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    Hello all! I hope you're enjoying the Carversite! and all it has to offer. Since there have been some changes recently, and a few more changes coming, I'd like to address some of these and explain the current 'State of the Site'. The current Administrators are: Nahash5150 - Administrator B-Man - Administrator The current Moderator is: Compwaco - Moderator An Administrator's job is to protect the community. Admins also assign medals, approve new arrivals, organize the boards, moderate threads, assign roles, maintain the database, enforce the rules, and manage complaints. They also present ideas to the leadership for possible implementation. Moderators keep the boards safe and fun. Moderators are not here to stifle free-speech, arm-twist or intimidate participants. They ensure that threads are kept organized and remain on-topic, and as active participants themselves, preserve the spirit of the community. Moderators, like the Admins, are here for you so that you feel welcome to share and participate without the worry of being harassed or flamed for it. If you have just signed up, then you are Inbound rank. You have limited access and you can't upload files yet. In order to advance to basic membership, you need over 6 positive reputation points. Reactions, such as 'thank you' to your content increase your positive reputation. There are three basic member Roles: Novice Member Resident A Novice is new to the forum. They have limited access but can participate in the most popular forums such as Way Offscale and The Chain. In order to advance to Member, we expect a certain amount of activity to evaluate their willingness to be a part of the community. The post count required to advance to Member is 100. (If you are currently a Member and don't have 100 posts, you will not be 'demoted'). A Member is considered an active participant. They have nearly full access to the site and its resources, and can progress in rank and earn medals by sharing their experiences in the audio world with the Site. As time goes on, a Member can eventually become a Resident or play a role as part of the Administration. A Resident is a highly active member who calls this place home and acts as a council member with the Administration. Residents are participants who are willing to take on the challenge of discussing site policies and provide the site with valuable resources - such as funds, time and talents. Greatly concerned for the site's well-being, Residents work hard to welcome new 'inbounds', encourage participation by starting topics of interest - and offer Karmas, skills and knowledge to all who visit. There are two special Member Roles: Carver mkII Team Carver repair/mod Team Carver mkII Team - The mkII Team members are authorized to perform the mkII mods. Generally, an mkII Team member performs mkII mods full time, and can offer assistance and advice for those mkII DIYers who post their mod activity. These team members are Residents by default. Carver repair/mod Team - Chosen only by the Administrator, these members are trusted with their skill to work on audio gear. They actively take work and offer a variety of services. They are also essential to the site's 'helpful hand' in assisting those who need help with their troubled gear. Carver Repair Team members are also Residents by default. There are two consequential Roles: Retired Sandbox A Retired Member is a participant who has either shown a disinterest in the community but has not violated the rules, or one who has 'moved on' and no longer wishes to be an active member. This is not a disdained Role, but a Role for members who for one reason or another, do not wish to be part of the community's growth (for example). Retirement is a friendly, mutual agreement between the administration and the member. Retired members have limited access. When a participant is Sandboxed, they have violated the forums rules. A warning is always issued before a participant is Sandboxed. If the warning is ignored, and participant continues to break rules or cause trouble - an Administrator, with the consent of the Moderators, will curtail their activity for an indefinite amount of time. Removal of the Sandbox status can only be done by the Site Owner or Administrator. Our goal is to maintain a site that is welcoming, helpful, courteous and fun. With audio and Carver as our common ground, we wish to stay focused on the music, and all the creativity that results. Have a great day! Hashy
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    Okay - we have arrived at the painful period of the upgrade. We will be performing upgrades to the database and running tests, which may mean we have to shut the site down for a day or two. We will also be migrating to another Host provider since Arvixe can't get their shit together. This will take place later, more details coming on that. This is a forewarning - so please tell everyone you know about the coming transitions. I will posts dates when we are ready start. Regards, Hashy
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    While on vacation in Gulf Shores Alabama, I am just over 3 hours from LA and our friend Rocksters house. The drive along the gulf coast was nice. I arrived about 9:30 am.. Bruce is a great guy just like you have came to know on CS.. He first gave me the tour of his house and he has a beautiful home, then we went out to his playpen. The playpen was a 2 story, with cars and an awesome full equipped woodworking shop downstairs. The Porsche was very nice, with a paint job smooth as glass.. Then we went to the 2nd story of the playpen, a very nicely finished area as nice as the nicest homes I have been in. For the next few hours we enjoyed Rocksters system and I was able to spend quality time with his Amazing speakers and the system was very nice. I was impressed with his system and the ribbons were very accurate sounding, sweet indeed. Because I made the drive (according to Bruce) he gave me the gift of a new Dremel tool to use with my hobby electronic work. After a few hours of party and great music we had gotten hungry and Rockster drove us to his favorite restaurant and we had a great lunch, with Bruce insisting on paying the bill.. He also placed and order to go.. After we returned to Rocksters house it was about 2 pm, and it was time to start the trip back to Alabama.. Ends up the carry out order was for my family back at the vacation condo. Rockster hands me about 5 lbs of great food from the restaurant and says "this is for your family". I had a great time with our buddy Bruce, and the 7 hour round trip to see him was a small price, for getting to hang out with my friend Bruce. Hospitality beyond belief, and a great man. Very glad I took the time to go see Bruce. It was a great day.. Thanks Bruce..
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    Folks, we're going to an all new forum engine. We will be trimming down topics to get rid of all the 'stuff' that is not essential for the migration. This may effect your post count, so please don't be alarmed. All topics will be locked after the trimming. We will eventually have only two categories to post in during the migration period: Way Offscale and this one, Members. This will simply anything that needs to be carried over after the old database is converted to a new format. When this happens, please keep DIY and other keepsake topics to a bare minimum. This is a huge undertaking and I appreciate your patience. This site may experience some downtime, but I don't expect much. The new site will look entirely different, and you will receive an email to confirm your membership at the new site when it is ready - so the transition will be very obvious. Good things await - hang in there for me! Regards, Hashy
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    Several months ago I commented in the chat window that I wished there were wood cases available for Carver C-1’s, similar to vintage Marantz and McIntosh gear. I received a PM from Rockster2U (Bruce) soon after that comment. We chatted back and forth a few times and that was it… I received a mystery box last weekend from Bruce. These pictures document THE BEST GESTURE EVER! Bruce took it upon himself to design and build custom cases for my system. His work is outstanding. The finish, materials and design surpass any offering from Marantz or McIntosh. Not only did he build a case for my C-1 but, as you can see below, designed and built a custom case for my TX-2 (it has the rack faceplate attached.) These cases are beautiful. They transform Bob’s classic industrial design in to display worthy works of art. Bruce, thank you for the kindest of unexpected Karma! Itch
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    It's been several days since I stepped away from all aspects of site management. I've seen the thread where several of you have expressed concern. Let me assure you, everything is just fine in Northern California. A bit soggy due to all the rain, but life is good. I enjoyed helping to manage the site over the past couple of years but it rather suddenly became more grief than it was worth. I'm touched by your expressions of concern and grateful for your support. Thank You. I'll still be around trying to contribute where I can. In the mean time -- Enjoy The Music.
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    No More Booting Please.... Hey CS members. Just want to say I'm amazed at the amount of Carver knowledge on site.Tons of help/advice given to members.I appreciate you allowing me to become a part of such a great site. Little about me.... Purchased my first Carver system in 1991. Consisting of 2 TFM-42's,C-11, SD/A 450, TX-10 and TDR-2400..All sounding amazing through a pair of Polk SRS 1.2TL's..Over the past 12yrs or so the OCCD symptoms kicked in. also the proud owner of a pair of Silver 9T's, M 200t,1 TFM-15, 2 TFM- 25'S, 1 TFM -45 (looking for another), C-11( BILLD), C-1 stock, C-3,C-17, DPL-33, 3 more SD/A 450's and a Phase Linear Model 3300....Also a pair of Polk SRS 2.3TL's fully upgraded (VR3 Fortress V2).Still a work in progress, eventually would love to upgrade all amps/preamps. Again Many Thanks..... The Man Cave........ The New Look.. Now The Nudes....
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    Carver M1.5t For Sale - $500.00 (includes shipping) I am donating my very own Carver M1.5t Amplifier to the site. 100% of the proceeds from this sale will go to CS to help kickstart the new site. I rebuilt this amplifier a few years ago. I did a lot of work on it. Of course all of the electrolytic capacitors have been changed. I pulled all of the heatsink devices and reinstalled them with fresh heatsink compound. This amp has my front panel switch mod. I have redressed the wires to best separate signal wires from power wires. I would rate the cosmetics at 8 out of 10. There are a few light nicks on the faceplate edge. I painted the top cover and it still looks good today. I installed some nice speaker output binding post. This amplifier has been rotated in and out of my system several times. It sounds great. It is quiet. I always enjoy this amp. More pictures on my OneDrive. Note: One closeup picture shows a very scratch rack handle. This has been changed.
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    Currently 26 years flying big gas stations that pass gas to other planes -- yes, I'm a gas passer. Since one picture is worth a thousand words, here are 5,000 words worth: Also fly for a major airline: ...and yes, I consider myself very blessed as I love my job....which allows me to enjoy my hobbies--of which this is one
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    my complete system with photos of my "re-bulbed" M500T and my recently restored Thorens TD-165 Turntable with custom plinth and upgraded TP16 MK I tonearm
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    I have been blessed to have had the finances to enjoy this hobby and meet great generous people who understand good sound and how to help others maintain their OCCD from this site......grin. So I am going to start my first Karma since it is the season to be giving. I have a C-1 that works, needs a refurb for long term use. Only issue it has is when Sonic Holography is engaged, it loses the right channel. It’s been that way since I bought it off Ebay 3 years ago. It’s been used in my house and my garage systems. Comes from a pet free, smoke free home. Pick a number from 1 to 100 and I will draw Black Friday! If you need more pics, send me a PM with your email and I will send them........grin
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    It was about this time 4 years ago when I came across this video, posted by Gary. It remains one of the coolest renditions of a great song that I have ever seen/heard. Every time I hear this song (In any form), I think of Gary...
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    Thank you for accepting my application! I have been meaning to come here for several months now, as I was sent here by another member to read-up on the Carver C1, and a modification called the Bill D. Early last winter, I was selling a subwoofer on the local classifieds. I received a call within a few hours from a guy saying he was interested, but was about 45 minutes away, and couldn’t make it out for 2 days (Toole is about 1/2 hour from Salt Lake). I agreed to hold it for him, and he came out as promised 2 days later. When he got here, I had the sub hooked up to demonstrate, and we listened for a couple minutes to a disc set he brought that is actually from this very site. I was blown away by the tracks he played, and said as much. He insisted that I keep the CD set, as he said he had another. I love the set, and use it a lot. When we went to get the box for the sub, he saw my Polk SDA 2 speakers, and asked if they were for sale. When I said no, he asked why I wasn’t using them. I showed him that 2 of the speaker wire nuts were broken, and that I didn’t have the cable connecting the 2 speakers together any more. At his insistence, we removed the plates that hold the speaker nuts, and he methodically marked and removed all the wires. He said he could fix me up, and get my Polks back up and running, so I trusted him to take the plates. 2 weeks later, he was back at my house. He had replaced ALL or the speaker wire nuts with beautiful gold ones, AND made a new cable to connect the speakers together! He installed all of this, and helped me move the speakers into position. We (mostly him, as I am not up to too much of that any more) got everything hooked up, and I was speechless. That wonderful Polk sound I remembered was back! I have listened to them almost every day since. And on top of all that, he wouldn’t let me pay him for any of it - he said he already had all the parts, and it was an easy job. We talked a little bit about the Polk sound, and he said what if I told you there was an even greater audio genius than Mr Polk? That of course Mr Carver. He told me that Carver made the Polk SDA sound into his preamps instead of the speaker, so the effect could be used on many other speakers. So here I am, looking at the C1. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun place to visit, and I thank you again for accepting me. Brian
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    Well, last weekend, I finally acquired the holy grail of EPI..., the rare and coveted M1000 towers. @elgrau has built a pair of these - they are that rare to find one pair of the 500 pairs that were made. Dimensions: 18x18x73 inches, 180lbs each. Originally, they cost $2000 a pair, back in the 70's. There are 4 10" drivers and 4 soft-dome oil-filled tweeters - paired on each side. I picked these up from a fellow EPI fan, who restored the original drivers and tweeters and rewired internally and rebuilt the crossovers. I'll do some cosmetic work, but considering their age, they have survived. These have never really been rated, but folklore says they can handle 250w RMS easily - I pushed them. They throw a lot of music all over the room, and you perceive to be in the middle of the stage. I have some more positioning work to do, and will likely put the Amazings in another location to further tune these. I will say they are much more forgiving in positioning, than the Carver Amazings are. And, I like them both... The Amazings and the EPI M1000's dwarf the Polk SDA-1C's (on the right edge of the picture). WAF factor - low. I said to Susan that I saved $5000 on the cost of a casket, I can be buried in one. Hah!
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    To all the good people on our forum - Greg and I have been working to get everyone's medals assigned. As of 11:15 AM ET today (9/16/2018) I believe I have finished going through the original site list. If you feel I have missed one you had previously, please send me a PM so I can look into it. Please be patient because we all have day jobs too. ? Thanks for your patience. Brian
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    I recieved my new USB mic today, means I dont need the Behringer ECM8000 I thought I would see if someone here could use it for.......REW.....or whatever. Looks like they go for about $60-80 or so used. Just say in......I'll pay shipping Perry
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    Hey Guys, Sorry for being so quiet these last few months , It’s been a Crazy busy time for me through the Fire and floods, and repairing the smoke damage . I had reached out to the group asking about N.A.S Storage and Music streaming network and player some time ago and found that it seemed to be a topic of interest for some, and at the time not a lot of info so far was within the group. I felt that with all the great support and advice I’ve been given from all within “The Carver Site” , This may be a way for me to try a give back some with information what dI’ve found so far with hope that it can be of help to others. Again , I had no idea of how much there would be to learn and research in all those categories, so through all these months I’ve been doing my homework. I’ll do my best to be as accurate and detailed in what I have found. I’ve always been a little , or “ VERY” intimidated in doing a post because of how incredible sharp and knowledgable most of you are when it came to the world of audio. But everyone has always been so supportive, and giving of all there knowledge, and for all that I “ Thank all of you “. So, Here we go. I’ll touch base on: 1) external DAC 2) NAS Storage 3) Music Streaming devices 4) Network music players ( All in one System’s and individually Music players and network streaming devices together, examples , low $$ to High$ $$$) 5) ROON - Operating system for music that is hardware agnostic. One app that brings all of your stored music together with all your music streaming services, including. Tidal and Qobuz , high res music services in one search interface. ( This App will be the one that all will be using for there digital music world - IMOP. ) All new digital music streaming system’s are being developed for Roon, with some also having there own operating system. I can’t cover it all, cables, all the various system, etc.., but with a little help I’m sure in the end we’ll all have a good starting point, if interested in the digital world. N.A.S Storage and Network Music Streaming for HI Def audio I found when I really got into the Digital Audio world , it really wasn’t as complicated as I though it would be. But again as with everything in audio , it can be as simple or as complicated as one wants within there system. I think I’ll go in the above order, Because that’s how I entered it. First I wanted to improve my digital sound and to make it not just as good and warm as my beloved Vynyl world, and favorite albums, But better. Then I heard about storing my CD’s , and digital music in what was know as NAS music storage. After hearing how incredible my digital music was sounding, I wanted to enter the world of a Music Network streaming system , Pandora, Spotify, to Hi Res music services like Tidal and Qobuz , and the muisic streaming player that with some individual systems accompany the streamer so that so I hear it in the System. But What was this thing Called Roon that I found all these new high end Music Streaming / Player system were developed with Roon , the New universal Operating system for music That is hardware Agnostic. Please let me know any of the routes that you may have chosen or thinking of going with for your system. I will be adding to this as I go along, Please bear with me as I pull all my info together on each subject to best I can so as to give you a feel and hopefully route you may like to start. It’s wide open from very affordable systems to the point I always dream of, But to rich for me. When I say this in my own humble option, This is where Music has been on its way and heading in a Directions I feel will open up a New World of Music , With it’s depth in clean Hi Res , warm music and a huge Music library services when one can find and hear pretty much what one would want to hear. It keeps getting better and better. I still love my vynyl , But in my next post I’ll start off with the benefits of adding an external DAC. Below is a picture of where my system is now, I’m just now finalizing and getting my digital music streaming playing device. Pictures to follow when I get it, very soon.
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    From the Bing search homepage today... Colorized Scanning Electron Microscope Image
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    I've owned Carver amps since the 80's and collected a few used ones over the years. I'm still impressed with the performance and value for the dollar. I'm also a vintage JBL fixer-upper and somewhat of a collector. The combination of Carver and JBL has kept me listening for most of my life. I think they're a great combination. I like to tinker fixing the old gear, having an electronics background. I've been doing it as a hobby and semi-professionally for over 40 years.... ( I'm revealing my age) :-) I've never been part of a forum of any kind, so this is new to me. I thought it would be fun to communicate with some other Carver enthusiasts, and share some expertise. As far as Carver equipment goes that I own, it's mostly amplifiers... I bought an M400t brand new back in about 1985 and a sonic hologram unit. since then, i've also bought used another M400, M1.5, and a PM700 for my theater room. I also own a Carver receiver that I don't know the model of... Funny.. anyway, I built a pretty cool listening room/theater in my basement a couple years ago and now totally enjoy listening to my old vinyl on my vintage setup. I really enjoy seeing pictures of some of your listening setups, and would like to post some pictures of mine sometime. Anyways, it would be great to hear from some of you sometime. Thanks for reading my post.
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    All I will say in response to this is that Russ did his mods on his own and should provide support for his work. He also did not test them correctly before shipping them out, and I can tell you, just because they power up doesn't mean they couldn't potentially have other problems the template mkII design doesn't address (like failing protection circuits, out of spec resistors, etc) that cause distortion problems and other anomalies. They are not supported by me or any other tech here, however, because he used Rich's design and pseudo-mark - his clients come to us for help. You guys don't really see it here, but my emails are full of questions about 'the guys on ebay' when they are asking for information about my services from the carvermk2.com website. This is a problem too. Russ doesn't even want to be associated with me or this site, yet he continues to hedge our popularity and reputation for his own benefit (the latest new faceplates with the 'mk2' label being the most obvious). How does this even approach 'innocent' or 'unintentional' intent? At least the guy who copied the M500t mkII design calls his mod the M500t 'gold' mod. Still not very polite, but at least his doesn't try to associate his work with us and cause a shitload of confusion. I and others have spent a lot of time fixing his work. Hours and hours. He's never acknowledged any of us for it. That's also a just a fact. Nothing personal. I could go through his parts and methods but that won't 'solve' anything and it doesn't change the fact that we serenely fix his stuff all the time. They do not meet the mkII spec and I don't consider them to be an mkII. It's a Kall amp, and that's become the norm. It's all his own doing and if people want to do business with him, that's their business. As long as Russ takes responsibility for his business transactions then it's all good. And I for one would appreciate it if he didn't associate his products with us while at the same time refusing to associate himself with us.
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    Some great stuff guys. I am a TIG welder fabricator. I have done other welding jobs including MIG, stick sheet metal fabrication but have spent the last 20 years putting bronze statues together like this. This is about 20 feet tall and installed at the Denver museum of nature and science. It also has a stainless steel sub structure to support the bronze statue. here it is done
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    For all of you who have AL-IIIs that need a little TLC. Free USPS shipping too. 20 cell per inch grey foam. Easily inserted with an old credit card (the magnets will probably erase the card so use an old one), or a plastic putty knife. The foam just tucks in behind the wood panels, easy as can be. If you are an active participant on the forum you qualify. Send me a PM. If you are not that active, but can get an active member to vouch for you, reply in this thread and we'll see what the masses say. I have 9 rolls left, which is enough to do 9 full length re-foams, or 27 with just the woofer cabinets, leaving the ribbons exposed. If you PM me or post a reply, please state if you want the full length or the woofer cabinet only length.
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    Um, what the hell is going on here? This is an audio forum! Shoo - all of you. Go back to listening to your music.
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    After over a year of shipping amps to Greg (https://nelionaudio.com/) to be restored, this is what I have so far. All amps are either black or have had after-market black faceplates installed. The crown of the setup is the 2 x M1.0t MKII OPT002 amps. Next project is determining how I want to wire everything since I'm going to Bi-Amp all the speakers and it's going to be a nightmare. More pics are in the Featured Systems... Edit: If the pics are bit fuzzy, I just discoverd I have the focus assist set wrong...
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    Rarely post here. However, this is God’s sunrise this morning in Anderson, Wayne’s home town. Happy Birthday Kingman. You made us proud!
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    The Ten Octave Audio Model LP1 tube preamplifiers are now in production. This is the production version of the preamp that was previewed at the Carver Fest 2018. Each unit is currently hand-built when we receive an order, although we are planning to have several in inventory for immediate shipment as time allows. The normal price on these units offered wholesale to retailers will be $699.99. We expect the retail pricing to be about $999. We are offering a special price for one unit each to current (as of March 3, 2019) Carver site members (until the end of March 2019.) That price is 569.99 plus actual insured shipping from 30233 (plus sales tax if applicable.) This price includes a custom made double wall shipping box with dense foam inserts to prevent any damage in shipping and it should be reusable. Technical features of the LP1 Line stage tube preamp: double thickness printed circuit board to prevent flex or damage from repeated tube insertions for those who love to roll tubes! double thickness copper traces on pcb 4" height allows buyer to use 12AX7 tubes with adapter if desired uses ultra low noise, minimum 5000 hour life 6N2-EV mil spec tubes that have much lower microphonic levels and lower floor noise than even the best 12AX7s available Cardas audio grade silver solder used for the entire build Tube rectified power supply high quality sealed ALPS potentiometer volume control heavy (16) gauge powder coated steel case on all sides audio grade capacitors... MKP, Panasonic and Wima used in the audio path carbon comp resistors selected to optimize audio quality and used in specific locations where carbon comps produce a higher quality sound in tube applications. Allen Bradleys are used in most cases. ground plane grid for lower floor noise Regulated and fully adjustable DC power used for all audio tube filament voltages. This is rarely found even in the most expensive units relay switched inputs RCA shorting plugs included for unused inputs heavy duty heat sink on filament voltage regulation transistor custom wound power transformer gold plated RCA jacks thick custom anodized aluminum faceplate We think it sounds great, too. Feedback about the early units produced: “freaking awesome” “first impression is wow!” “I am BLOWN away with the 275/10 Octave combination. It’s as good as anything I’ve ever heard.” “Sounds better than my Sunfire.” "This is an amazing preamp. I think I've finally got a system together that I'm really happy with. It pairs perfectly with the 275." member buyer in Illinois, "Sounds great.. Have the factory 12AX7s in the 350s and its very nice. Enjoying the hell out of it!" member buyer in Arizona, "I installed it in a test system and it sounds great." "it’s a superbly made, well crafted instrument!" Trav0810's review: To order please send iamjohngalt a private message and include your email and cell/text contact so we can make arrangements for payment, manufacture, and shipment. Bill (fxbill) and David (iamjohngalt) Ten Octave Audio
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    About 2 1/2 months ago, a new customer approached me to consider a TT project for him. He owns a Lenco L75 rim drive table, and there is a fellow that has come up with a power supply to exactly regulate the speed (33 1/3, 45, or 78 rpm) of the old Lenco. As it turns out, these turntables have quite a following. I looked the project over online at 'Lenco Heaven'. Nigel's speed controller for Lenco is where I found a well established, and easy to follow set of instructions. Turns out, this is more than you might think for the speed regulation. There is a supply transformer that feeds main power supply. Then there is an oscillator board that controls the AC frequency and output voltage to, finally, the output transformer that is wired from the secondary of the output transformer and then feeding the AC outlet for the TT. Here is one shot of the result. Thank God for the Hammond chassis filling the bill. About $700 worth of parts, and too many hours of labor to recall.... Yes, the front panel was my design. BTW, the camera doesn't rightly show the integration of the wood front and sides. photo #1 shows it best on the right side. This is a case where the product looks worse when photographed, showing every little thing that wasn't yet wiped off. Kinda frustrating, because this has come out to be one of my most beautiful pieces in 'real life'.
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    The tremendous power and sonic performance of the M1.0t mkII opt002 is spiced up with Nelion Audio's new retrofit kits. Featuring the vertical high rail capacitor board, and new bias pivot and thump fix CCA's, the mkII feels and looks more professional than ever. Comes with 3 year parts and labor warranty. $750 Feel free to comment below or contact me via PM for questions. Thanks for looking!
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    Great Topic - and an opportunity to dispel any association with STD's (Visualize the movie Animal House) 1980 - 2am in the basement of the SAE house at Madison. I was a young pledge standing with my back against the wall with my fifteen pledge brothers on either side of me. Typical of the era (before hazing was a crime) the Pledge Trainer was handing out the pledge pins to each person in the lineup. He had consumed his share of Old Milwaukee from our 24 hour tap. His words - "I, (state your name) promise to..." He would then repeat your name back to you. He had much difficulty with ISKALIS... so he stated going forward my name would be itchy nuts. I was not thrilled (ummm why not Cool Guy or something....) Soon the name was shortened (out of convenience) to Itch and has been with me ever since. Customers - Friends - Girlfriends - Parents of girlfriends... to this day!
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    Well, since my first post was not a proper introduction, I will attempt to correct that now. I have been a fan of Carver amps since I heard my first one in 1985 or so, an M1.5 at a friends house. Fast forward a few years and I have an M1.5t of my own, fed by an SD/A 490t CD player via a C1 Preamp. The speakers are Infinity Reference 6 sealed towers, of about the same vintage as the cd player. I have some other Carver items but they are in need of some attention in one form or another and not currently in use. My primary musical taste is classic rock, with a bit of jazz, classical, instrumental/ new age and even some country, especially if the wife is driving! I would like to express my appreciation to the fine folks who operate and maintain the site, so that others may learn, share and enjoy, and to Morris who got me to sign up, finally.
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    It's not a legal issue as much as it is decorum. The mkII is RichP's design and he openly offered it for people to DIY, not to capitalize on. That caveat expresses his intent for making the information available under TARP. All TARP does is protect people who perform the mkII from legal action if they copy the design and/or distribute it. No one has ever talked about taking legal action against anyone in this respect. RichP has since expressed some regret for offering it as freely and openly as he did. But really, underneath all this is intellectual property rights. However, RichP, as well as myself and many long standing members here, wish to perpetuate a friendly, generous and helpful community rather than some legalistic business model. RichP went above and beyond with his generosity. For years RichP educated the community about Carver amps and has contributed substantially to our understanding of how this stuff works. Some of the folks from CarverAudio.com also contribute and give in the very same spirit. It's our tradition, so to speak. And so the point of all this is to remind people what, where and how all this came to be.
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    This is an audio site. A recent political thread has been deleted.
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    A big thank you to Doh-R for sending me 5 quality LP's from his (and his Dad's) personal collection for our family to enjoy for years! With my new TT, our family had NO vinyl to spin. Rod was gracious enough to PM me and ask what I desired musically. Last night, I returned home and found a nice package of variety pressings ready to be played. I see why he has the black pearl cluster AK medal. If I could nominate him for anything higher I would (ideas?). Thank you my Carver audiophile friend from the bottom of my heart. jack (btw, he also paid for shipping!)
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    New Medal assigned. The Priest of Dudism:
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    As promised, I am offering a most excellent Karma to be drawn on New Years Day! Open to all who have 200+ posts. This is the M-500t I won in Karma last year that was done by DaddyJT. This Unit was just removed from my system and has performed flawlessly next to the one Rich repaired for me. As I shuffle my rack a little, moved a M-1.0t MKII opt 2 into my rack, this unit is once again up for Karma. While in my possession it has grown ears! So I am throwing them in as they match this unit better than my other M-500t's. Pardon my pics as they are from my iPhone! Good Luck to all who enter! BarryG
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    I do not wish to rehash the events of the past few days however I would like to apologize to RichP for verbally lashing out at him as well as anyone else I may have offended. I hope that this apology is received with the same spirit in which it is being given. I look forward to the merging of the two forums and to seeing some of the guys from here coming to Carverfest this Sept. Harry
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    If anyone saw Itch’s post re: this C-1 tabletop case, well - let’s just say this is a follow-up. I made a few of these and based upon all the nice comments thought that there may be some interest among members. Here’s the deal - solid Mahogany Case delivered to your doorstep to house your Carver C-1 Preamp. Submit your name, I’ll put it on a card and my wife will draw a winner at 9:00 O’Clock PM Central Daylight Saving time Sunday Night. I’ll need an address from the winner and will get it shipped out by the following Tuesday. For those do it yourselfers, the faceplate is 3.5” x 19”. Cabinet width is 20.5”, depth is 8.25” and height of end spacers is just over 3.5” depending on how tight you want your tolerance to be. I‘ve used stock that varies between 1.25” and 1.1”. A one inch round over bit was used to radius the ends and the side spacers require a rabbit that is about 5/16” deep and will have to be cut out enough to achieve about 19 1/8” opening in the face after the glue up. I just used a simple butted construction w/o biscuits or dowels, figuring I had a large enough glueing surface to achieve the strength needed. The one pictured was finished with Minwax Gunstock Stain and a Poly-Acryplic Varnish. Sunday Night 9:00 PM Drawing for any interested members. (No, the C-1 is not included)
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    Are in the air right now ??? https://www.flightradar24.com/
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    Since the invite was thrown out there, and it's probably only fair that everyone be forewarned about some of us, here's my $0.02 worth. By training and background, I'm your basic, old-school computer jockey. yup, one of ... them. I've been very lucky to have worked in some interesting areas in my career. I started out in weather research for a few years, then jumped to working for a computer company doing sales support, and more. We did everything from high-speed robotics, computer imaging, to more mundane things. From there I went into satellite imaging software development for many years. I jumped ship for a while to enjoy some time doing robotics and simulation for the space program, then back to the sat. imaging again for more years. Eventually, I decided as fun as it was, it was time for something to pay the bills, so I took a job managing the computer systems for an automated warehouse belonging to a gov't agency that, shall we say, sells libations, in exceedingly large quantities. 20 years on, I'm still there, and hoping to keep some shreds of my sanity for enough longer to make retirement (which is still way tooo far off, sigh) What I really am, and why I've been successful, is a problem solver. Regardless of the situation, I can usually figure out what is wrong, or why, and find a solution or workaround. Unfortunately, that's why I carry 2 cellphones and I'm on call 24/7/365.25, sigh. My other, not so cheerful, full time job over the past few years, is caregiver for my ailing better half. She has advanced MS, and is starting to really fade these days, so this is consuming more and more of my time, and energy. The one fortunate thing is that she has no pain, which helps get us through. It is, what it is, so please don't dwell on this, but do take time to hug your family and appreciate them. Oh yeah, the one other job I have is being chief cook and bottle washer for our hoard of cats. We have 5, all black, and they, and my music, keep me (somewhat) sane. So, aren't you sorry you asked?
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    Last Sunday Hi-Fi Bourbon and I made the trip to Barlow, KY to the residence of MRHP in order to retrieve a 2018 Carverfest amp kit (so graciously brought back by MRHP) and to visit/audition his audio system. One word describes the experience..."AWESOME". MRHP was very welcoming and his laid back demeanor made us feel as if we were visiting and old friend. A taste of Carverfest without the Bob C. factor. After an inventory of the amp kit parts we soon began playing with the toys. And what toys! We started listing to a system consisting of the following components: Sunfire tube preamplifier (not sure of model #), Carver Baby black tube amps (monoblocked), Dahlquist DQ-20 speakers, dual DIY subwoofers powered by Sunfire Architect's Choice Series II (625 x 2) amp and an Oppo BDP-103. The sound was very detailed and crystal clear and the subs kicked me right in the ass! I remember thinking "this is very close to the sound of a live concert". Excellent system synergy. We then swapped the Baby Blacks for Carver 180 tube amps (monoblocked) w/KT-120 tubes. The additional power produced a whole new level of dynamics and realism. We continued the audition with some tube rolling on the amps and preamp. Amazes me how tubes can change the sonic signature of a system. MRHP has a wonderful collection of rare vintage tubes. Some of the equipment we did not have time to listen to (as we didn't want to wearout our welcome) was a Lightstar amplifier and a TFM-75 amplifier. Another, of note, aspect of MRHP's components is his collection of early production pieces: TFM-75 (serial #1), Baby Black amps (serial #1 & #2), and 180 amps (pre-production prototypes' pre-serial #d). Quite the collection! Hi-Fi Bourbon took a few pics on his iPhone and I am hoping (With MRHP's permission) he will post them on this tread. Everyone loves the eye candy...? Also, if I have made any misstatements about the components, maybe we can get MRHP (who recently joined our site, but is a long time member of our sister site) to chime in, elaborate or maybe even post additional pics. I think there are pics of some of his equip. on the "Carverfest 2018 Open Discussion and Pics" thread: page 3. Bottom Line is I was very impressed and came away with one prevailing thought...I need to rethink the need for adding the extra realism of a good subwoofer(s) to my system. Special thanks to MRHP for the most enjoyable visit... AS a side note we were unable to listen to his 2018 Carverfest 275 amps because they are still under construction. Hi-Fi Bourbon will be assembling my 275 amp kit, so I ask that if he has questions members here respond if you have the answers. Thanks in advance... Bob Carver equipment rocks!!!
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    My driveway in Savannah... you don't see this every day:
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    Here are some new photos on my Advents freshly brought back to life thanks to Sir Dennis Miller. Dennis they sound and look wonderful, thank you so much! I'll post more photos of my Carver family as it has been too long. I'm setting up the newly refreshed AV-505 downstairs once I hit enter.
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    Up for grabs is a STEREOPHILE TEST CD Vol. 1 No minimum posts, open to everyone. Drawing will be via RANDOM NUM. GENERATOR On next thursday 26 of June BEST OF LUCK
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