourselves, it should be about things audio - not what is going on in Washington DC. As soon as I accomplish a couple of large things going on in my life, I will be posting a new project I have had stirring in the back of my head for some time now. As far as helping the site to heal, I would like to propose that if you know the email address or phone number of one of the members who have recently disappeared, please reach out to them and ask that they reconsider their stance and understand that we all value them and their participation here. I am doing so, for what it is worth. If we don't address solid, contributing members leaving because of an argument, I fear we will slowly but surely dwindle away to nothing. Thinking about all of the awesome folks who call this place "home", that would be a really big disappointment and a disservice to the whole idea behind this place. Thanks for listening to my drivel and I am off the soapbox now. Brian
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    We just got back from the hospital and I have some more good news; Charles Jr is out of the coma and alert. They removed the breathing apparatus; he knows who mom and dad are and what year it is....The docs are now saying if he keeps improving, we'll be able to bring him home in possibly 2 weeks.... Mom and I will finally get some sleep tonight...
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    Barry’s audio setup https://imgur.com/a/nfORh I know I’ve been promising photos a while!
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    Hello, First of all, I'd like to apologize for the extended outage. The server hosting company (A2 Hosting) was viciously attacked by Malware viruses and caused a massive Windows Server shutdown. We were one among many servers that had to be shut down then rebuilt after the attacking programs were cleared. After our server was recovered, we ran into DNS issues this week, but now I think we've got them cleared up as well. Some of you were patient, some were not. All I can say is, these things happen from time to time and there isn't anything we can do but clean up afterwards. If you have any questions, please contact me. I'll be sending out a mass email to inform all the members of the situation. Special thanks to Rod and Dennis for taking the brunt of questions and criticisms. I'm very sorry about all this. Truly. Regards, Greg
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    Please join me in remembering the late, great William "BillD" Dibble on the 69th anniversary of his birth. I think of him almost everyday when I listen to tunes via the C-11 and M-500(t)s he so carefully restored. Cheers my friend!
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    Hello, I am in contact with a developer to completely re-design the site to accommodate the devices of the modern world - like i-phones and tablets, and various browser technologies. The site is old and complicated, and although it has worked for many years, it's time for a complete overhaul. This overhaul will mean: A new front end that will be mobile friendly. An aesthetically simpler appearance. Possible migration to a different forum engine. ALL topics and posts will be preserved (no exceptions). Some features may be removed, like Featured System, at least for a while. Some features will be added - like Google integration for easier file sharing and linking. The development will cost money, so if you would like to donate, please do! The more $$ we have the more professional design and operation we can get. So far, the fee is reasonable at about $700 to redo the front end and migrate the database (not the server - lol). The hosting fee is due in October, which leaves the Carversite fund short to make this fee. Paypal: thecarversite@gmail.com Thank you for your patience. I know many of you have been frustrated by some of the quirks of the site, as well as the downtime experienced by the hosting server. I've done my best to keep up with it, but it's too much. The site is just too old to deal with, and it's a lot like keeping a battered ship afloat that's well past its glory days. Time for a new vessel to keep us sailing into the 21st century. Regards, Greg
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    While on vacation in Gulf Shores Alabama, I am just over 3 hours from LA and our friend Rocksters house. The drive along the gulf coast was nice. I arrived about 9:30 am.. Bruce is a great guy just like you have came to know on CS.. He first gave me the tour of his house and he has a beautiful home, then we went out to his playpen. The playpen was a 2 story, with cars and an awesome full equipped woodworking shop downstairs. The Porsche was very nice, with a paint job smooth as glass.. Then we went to the 2nd story of the playpen, a very nicely finished area as nice as the nicest homes I have been in. For the next few hours we enjoyed Rocksters system and I was able to spend quality time with his Amazing speakers and the system was very nice. I was impressed with his system and the ribbons were very accurate sounding, sweet indeed. Because I made the drive (according to Bruce) he gave me the gift of a new Dremel tool to use with my hobby electronic work. After a few hours of party and great music we had gotten hungry and Rockster drove us to his favorite restaurant and we had a great lunch, with Bruce insisting on paying the bill.. He also placed and order to go.. After we returned to Rocksters house it was about 2 pm, and it was time to start the trip back to Alabama.. Ends up the carry out order was for my family back at the vacation condo. Rockster hands me about 5 lbs of great food from the restaurant and says "this is for your family". I had a great time with our buddy Bruce, and the 7 hour round trip to see him was a small price, for getting to hang out with my friend Bruce. Hospitality beyond belief, and a great man. Very glad I took the time to go see Bruce. It was a great day.. Thanks Bruce..
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    A few of you here know the background with my mother-in-law, but for those that don’t, she is the kindest, most giving person I have ever met in my life. Period. I am closer to her (and my father-in-law) than I have ever been to anyone in my own family. 16 years ago, she developed pancreatitis that put her in the hospital for 3 months, and almost killed her. 12 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after a long and painful fight (chemo, radiation, mastectomy), she beat it. 4 years ago, she was diagnosed with radiation induced sarcoma - that’s right, the radiation that killed the original cancer, gave her cancer. She beat that after surgery and a 20 square inch skin graft. Now, a few months ago, she was diagnosed with ANOTHER case of radiation induced sarcoma. She underwent surgery, and had almost 40 square inches of skin removed. After that surgery, she was put on a “wound pump” - a device that fills the wound void with semi-permeable foam. Then the entire wound is covered with an air-tight seal, and an external pump (rechargeable battery powered and the size of a woman’s purse) is attached to keep the wound at a negative pressure. This keeps the wound infused with blood, and is said to make the wound much more receptive to a future skin graft. Today we received news news that the wound pump has done such a good job, that she will not need a skin graft. I find this incredible news, that a wound TWICE as big as the first will require no additional surgery or graft. This news could not befall a more deserving person, and we are all feeling truly blessed, and I felt compelled to share with my extended family here. Thanks for listening!
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    My current system used in my shop. I like simple. Carver M500t mkII - Black face, white LED meter lamps - Mods by me Carver CT-7 - Acquired from @kve777 OPPO DV980H - An excellent CDP recommended by @Blues Pwr TEAC DS-H01 Dock - Digital docking station for iOS devices Apple iPad 2 - Streaming Apple Music and my large Apple iCloud Music Library - Acquired from @loner_t Pioneer PL-1000A TT Linear Tracking Turntable - The only gear I have left from my early days in the US Navy Record Clamp/Weight - Made by @madmike46 GR Research X-LS Encore DIY Speakers - A fun build, excellent sound, recommended by @PDR Interconnect & Speaker Cables are DIY - Nothing exotic, just good quality connectors and cable.
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    The changeover to the new site is just around the corner. When I last talked with Greg he was very excited about the change and what it will mean and do for all of us. I will let Greg make any timetable announcements. However, our past funds are depleted. So it is time for some fundraising. This changeover will come at a big cost. I don't think Greg should bear this alone. It is our site. I have volunteered to manage the site funding for Greg. Please make donations to thecarversite@gmail.com Thank you.
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    The 2014 Carversite Reference Disc project has been a total blast to put together! I want to thank all the members that suggested tracks for this project. In my opinion, what makes this disc set special is two fold: First, it's a collection of what all of YOU personally use for your own reference tracks, not just what one person thinks up as an arbitrary "best tracks" list. Second, you all gave a brief narrative of what you listen for in these tracks, and I think that information has a lot of value. I would like to extend a special thank you to Rodney (weitrhino) for giving me a Lightscribe disc drive, which enabled me to etch the discs for a professional look, and speed up production considerably. Thank you sir! Here is the final track list and accompanying notes for you to refer to while listening: The Road To Hell, by Chris Rea. Submitted by B-Man The bass line is low, clean and well balanced with the rest of the disc; his voice has a bit of a rasp that sounds "right" on a good setup; dynamic range in general is very good. Definitely a reference song for me when auditioning a system. Ride Across The River, by Dire Straits. Submitted by B-Man Great example of a dynamic recording. Great for revealing system noise or high frequency issues / harshness. Good bass moments as well. Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow / Nanook Rubs It Off, by Frank Zappa. Submitted by SteveFord You'll know within 30 seconds if the amp/preamp/speakers, whatever is really good or bites. You've got the swirling snow sounds and then Frank's voice with Tina Turner and the Ikettes doing the background vocals. Is the bass too light or too heavy, are the vocals up front or recessed, does Frank sound life sized or like a dwarf, does his guitar sound like a razor blade or is it dull sounding, how are the dynamics, etc. Those are the tracks that I use. Flight Of The Cosmic Hippo, by Bela Fleck. Submitted by Fill35U For the low notes of the bass guitar, contrast of the piano, the dynamic range. Too Rich For My Blood, by Patricia Barber. Submitted by Toy Maker No notes have been submitted for this track. If you have a write-up of what you listen for, post it as a comment, and I’ll insert it here! When You Say Nothing At All, by Allison Krauss. Submitted by Daddyjt The real magic in this track is right in the first minute or so. The opening guitar should sound very crisp and smooth. It should not sound at all muddy or dull. When she starts singing, you should hear every detail, right down to the intake of breath. In the second sentence she sings, "…. You can light up the dark, listen for the "k" in dark. It should be a very subtle "kiss" of a sound, but very well defined. On some systems, it ranges from inaudible, to a muddy, incoherent sound. When the drums kick in, and she really opens up with her voice, your system should be able to handle the dynamic increase in volume without making you want to turn it down. It should be a powerful, slightly scary moment, as the overall system output jumps significantly. On MANY systems, this moment will come across as shrill, and very unpleasant. The bass should also be solid and deep, but not boomy. This is my number one track for judging equipment – Enjoy! Brother Where You Bound, by Supertramp. Submitted by Gene C The clarity in Ricks singing at the beginning before the drums hit. The system has to knock me out of my chair with that song. Private Investigations, by Dire Straits. Submitted by Doh-R Quiet details, highly defined passages, good dynamic range. Are You Receiving Me, by Golden Earring. Submitted by BluesMan57 Great imaging and separation. Give it a listen you will be surprised......... Battlestar Galactica Theme, by Erich Kunzel & The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. Submitted by Daddyjt This track plays BIG, right from the opening drum hits. This will push your system to the lowest depths it can reach. What makes it useful, and somewhat unique, is the fact that while the bass is at maximum excursion, there is A LOT of other information being reproduced – from strong horns, to subtle flutes and triangle strikes. You should hear it ALL – a veritable buffet of sound. If your system is lacking power or dynamic output, the bass will rob all the power, and leave everything else flat. The last 20 seconds are a real test for ANY system! Your Latest Trick, by Dire Straits. Submitted by Daddyjt Outstanding trumpet intro, with a seamless transition to saxophone in the intro. Listen for the trumpet fade-out note, right before the sax and drum kit start. It should keep a clear tone, and not become "nasal" as it fades out. There are crystal clear cymbals, to the point that you should be able to distinguish the different types of cymbals being utilized. When the singing starts, you should actually hear the guy playing the sax walk away from the mic, and fade into the back of the stage – it should actually fall back away from you in your soundstage, and not just diminish in volume. The bass should be incredibly tight, and you should actually hear the bass drum skin being struck. This is one of the most well recorded tracks I have ever come across. Symphony #3, by Henryk Gorecki. Submitted by dcl Female soprano & orchestra in a moving performance–you will forget the gear & room when the sound is spot on or otherwise be up fidgeting. On The Road Again, by Katie Melua. Submitted by PDR All her material is very well recorded.....the "Dramatico" label. Norwegian Wood, by Patricia Barber Submitted by ? This one came to me in a PM that I deleted – Please post a comment with your notes on the track, and I will insert them! The Forecast Calls For Pain, by Robert Cray. Submitted by B-Man Good recording; clean bass line; good imaging capabilities. Ouverture, by Robin Vassy. Submitted by Weitrhino French/Iranian jazz. Vassy creates many of his own instruments so the sounds in this track fall outside the ordinary. I listen particularly to the hard plectrum sound from the plucked steel strings and the beautiful decay of the fading vibration sometimes with multiple strings in harmony. Additional instruments appear and disappear sometimes panning and sometimes precisely imaged in three dimensions. As the piece progresses the full band kicks in. The bass is deep and resonant but with a softer touch that evokes fingers in contrast to the hard plectrum sound of the other string instrument. This is an album that sounds particularly good on ribbons. The whole album is amazing and has the advantage of presenting something fresh. http://robinvassy.bandca...m/album/bon-voyage Dirty, by Johnny Winter. Submitted by Blues Pwr Originally released on vinyl in 1974, the song "Dirty" was a bonus track on the remastered CD released in 2008 from the original LP master tapes, which creates a crisp and clean recording. This song is just Johnny on acoustic slide guitar and vocals and a flute player(Jeremy Steig an American Jazz Flutist). Often criticized for his lack of vocal prowess, this song is perfect for his south Texas twang/growl. The flute playing is incredible, at times light and airy and the next second dirty and raspy. It contrasts sharply with the dark lyrics and Johnny’s acoustic slide guitar work. The flute playing will test the upper ranges of your system and reveal any weakness's it may have. Should be a real test for ribbon and super tweeters. This is unlike any other Johnny Winter song out there, which is probably why it was added as a bonus track, because it wouldn't fit on any other release. Well worth a listen, if you’re curious what real blues are supposed to sound like. Hush, Hush, Hush, by Paula Cole & Peter Gabriel. Submitted by Daddyjt This is a great track for sibilance (the correct reproduction of the "s" sound). Paula’s voice is almost a female falsetto, and can come across as very grating in poor speaker/amp combinations. A great deal of the information on this track sits right in the cross-over region on 2 way speakers. As such, it will test the anomalies created by your cross-over design. Peter’s voice carries a soft, yet grainy feel, and should seem to anchor the entire track. All-in-all, a great duo, and a nice listen. Son Of A Preacher Man, by Dusty Springfield. Submitted by kve777 For sibilance checking - Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man" as found on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. I use various tracks on that CD for testing, but this is my go to track for speakers. I've passed on many deals just because this song sounded crappy. Powaqqatsi, by Philip Glass. Submitted by dcl A mid-piece crescendo merges vocal chorus & orchestra over the deep ostinato (hey, its Philip Glass). So, massed basses, percussion over which the chorus could be shrill at volume. Walking On Sacred Ground, by Janis Ian. Submitted by Daddyjt This track is great for testing mid-bass response. When done right, it is warm and inviting with a solid low end kick. The vocals should float above all the other instruments, and especially the bass line. Her voice should have a delicate, yet powerful sound. When done poorly, the bass is very muddy and ill-defined, and the lower notes lack any kind of kick – the whole thing turns into a dull mess that is rather unpleasant to listen to. This track also has the nasty ability to showcase rattles within your system and room. The Children’s Crusade, by Sting. Submitted by Daddyjt This track exhibits great texture – from Sting’s raspy voice, to the seemingly off-key piano. Good crescendos before the chorus take a lot of power to keep the different sounds separate, and not allow them to collapse into a jumbled mess. Listen for separation throughout, and solid transients. Frequency Sweeps, Low to High. Great for detecting and isolation rattles and resonances. Be careful at the higher frequencies, as prolonged sine waves can damage tweeters! Again, I’d like to thank everyone here for their help and input – I think this first go is a success, and I’m very proud of the results! Thinking maybe we do this again next year, but I’ll let all of you be the judge of whether or not we do it again… 
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    Folks, we're going to an all new forum engine. We will be trimming down topics to get rid of all the 'stuff' that is not essential for the migration. This may effect your post count, so please don't be alarmed. All topics will be locked after the trimming. We will eventually have only two categories to post in during the migration period: Way Offscale and this one, Members. This will simply anything that needs to be carried over after the old database is converted to a new format. When this happens, please keep DIY and other keepsake topics to a bare minimum. This is a huge undertaking and I appreciate your patience. This site may experience some downtime, but I don't expect much. The new site will look entirely different, and you will receive an email to confirm your membership at the new site when it is ready - so the transition will be very obvious. Good things await - hang in there for me! Regards, Hashy
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    Took this picture today of an EC-130 refueling behind us on our mission.
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    The mkII designs, information and use of the brand are given freely for those who wish to pursue DIY rebuild or repair. It has been a long standing assumption of courtesy that if you flip units or perform the mod to sell that you either ask for permission or become a member of the Carver Repair Team. I have seen some outrageously poor (and dangerous) work out there, as well as people getting stiffed by so called techs that claim they can do this mod (and fail). It shouldn't be necessary to remind people that if you use someone else's brand that you at the very least ask for permission. The mkII brand carries value for a reason, and it will be protected. (A failed blue LED mod. Instead of repairing the circuit, the LED driver ribbon cable was cut, the terminal removed, and wired haphazardly into the PCB. It didn't work very well either. Much of this kind of work seems to work for a while then fails (then it gets sent to me under the assumption I fix it for free)) (Destroyed traces are a COMMON sight on amps worked on by both 'professional' shops as well as DIYers. Think before you buy! Do not hire just anyone willing to work for cheap.) (More ruined traces and a quick not-so-covert cover up.) ("Upgraded Signal Path!!!" Unfortunately, the capacitors were mounted wrong, causing intermittent failures and eventually a totally blown channel. But at least they used Audio Grade capacitors...) (Upgraded op amps!! I guess we all have a different idea about the word 'UPgraded'.) Look - we all make mistakes and travel up the learning curve, but seriously, some of this is inexcusable. Carver Repair Team members DO NOT offer warranty services to just any claimed 'mkII' amplifier. The Carver Repair Team members are extremely generous, helpful and go out of their way to make the mkII brand, as well as other modification pursuits - a reliable, durable and supported project. There are no sellers or services on Ebay that have permission to use the mkII brand. There are no products offered outside of this site and Nelion Audio that are 'official' mkII products. So please use caution! If you're not sure about something offered on Ebay, just ask me! That said, if you have an official mkII amplifier performed by your truly, you may contact me on my business email SERVICE@NELIONAUDIO.COM for an official sticker to place on the unit. Please do not PM me for stickers. I can't keep track in a busy PM box with topics and requests of all sorts. The sticker greatly enhances the amplifier's overall performance and listening experience.
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    Some cautiously optimistic news; Charles Jr has somehow beaten the odds and is now in serious (Was Critical) but stable condition. If everything proceeds as it is now, they are planning to take him out of the chemical coma Friday or Saturday... Thanks to all that sent prayers; I truly believe in miracles and the power of prayer... ✝️
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    Several months ago I commented in the chat window that I wished there were wood cases available for Carver C-1’s, similar to vintage Marantz and McIntosh gear. I received a PM from Rockster2U (Bruce) soon after that comment. We chatted back and forth a few times and that was it… I received a mystery box last weekend from Bruce. These pictures document THE BEST GESTURE EVER! Bruce took it upon himself to design and build custom cases for my system. His work is outstanding. The finish, materials and design surpass any offering from Marantz or McIntosh. Not only did he build a case for my C-1 but, as you can see below, designed and built a custom case for my TX-2 (it has the rack faceplate attached.) These cases are beautiful. They transform Bob’s classic industrial design in to display worthy works of art. Bruce, thank you for the kindest of unexpected Karma! Itch
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    All, Some of you may have heard that I quit my job recently. It's true. I had to move on from that horrible place. It was more than just a 'shitty job', the company is in big trouble, and poor management is the reason. Anyway, I am doing repair work full time now. We are starting a business and going full tilt into audio and media. I will have more time to make this site even better, and offer more and more features and resources. It's going to be awesome! So my bench is open for work. I work on everything Carver and Sunfire. Don't waste time to get in the queue...it will fill up quickly. Please email me instead of PM - my queue is managed by my gmail/Google suite. My site is still Here for now, but will eventually be assimilated into the real deal business. Thank you everyone for your support! Greg aka Hashy
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    I had a visit with Santa today and was left speechless Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Christmas came early for me thanks to Brian. I meet up with Brian aka @B-Man at a BP station in Cosby TN this morning to pick up my amp from him. Brian and I were to get together to build the amp, but Brians very busy schedule has prevented him from doing much past work. He and I were to meet up early this morning so I can get the parts and get off to someone else that had a bit more time. In something I have come to always be amazed at with the people here, Brian built the amp yesterday. Something I didnt expect and was blown away with him taking time to do so. Brian Thank You.
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    I will donate $100 on your behalf Rodney. It's really good to see you back...
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    It's been several days since I stepped away from all aspects of site management. I've seen the thread where several of you have expressed concern. Let me assure you, everything is just fine in Northern California. A bit soggy due to all the rain, but life is good. I enjoyed helping to manage the site over the past couple of years but it rather suddenly became more grief than it was worth. I'm touched by your expressions of concern and grateful for your support. Thank You. I'll still be around trying to contribute where I can. In the mean time -- Enjoy The Music.
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    A former Carver employee (Mark Cerasuolo) posted this 76 page Carver sales guide book on Facebook. It contains a company profile, technology descriptions, value comparisons, and the product line and pricing. It should help to fill in some product dates and prices that are missing from the database. Carver Guide Book for 1996
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    It is that time again. The last fundraiser we ran was January 2018. We still have a few bucks in the pot but not enough to cover upcoming expenses. I know it is not the best time to ask for help. This is not an urgent need. Just planning for the upcoming expenses. Great if you can help now. If not then we understand. Donations are not required or expected. Donations can be made anytime. Please make donations to our PayPal account: thecarversite@gmail.com (please add in the PayPal comments "Site Donation") If you want to make a donation by some other means please contact me by PM. This thread is locked to comments.
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    It’s what is behind the doors rearranged this morning. Analog and signal processing on the left side, amps in the middle, Digital on the right. Bottom row is whole house system.......grin. Bottom picture is what it looks like closed up.
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    I would like to give Extraordinary Honorable Mention To DennisMiller for going above and beyond with helping me and repairing my broken M-500t. Dennis is a phenomenal tech, extremely knowledgeable, and a very kind person. I don't think I ever met such an outstanding and benevolent person. Dennis is a real champion. Thanks to all the support on the CarverSite. Since I am not a electronics expert, I am very grateful for all the fine people I can go to here on the CarverSite. I would like to give a donation to the site in the name of DennisMiller. Can someone please tell me on how to go about this.
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    I can only speak for myself but if others here feel the same please say so.. Wayne, Thanks for the technical post about the subs and also clarifying the mag coil amp info. recently. Not so long ago the site had RichP, BillD, Hashy, yourself and several others with similar experience. Health issues and our busy lives just happen, and thats just life, we have very little control actually. What we can control is the ability to say thank you Wayne. This site is better off because of you, and you leave quite a empty spot when your not around, for whatever reasons. Thanks for sharing with us and passing knowledge. Even telling us where to find dependable knowledge is a big help. Just want to say thanks for your contributions to the rest of us.
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    No More Booting Please.... Hey CS members. Just want to say I'm amazed at the amount of Carver knowledge on site.Tons of help/advice given to members.I appreciate you allowing me to become a part of such a great site. Little about me.... Purchased my first Carver system in 1991. Consisting of 2 TFM-42's,C-11, SD/A 450, TX-10 and TDR-2400..All sounding amazing through a pair of Polk SRS 1.2TL's..Over the past 12yrs or so the OCCD symptoms kicked in. also the proud owner of a pair of Silver 9T's, M 200t,1 TFM-15, 2 TFM- 25'S, 1 TFM -45 (looking for another), C-11( BILLD), C-1 stock, C-3,C-17, DPL-33, 3 more SD/A 450's and a Phase Linear Model 3300....Also a pair of Polk SRS 2.3TL's fully upgraded (VR3 Fortress V2).Still a work in progress, eventually would love to upgrade all amps/preamps. Again Many Thanks..... The Man Cave........ The New Look.. Now The Nudes....
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    I came across this last night, seems there's been no mention of it here? From THE LOS ANGELES & ORANGE COUNTY AUDIOPHILE SOCIETY , reposted here for posterity as there's good autobiographical info. Note at the bottom that the actual award presentation will occur on December 4, 2016, in Los Angeles. ****************************************************************** For Immediate Release March 1, 2016 LOS ANGELES & ORANGE COUNTY AUDIO SOCIETY HONORS Bob Carver, Bob Carver Corporation Bob Carver is the winner of the Founder's Award from the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society, it was announced today by The Society. The Founder's Award is the highest honor the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society bestows annually on the one individual in fine audio bringing excellence and achievement to audiophiles worldwide. The society is the largest in the world, with more than 2000 members. Bob Carver: The Inventor. The Man. The Story. I was born in Detroit Jan 30, long, long ago. My Grandfather was a Texan, and wanted me to be a Texan too, so he had a shoebox full of Texas soil carried to the hospital so my little feet could touch Texas dirt before anything else. I was raised in Beverly Hills, California, from the age of nine up. I graduated from Beverly Vista middle school (junior high back then). I studied science and took wood shop. I graduated from Beverly Hills High School, and University High School, both in Los Angeles. I studied chemistry, physics, math, and was enrolled in electric shop. I did my undergraduate work at the University of Washington, and after receiving my undergraduate degree, I went to the University of British Columbia where I earned my Ph.D. in Physics. As an undergraduate, I worked my way through college repairing television receivers, first for Almvig's TV shop, then a stint at Seattle Radio Supply fixing and setting up brand new color televisions. By-and-by I started my own TV shop called University Television, and, working out of my fraternity, I made a living and graduated (as an undergraduate) debt-free. At the time, the UW discouraged graduating students from enrolling into graduate school at the same school they graduated from, that is, the UW. So with a wonderful recommendation from my physics professor, Dr. Clark, I made my way to the UBC in British Columbia, where I received my Ph.D. My thesis was "thin-films," an almost monomolecular film of really thin stuff. Along the way, with a cooperation agreement between the UW and UBC, I built the largest High Fidelity system (monophonic) with the biggest subwoofer in the world, for you see, the physics department had a contract with the Boeing Airplane Company here in Seattle to develop a system for simulating jet aircraft taking off at 100 meters. I received a call from one of my physics professors, and he told me that nobody there knew enough about gigantic amplifiers, or big hi-fi systems for that matter, and were struggling with how to do it. But he knew I did. With the guys in the physics department, we designed a hydraulically operated woofer. It had about 3000 pounds of pressure and was huge, about the size of a garage door in area. I used a multiplicity of Electro-Voice midrange horns, and more than twenty T-350 tweeters. Because Boeing and the government were paying for the project, price was no object. And what a hi-fi set it was! After I said goodbye to graduate school, I needed a real job and found one as a physics instructor at Cal State in Long Beach, California. I taught Physics for nursing students and had the time of my life. When I walked down the hall to my first class of the morning, I could smell the perfume from all the beautiful women long before I entered the room. It was a required course for nursing students, with only one male in the whole class. For a while, I thought I might become a physics professor and live a life in academia. But it was not to be. I had been building tube amplifiers of about 30 watts RMS per channel almost continuously while in school, selling them by word of mouth. One fine day, my friend and roommate David Ladely asked me to build him an amp. I spent two straight weeks that winter building his tube amp, which was so large it was on three chassis. This amp was more than triple the power of those on the market, and I was able, for the first time, to hear music produced realistically. After taking this enormous tube amplifier to the the McIntosh Clinic at Seattle Stereo in 1967, I was inspired to build a solid state version, since those were taking over the market from tube amplifiers. I came up with the name Phase Linear, and began building Phase Linear 700 amplifiers. In January, 1970, I took one of my Phase Linear 700 amplifiers to the McIntosh Clinic. This amplifier tested over its rated 350 watts rms per channel and did not clip until 450 watts per channel. Later, I sent one of my Phase Linear 700 amplifiers to Hirsch-Houke Laboratories, where Julian Hirsch tested it. In his review for Stereo Review magazine, Julian said the performance was such that he admitted he had to revise completely his former assumption that reproducing Horowitz at the piano with a realistic sound required significantly more power than the 150 watts/stereo of high powered amplifiers, which until then were considered by the audiophile community (and Julian) as "more than enough power" even for "dead" rooms. At about the same time, Harry Pearson of The Absolute Sound wrote a wonderful story about my amp in the first issue of his newly-formed magazine. Shortly after those rather remarkable reviews, sales of my Phase Linear 700 amplifier increased quite dramatically, all but insuring the success of my new Phase Linear Corporation. And I never looked back! But my board of directors did; I had borrowed $50,000 dollars to get started, and the bank had a requirement, a condition for that loan, and it was that I appoint a board of directors for my new company. That board of directors eventually decided that I was holding the company back, plus they wanted more money for their efforts, as well as wishing to sell Phase Linear to auto-supply stores here in Seattle and elsewhere. They did not understand that the marketplace would not allow distribution to be everywhere, in much the same way that Rolex watches are not sold in drugstores, but only in jewelry stores. I objected vigorously to that idea; they did not like it one whit, so they voted me out of office. In other words, they fired me. It turned out they could take my job away, they could take the Phase Linear building away, but they could not touch my wealth. Carver Corporation was born and Phase Linear went down in flames. They went down because the board began selling Phase Linear amplifiers literally everywhere, and when the Phase Linear dealers rebelled at that state of affairs, I was on their doorstep with my new amplifier, the "Carver Cube." By then the dealers were mad at Phase Linear Corporation, and they opened their arms to me and my new amp. Fortunately they were not mad at me! Still, I did not learn my lesson. It happened (deja-vu all over again) with Carver Corporation; the Carver board of directors kicked me out for almost identical reasons and in the same way. By-and-by Carver also went down in flames for the EXACT reasons that Phase did. And guess what? It was time to start Sunfire. I knew I needed something new and better to make a come-back, and when my wife Diana said NO to multiple big woofers in the living room for surround sound, I knew I had to invent a small but super powerful subwoofer. I finally figured out how to do it, and the high-box pressure, high back emf subwoofer was born. Sunfire took off, had a sweet, steady growth rate, and one nice day I got a "cold call" from a Wall Street firm and they made me a financial offer I could not refuse. They kept me on for the next several years, during which time I enjoyed working with my "other woman," my laboratory bench. I developed amps, processors, a small high-pressure speaker I named the Cinema Ribbon, and a brand new amplifier design using a technology I called I-mag. 550 watts per channel, 12 lbs. Unfortunately, Wall Street fell on hard times, the amp never saw the light of day, and I was out of work once again. I thought of REALLY retiring this time, but I had been working on a new line-source speaker that I believed was going to be something very special indeed. I wanted to see it come alive, come to market, and to be a powerful force for good. So here I am, with my retirement plans on indefinite hold, and with my new plans to keep on inventing and truckin' until I drop. The Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society now celebrates its 23rd year serving top audiophiles in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The largest audio society in the world with over 2000 members, the non-profit organization provides up to 14 major events per year in Greater Los Angeles and showcases and promotes the very best in great gear and recordings worldwide. Though the majority of members hail from Southern California, the Society boasts members from 14 states and nine countries. The Society’s Board of Directors awards the Founder’s Award annually to those professionals in the high end who continue to advance fine musical reproduction in the home and distinguish themselves as the best in their profession. The 2015 Founder's Award went to Harry Weisfeld, founder of VPI Industries. The 2014 Founder's Award went to Chad Kassem, President of Acoustic Sounds. The 2013 Founder's Award went to Robert Harley, editor in chief, of The Absolute Sound. The 2012 Founder's Award went to Tim de Paravicini, President of E.A.R. of Great Britain. The 2011 Founder's Award went to Richard Vandersteen, President of Vandersteen Audio. The 2010 Founder's Award went to Keith Johnson, Executive Producer of Reference Recordings, and the 2009 Founder's Award went to EveAnna Manley, President of Manley Labs. Previous winners include Harry Pearson, FounderThe Absolute Sound, Dave Clark, Editor Positive Feedback Online, Dennis Had, Founder Cary Audio, David Robinson, Editor in Chief Positive Feedback Online, and Ray Kimber, President Kimber Kable. The Society, in conjunction with T.H.E. Show Newport and Richard Beers, will again co-produce the largest home entertainment show in North America at the Hotel Irvine, Irvine / Newport Beach, CA, June 3 - 5, 2016. The Founder's Award will be awarded at the 23rdAnnual Gala and Awards Ceremony in Carver's honor in Los Angeles on December 4, 2016. . Robert Harley, Editor in Chief of The Absolute Sound, will introduce Carver at the Gala. The trophy that will be awarded to Carver is specially produced by the same company that created the Oscar for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Carver Contact Information: Bob Carver http://www.bobcarvercorp.com/#!contact/csxp Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society Contact information: Chuck Bruce Vice President of Public Relations, 770-550-1434 chucksaudio@mindspring.com Joe Kubala Vice President of Industry Relations, 862-222-3901 joe.k@kubala-sosna.com Bob Levi President, 714-281-5850 boblevi.laocas@gmail.com www.laocas.com for all future events! www.facebook.com/laocas for the latest Society News "> ">
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    Connor, born Oct 2 (Was due Nov 2). John
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    So I've been putting this little tiny house space together for a couple of months now and finally gotten a few tape decks connected this week. I have a LOT of cassette decks for sure... Luv 'em Collect them Service them Soon I will be getting several CD players into service in another rack. There's just so little time after working and doing house and yard chores.
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    Some news that's getting better; They have taken Charles Jr out of ICU and is now in his own room. He continues to improve although he very sore. If things continue, they are contemplating releasing him Friday or Saturday as they have just about hit the limit as to what they can do. Consensus is that he will heal faster at home with family. Keep those fingers crossed....🤞
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    Added two more Silver 7t's to the system. WRF did these several years ago, traded them to BillWojo for his Plats. He was't using them so we worked out a trade. Running Tekton Pendragons with the outer amps, Infinity Kappa Perfect 10.1 subs with the inners. Power reserve is soooo deep! Bass is effortless.
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    I’m going to assume that most of you have encountered this before (but no, I don’t have data to back that up, lol) - the un-split pistachio. Daunting as it may seem, the un-split pistachio is far from uncrackable. While there are any number of ways to crack it, it’s really not worth the effort at the end of the day. Over the past 30 days of reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that arguing with people on the internet is similar to the un-split pistachio - the time and effort spent cracking the nut (winning the argument) just aren’t worth it. Let’s be honest - even when you win an internet argument, you don’t change anyone’s mind, - so what’s the point? Best just to toss those nuts in the trash and move on. I do have one apology to make - to my friends here. I never realized how much I took your friendship for granted. In retrospect, giving up this forum of communication with you all over such a petty and insignificant annoyance was quite short sighted. Your calls, emails and texts of support and encouragement over the past month have been humbling, to say the least. Thank you. I will get through all the pms and threads over the next few days, and I have a couple of DIY posts to make as well.
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    Please check out the customer focused policies below. We also have a risk free in home trial offer.. 2 weeks in your home trial period. Return for any reason post marked within 2 weeks after you receive the amp(s) for a full refund, no restocking of the usual 25%.. The customers risk is limited to the cost of return shipping..
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    Debate is not forbidden on this site, however, personal attacks, insults and other insinuations used with the intent to humiliate or impugn a member will not be tolerated. If something angers you or offends you, report it to the Mods or the Admins. It is their job to remove such material from the site if it violates our guidelines. However, I implore all of you to resist the urge to discuss Headline News since it is often designed to rile people and sensationalize events. We must all accept that many, many different kinds of world views and opinions are held by your fellow members, and as such, personal viewpoints are bound to surface from time to time. Please, just let it go. If a member is posting material on a regular basis that you believe is inappropriate, please Report it to a Moderator. The only intention of this management is to maintain a site that is open, free and safe for everyone to communicate in. So if you take objection to a topic or a post, you are free to challenge it in a polite, and genuine manner. But as soon as things get nasty - the Mods will step in and stop it. It's that simple. Have fun everyone, and please enjoy a safe and jolly Holiday Season. Regards, Hashy
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    Currently 26 years flying big gas stations that pass gas to other planes -- yes, I'm a gas passer. Since one picture is worth a thousand words, here are 5,000 words worth: Also fly for a major airline: ...and yes, I consider myself very blessed as I love my job....which allows me to enjoy my hobbies--of which this is one
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    When the old timers share knowledge in such a selfless way, taking their time to explain things and educate the membership I find it impressive. I am thankful every time I learn something (every day basically). How many times have we been discussing an audio topic when you see a post from Zumbini. If your like me you open his post with eagerness because you know its gonna be cool right! Awesome pictures of the internals of just about anything, backed with many years of knowledge on a wide range of topics. I continue to learn from your post Dom and appreciate it..I know others here would agree that your contribution to the site is huge! Any one else out there enjoy Doms post and find them as educational as I do? Sorry, but I can't learn and benefit without at least saying thanks. Thanks Zumbini!
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    I am not involved in any policy decisions of this site. So I don't want anyone looking at me like I'm an authority figure of any kind just because I'm at Vendor status. Anyway, I see Rich's point and I see the point of others at odds with him. Generosity is a precious human behavior. But when it is taken advantage of, the ugliness of human greed tears at the tranquility of those who freely want to help others, but then feel used and less inclined to do so ever again. This dynamic is part of any community, and its effects are as complicated as any human behavior. That said, I don't mean to convict any one person of being greedy or generous, only to introduce what I think of this situation. I have personally interacted with some that have joined this site - act friendly, pal around and share some experience, beg for help over PMs to get their gear fixed, then when it was done, usually at the expense of others, and sometimes for FREE, they leave. Or they come hear gloating about Ebay 'steals', using our resources and flipping them with not a thanks of any kind. (by the way, and you know who you are, you're welcome) Then there are those that provide valuable advice about music, set-up, Carver history, repair facilities, PARTS RESEARCH, articles, need-to-know, etc, etc, etc, etc. And everyone here that is a good standing members works extremely hard for others. There are real experts here. Therefore, I understand completely where Rich is coming from. People popping in here and basically hacking our information and running is just bogus. It's ugly. Yeah, you may argue that it might not be completely and freely generous, but then again, who the hell are you to judge what someone does with their own knowledge, time and expertise? On the other hand, it is not a welcoming gesture to control communication between 'joiners' and 'members' of various degrees. For whatever reason, and I acknowledge there are many, people have felt that they are not welcome here. Those with a 'visitor' status do have a mountain to climb. It does seems harsh - but do they bother to understand why? The visitor status is also slave to a mathematical formula, so the only way for them to get out is for a human hand to pull them out. I therefore plead for SteveK to be lifted to a novice. I know Steve, and he is a great guy and loves Carver as much as any of us. Rich doesn't handle things like a politician. He will say what he believes or he will simply state facts as they are. He's just a matter-of-fact kind of person and if that bothers you, sorry. You won't change him. You just have to take it the way it is. He has not acted out of cruelty in this matter. It seems more like an act of preservation. And I know he sees a lot more behind the scenes than we do. We are the carefree tea-party in the woods while the silent knight fends off the wolves in the darkness. I think the testimony to his desire for a generous and welcoming community is right before you. And if you are a part of it, I think you should aid in that welcoming spirit, which of course includes a healthy degree of tolerance for others (especially those you might not like that much). Of course I don't have to teach any of that, it's just a little reminder in the wake of a forum riot. As for visitors complaining about being a visitor - kinda shows all of us with common sense you really don't take any of this as important as we do. Every one of the senior members here never complained about being a noobie. They worked hard, played hard and learned hard. Complaining doesn't get you anywhere of value in life, it shouldn't work here either. RobertR - you are always welcome in my book. I plead you to come back and reconsider. Can we please then, discuss the matter(s) at hand with the mods and the Admin with respect and courtesy? And can the Admin and mods do the same? I personally, would appreciate it. Thanks, G
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