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    Not particularly exciting anymore; my ears have the quality of cubic zirconia while my mind is still a diamond! The cabinet is a re-purposed Barzilay which had pull-out drawers on the sides which I converted to doors so I could put equipment into the cabinet. Originally there was a well for a turntable under the top which hinges at the back and the equipment was vertical inside. On the right is an Onkyo TX-NR 809 which powers the center, surround and rear surrounds. In the middle section, which does not open from the front, is a Moscode 300 which was modified by someone in Ca. according to the original owner and this powers the front speakers which are JBL L100 t3's (no they are not trapezoidal in shape, that's just my wide angle lens distorting.) The turntable is a B&O Linear this week, the center speaker a Mirage, and the RTR this week is a Revox A-77. On the left side of the cabinet is CD/DVD storage and an Oppo 93 with modded output boards. I'll sometimes use an Otari RTR but it's too tall when I watch movies and blocks the screen. If you look carefully, you'll see the shadow of the Epson projector which is 2K. My surrounds are bipolar Klipsch and the rear surrounds are a company that doesn't exist anymore and for the life of me I can't remember. They too are bipolar. Just finished wiring them a couple of weeks ago. There's also a Velodyne sub hidden in my desk which has an open side (I think the original owner of my house had his CPU there). 2nd image shows the surround and the rear surrounds as well as the projector. Fortunately, the joists in the ceiling run in the right direction so I could get to the ceiling for installation as there is open basement on one side of the room. Instruments in the back are for my grandchildren to bang on when they come down. Record storage is the usual Ikea Expedit.
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    Just joined a few weeks ago and finally getting around to introducing myself. I hail from Central NY. I used to be on one of the other Carver forums of days gone by, went by icravcarver for those that may remember back in the day! I've been collecting Carver gear since the early 90's (after college!!). My first exposure to Carver was back when I was in middle school (8th grade) and an older neighbor, friend of my brother and sister, who know I was into stereo gear, took me to one of his buddies houses to see his new setup! Carver M-400 (not sure if it was a "t" version), C-9, Kenwood turntable, not sure of the pre (pretty sure it wasn't a carver) and some Klipsch Heresy's and put on Zeppelin II Whole Lotta Love. They put me in the "sweet spot" and proceeded to blow me away! Been hooked since. Since then, I started my collection with a HR-772, and have moved on to various other separates. Pieces I've owned (but no longer do unfortunately) are TFM-55 (still have it, need to resurrect it from the dead in the near future), TL-3220, TL-3300, and a TD-1700. Current pieces in my collection are TFM-45, C-16, C-19 (in process of re-capping/tweaking), SDA-490T, TD-1770, a new to me TL-3300 (missed the last one - so found another), and original Amazings (well originals with a 60" ribbon - not the (2) 30" ribbons)! Now the Amazings are being driven by my new to me Sunfire 300x2 amp. For my vinyl pleasure I currently have an Avid Diva II with a Rega RB-330 arm, and Vessel AS3SS cartridge in my main setup, which replaced my Linn Axis with Akito I arm and Ortofon Super OM-20 cartridge. I also am a big Polk speaker fan. I currently have a pair of SDA-1C's in my HT setup, Monitor 12's in my bedroom setup, and did have a pair of Monitor 5's, but sold them to a buddy of mine (who I see often enough it is if I still own them!). I almost snagged a pair of SDA-1.2's around the same time I grabbed the Amazings, but just couldn't justify having both! (Well, who needs to justify having any of this, but I let my brain talk me out of it!) I have a bunch of other gear, and some I am trying to fix up (starting to teach myself how to do it yourself - especially with the lack of competent techs in my area!). I could ramble on and on about this addiction.... wait, I mean hobby! I am looking forward to meeting new people that share this love of Carver gear and maybe even hooking up with some old ones from before! Looking forward to being a member here! Here is a link to a photo of my main setup in my Vinyl Den!: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PXkdi6BYZARLNsEK7 Neil
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    Another from Nat Geo. If you know the HighLine in NYC, this is a very cool walk today, as it's an elevated park. Very interesting / unique history with it's purpose to deliver goods coming into port in the early part of the last century. Immigrants built it to feed the daily supply chain for a growing city with produce for restaurants to other products to each of the boroughs along its path. My sister and I took my mother for a nostalgic memory trip on her 80th - she grew up in NYC - and walked the length of the HighLine park. It has some spectacular views, like this one, as a great place to watch the fireworks in the harbor. You can see the abandoned rail road tracks that carried small transport engines with goods up and down the entire length. Interesting history preserved now as an elevated park. It's about 25 or 30 feet above the ground level.
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    The Devil's Bridge in Krumlau. Popped up on Windows 10 lock screen image, today, just spectacular.
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    Welcome back Joe. I’m not sure your sense of urgency, but I could look at them in a couple months, and save you on shipping, as I’m just north of you in the Layton area. Unfortunately I’m working at the moment, and won’t really have a day off or free time till early October...
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    This is an interesting subject - it really depends on how you build your system. If you were to go out and purchase new a system that equals or bests the one I'm using today, it would likely stack up like this: Speakers: 60% Amplifiers: 25% Pre-Amp: 5% Other sources and cables: 10% Because I am cheap and like to work on my own stuff I have built my system from mostly used equipment. Amps: Two M1.0ts that I purchased new back in the day (1985) for $400 each. I have upgraded / updated them both myself. Pre-Amp: C-1 from Dennis Miller that I hacked up into a workable unit for my lazy self. Obviously it has been BillD treated, plus all resistors have been replaced with 1% metal film, new rectifiers, new RCAs, remote control, etc. Easily my favorite piece from a sentimental value - it was my first technical contribution to this site. CD player: Oppo 95 that I bought from Mark. @Daddyjt Wonderful component that does multi-duty in my HT and 2 channel set-ups. Tuner: TX-11a from Craiglist that I worked on and made useful again. @kve777 sent me a variable cap in the mail to help get it going again. Speakers: I currently run a set of Polk SDA-SRS 1.2TLs. I got them from @trav0810 for "free - just come get them". I had to spend $500 on tweeters (they were all missing) and making an interconnect cable, Neutrik connectors, etc. Overall I actually have very little cash invested in what I consider to be a decent stereo system. Of course, there's a whole litany of components, speakers, etc. downstairs and in the garage that I need to do something with.
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    The purchase that put me on this Carver journey was an amplifier (a $150 EBay impulse buy). I was blown away by how much a good amp improved the sound of my outdated system. After some time descending down the bunny hole, I've acquired 11 Carver amps (I think) and now I've turned my attention more towards speakers and room treatment. I've also tried to determine a hierarchy of components to get the most bang for my buck. To my frustration, I've answered the question differently at different times and perhaps thrown good money after bad. At the risk of sounding pretentious, this is when I comfort myself with the Neil Peart quote, "The point of the journey...is not to arrive" Enjoy the music!
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    This is Zsuga (a Hungarian sheep dog (Puli))
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    Our Dachshund Missy. 14 years old and she has been blind for the last 3 or so
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    I'am really tempted to get another Alaskan Malmute. Nicki lived to be 17.4 years old before I had to let her go 5 years ago. She rode in the hot rod work van for over 14 years and even had her name on the door. Best companion I ever had. I think she rode with me for all the free lunches! If I do get another Malamute, I'll have to get a sidecar for the Harley.😁 Anybody have any funny pics of your pets?
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    My grandson with his two dogs. We have the brother of the one on the right.
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    Something about pondering the ultimate wonder of the seemingly unlimited energy of the sun combined with the power of the heavens resulting in earth's natural dynamic systems' ability to move mountains that result in the majesty of geomorphological features like the grand canyon, that stir the soul... Makes me realize there is a higher power in control.
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    May 6 this year:
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    I had a Reciever2000 years ago. Loved it. Sold it during the dark times, only because I needed the cash. Very pleased to have one in the house again. Thanks Kevin!
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    Hello I’m a novice audiophile, I started way back when I saved up to a buy a Sony ES receiver (late 80’s I believe, i was in high school) and still today I love to find vintage amps and speakers. Carver amps have always been the best to me so I’m excited to be a part of this group. Im in Los Angeles
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    The best albums to use are the ones you know by heart, and it may vary from person to person. For me, Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon, Eric Clapton - Journeyman, Bonnie Raitt - Luck of the Draw, The Rippingtons - Open Road / Curves Ahead, & Paul McCartney & Wings - Band on the Run. Others have suggested the Carversite Sampler 14 discs.
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    What do you think about where the money goes? Which components should you spend the most money on? For instance, in my work in progress(Main system): I have $1100 in Digital Sources, $3200 in Phono Source, $2500 in Preamp, $4000 in Amps, $800 in Speakers, $400 in Power Conditioner, $400 in Subs, $20 tuner, maybe $100.00 in cables. Where did you spend all the money?
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    We had a black and brown female and what an awesome dog. I always think about her. Miss her so much.
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    My yellow lab Zipper at her favorite place - St. Mary's Glacier (a short drive from home.) She had blown out her ACL last year and I am amazed how well she recovered at 12 years old. Labs never quit... After a bath on the deck...
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    My 5 year old toy poodle CiCi.
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    I love my pups! Mitzy, a 5 year old Boston Terrier we've had since 8 weeks old. Jack, a 6 year old English Springer Spaniel, we got from an ESS rescue a little more than a year ago.
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    We love the Audio because it stimulates our minds and sound fantastic. But do you also read? I am an avid Maritime Historian, and have amassed a nice 140 book ocean liner library (no its not all Titanic) Currently I am reading one of my latest finds White Star by Roy Anderson (1964)
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    It doesn't quite have the definition of my TFM-45. Sound is slightly 'warmer' than the Denon POA-2400 that was driving my ALS Silvers for the past couple months. Very similar to an unmodified M1.0t actually. (To my old ears, in my system) Presently I'm feeding it directly from my Node2 streamer via the Node's internal Burr-Brown DAC. Again, not as defined as the Node through a Musical Paradise DAC and the TFM-45 but very, very close. I can run both systems simultaneously BTW. Oh, Rippingtons at the moment.
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    This is one of those stories, I have to share with someone. I am still beating my head on walls over this one, and trying to figure out "just what are the odds of this?" First, I work in a facility out past the main part of the city to the East - far from our head office, which is almost dead center and downtown. The reasons for that will come to light, shortly. A couple of weeks ago, I went out to a car dealer near where I work and bought a nice (to me) used car. The dealer had a fair number of these, and being the spoiled, greedy, so-and-so that I am, I chose the best of the lot. Flash forward to this last Sunday, and I go to put my registration, and insurance forms into the glove box, only to discover the registration and insurance from the previous owner are still there. By now you've probably figured that my unrestrained curiosity (just look to the avatar, if you have doubt), means I couldn't resist taking a look at who last owned the car. I really should learn to control my curiosity, you know. I had to look at it several times, repeatedly saying "No! Not possible!! Can't be?!" Okay, swallow your heart back down, Brian - There have to be multiple people with that name, so I'm sure the address won't be a particular smaller city well to the West of the city where I know the person in question lives. You guessed it - address matches dead on. It seems that I've just bought the off-lease car that belonged to the President and CEO of where I work. 😲 Now, how the freakin' hell do I explain this to him (and yes, I do know him). I think not, and hope he doesn't recognize it in the parking lot. The odds of that have to be astronomical!!! And shear, utter absolute chance! 🙄 I need a drink!!! No, no, no, you idiot - that's too much like work ... too.
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    I have Yamaha AV V665 receiver w/a vintage Yamaha direct drive turntable, B&W front speakers, NHT rear speakers and an Advent subwoofer w/a built in 500 watt Sunfire Amp. I use a B&W Zeppelin in my bedroom, an old Nakamichi CD player speaker unit in the study and a very old B&O CD/audio cassette player in the study. The Advent sub is a bit much for my apartment and I’m looking to unload it.
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    Hi Guys, nice to be back with the Carver Gurus, I will open the covers and take a peak. Everything was inside a cabinet except for the turntable, which, of course, was on top. The water ran off the plastic cover of the turntable and then ran down the front of the cabinet, hitting the fronts of the Receiver, one TFM15 and then the next TFM15. I am hoping that my looksy will show no water inside. My wife asked me if I had powered them up, I said "not till there is a pair of 'discerning eyes' looking inside first". Will let you know, with the verdict. I will shrink some photos to send. Papajoe
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    I have three of these units, as the hearts of three different systems, and have encountered a variety of problems over the years, though overall they are quite reliable. In fact, it's a few years since I had to deal with any 772 difficulties. I see references here to “the” power supply. Actually there are quite a few secondary power sources, and they all have to work or you will have problems. Assuming all your fuses are intact, check soldering at each little heat sink – those little regulators run quite hot, and solder failure results. Associated transistors could be blown, and/or resistors fried. Maybe start with Q941 on the +15v supply. RobertR
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    Hwy. 35 not far from the Big Fork River where we were fly fishing in Kalispell MT. Pretty peaceful place.
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    Small world. When I was very young we used to have Dach's and her name was also Missy.
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    I think blind dogs do much better than I would if I lost my sight...
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    Many of you already know Ruby. Some may still have scars. Sorry. #AlpoClub
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    Search is your friend... 🙂 Dogs Thread
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    New to site How is everyone?
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    fo those that don't know the stroy: Trailer for possibly upcoming movie:
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    Careful on using ammonia. I've seen it bleach out anodized hardware before and you may not notice it until you place a new, to you, piece that hasn't been cleaned with ammonia next to an old one that has. Particularly on black faceplates, they will begin to look purple. I use something called Nevr-Dull on anodized things. I use it mainly on restoring my old muscle car parts. But I found it works equally well on this old Carver gear too. It's sort of a treated wadding and works great for this type of cleaning. Oh, and it won't harm the finish or color at all.
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    Any thought of having some Carversite masks made? They could just say... Carver: Powerful * musical * accurate just like the above banner with the website link. Also, two pics of speakers around the 2 side vents... Wonder if the guys attending Carversite would have an interest along with anyone here. Maybe the vendor who makes the Carver fest shirts could make these? Looks like we will be wearing masks for some time...might as well promote the site....just a thought. Anyone have any ideas on the design?
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    Thanks to another donation from @Will Meyer I added a Carver C-15v Owners Manual to our database.
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    I removed the changes and opted for my family ...
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    Hey, Nothing wrong with Realistic. lol. There used to be a Radio Shack in our town when I was growing up. Had everything I wanted when I was learning electronics. My dad bought me an old 65 in 1 kit there.
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    Cohan is a pianist composer, his work tends to be longer compositions heavily influenced by classical with a bit of world music rhythms blended in. This suite was originally composed for live performances. If you decide to give it a listen, turn it up! This is one of the few recordings I actually prefer the SH to be engaged on. -R
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    Comet not Come......
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    Meet the newest member of the superhero universe, six-year-old Bridger Walker from Wyoming. This little guy stepped in front of a charging dog to protect his little sister. Bridger was bitten numerous times on the face and head, needing 90 stitches to close his wounds. Link to story and pictures That said, if you really want to do something cool for Bridger, he is a huge fan of Geology. You can send him some cool rocks to the address below. Bridger Walker P.O. Box 22141 Cheyenne, WY 82003 https://thechive.com/2020/07/15/90-stitches-young-hero-saves-his-little-sister-from-a-dog-attack-12-photos/
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    I like all of those and can vouch for The Rippingtons Curves Ahead because I play it so much. Always in the mood for The Rippingtons😁. Any of the DMP recordings are fantastic as well. Joe Jackson has really clean dynamic recordings. A couple others: Supertramp Crime of the Century Neil Young Live at Masey Hall Sk1bum is right - it's the recordings that you know well and can anticipate the next passage and listen for it.
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    ALl Vinyl is 'mastered' so it will transducable on the disc. If there is extremely high frequency content, it must be reduced to prevent harsh distortions cause by the physical limitation of the cantilever (it can only move so fast). If there is extremely loud low frequency content, it must be reduced to prevent the cantilever from skipping the groove entirely (like a scratch). So, the rise time of high frequencies, and the level of low frequencies are problematic and are reduced (the RIAA curve). If the actual medium is moving more quickly along the cantilever, there is more medium with which to contain the signal without distortion, and the bass and treble cuts can be less (the groove modulations are more spread out). Likewise Reel to rell tape decks have a higher inch per second velocity that gives them better dynamic range In theory
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    Welcome! I have experience fixing Carver Receivers, lots of spare parts and a working AVR-100, if you need assistance.
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    It’s a Yamaha D6 TT. ive always liked the Sunfire Cinema for my needs-i have a small apartment so one day i aspire to a dedicated audio room for music listening (I’m a musician) and I’d love a pair of Legacy Accents or even Martin Logan electrostats (totally different sound, i know) and in that case I’d go with an M1.5 amp this is bad time economy wise to audio equip dream, but I have been playing/writing more music at least.
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    My Jack Russell has been my shadow now for 13 years.....he really is my best friend. The Collie cross is my wifes faithful friend.....shes 7 now The Boxer is our newest addition, shes everybody's dog and just a delight......2 1/2 yrs young. Being on a farm we have cats and horses as well......I live a truly blessed life.
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