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    Rarely post here. However, this is God’s sunrise this morning in Anderson, Wayne’s home town. Happy Birthday Kingman. You made us proud!
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    It is with a very heavy heart that I pass along this update on our friend Kingman. I know that many of you have been concerned and have been praying for Wayne as he has been battling lung cancer. Wayne spent about a week in the hospital before Christmas with pneumonia. He was able to go home shortly before and spent the holiday with family. About a week ago he returned to the hospital and has declined very rapidly. There will be no more treatment. He will most likely spend his last days in a hospice facility. He is past the point of talking on the phone or texting. Tammy, Randi and his sister are splitting time sitting with him. He has moments where he is alert so I will ask Randi to keep an eye on this thread and pass along messages to him if she thinks he is alert enough to understand. I am heart broken to be at the point of sharing this news. Wayne was my first friend on either Carver site and he and Tammy have become family to Randi and me. I know that many of you feel the same way. Please join me in praying that his last days are as peaceful and pain free as possible. Ed
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    Dave Koz 'Summer Horns' released June 2018
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    It's chili season in the Ozarks
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    Prayers to Wayne and his friends and family.. Wishing Wayne a peaceful passing from here as starts his next journey. Wayne, an example of a great soul who will surly be promoted.. This isn't the end for Wayne, no way.. Enjoy the ride brother!
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    I always liked Kingman's posts. He made the site fun to come to.
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    @jazzman53, I'm so sorry for you and your family - this has been an incredibly sad time for so many of us. Grief seems to be waiting around every corner, of late. All my sympathy.
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    Thanks for letting us know @sea - that is truly very sad news. All my kindest wishes for him and his family - I only hope he is able to spend his time without too much pain or discomfort.
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    Good Afternoon everyone; we have ran the random number generator and according to it @kve777 is our recipient. Give it up for Kevin and if you would PM me an addy, I'll have this out in the next few days...
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    With recent developments in cannabis legislation in the United States, it is more important than ever that heath care providers are prepared to have conversations with their patients about cannabis use... http://blogs.biomedcentral.com/on-health/2020/01/16/cannabis-conversations-the-role-of-the-health-care-professional/
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    Using the power of this free download manager and accelerator you can retrieve files and complete websites up to 10 times faster than before... https://www.freewarefiles.com/Free-Download-Manager_program_15429.html
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    David Bowie and Queen Under Pressure (HQ)
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    Store all your logins in one place... https://www.downloadcrew.com/article/34735-avira_password_manager_for_chrome
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    Neil Young Southern Man (Remastered 2009)
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    Rock On, Dude! Today, and the next 364 un-Birthdays!!
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    Steely Dan Rikky Don't Loose That Number (HQ)
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    Did you find anything? Were you looking for something that will do 3 zones audio and TV? The reason I ask is I have a Denon 2808CI I am not using and would let it go cheap. If interested you might Google it first to make certain it will fit your needs.
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    Damn OTD - that dog must have gotten into Sk1Bum’s single malt after chowing down on a couple of his monstrous hamburgers. Happy Birthday Sk1Bum! If you celebrate with anything older than a 25 yr old we are going to call you Spoiled1Bum from this point forth. Here’s hoping you have a great one and that many, many more are to follow.
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    Another outpouring of brilliant puzzles from Catriona Shearer.. https://mathwithbaddrawings.com/2020/01/13/six-new-geometry-puzzles-how-many-can-you-solve/.
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    Kindness and friendship have always been Wayne's calling cards. He's made me feel so welcome at Carver Fests. I will forever cherish those moments I remember so fondly. Demo-ing phono cartridges and Sonic holography, interesting speaker combos... So much fun. Along with few beers and good tunes. I will always consider Wayne a great friend and audio compadre.
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    Traffic Dear Mr Fantasy (1967)
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    Deep Purple Smoke On The Water (Remastered 2012)
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    Hi everyone, I am new to this site, but not new to Carver, or Audio Mainly I joined cause I had questions about some carver equipment and repair, but I don't see where I can post these. For example I had a tcm-15cb that was working perfectly and one day last month would not output sound but lit up, I pulled the fuse and it was good. I put it back in and it did not light up and still no sound. very strange While waiting for the mod to approve me hoping there was a schematic I found one elsewhere and was able to repair part of the power supply so I get sound, but it still does not light up and the meter needles do not move. I will probably work on it more soon but at least I can listen to music. I also have an hr-772 when I got it there was no sound, now it works but the FM is much louder than the cd/aux/tape/phono inputs (maybe 6db? I have not measured) but I don't know if this is normal. lastly I have some silver 7 transformers and a bunch of tubes I don't know if anyone knows anything about these or where I would post about them Thanks
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    Great Karmas Charlie! Thanks for your generosity.
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    Congratulations Kevin! Thanks Charlie for another great Karma.
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    Congratulations Kevin and thank you Charlie for another awesome karma!
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    Congratulations Kevin! Enjoy your new toy......grin
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    While the intention of this thread is to highlight great, but somewhat unknown movies, I feel compelled to issue a warning about a recent “off the beaten path” film that I saw yesterday. The film is called The Lighthouse, and It is billed as a terrifying psychological thriller starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson, and is receiving rave reviews from critics and viewers alike (92% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, 70% from audiences). The film is shot in a narrow 4:3 ratio, and is in black and white. These two factors made me feel cramped and unsettled from the get go - a great way to start a horror/thriller. Unfortunately, that’s about as close as it came. I will say that the film is masterfully shot - the textures and contrast in the black and white presentation are rich and well controlled, and the cinematography is outstanding. Shot selection and framing are superb, and perspective is used fluently to communicate with the viewer. The big miss, and the reason I encourage you to avoid this film, is the story (or lack thereof). This is one of those films that I really think people don’t understand, yet are reluctant to admit they don’t understand, so they go the other way, and rave about it. They extol it’s virtues of “mysticism” and “deeper meaning”, all the while hoping no one calls their bluff. This in turn causes more people to jump on the bandwagon, for fear of being left on the outside, and not “getting it”. Well I most certainly did NOT get it, and I’ll freely admit it. I was so confused, I went on line after, thinking I must have missed something big in the film. Nope. If you read the reviews and comments, it’s clear that no one really “gets it”. I did find a description that sums my own feelings up pretty well:
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    Patricia Barber "Norwegian Wood Live"
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    Wow. Those are probably the nicest pair I’ve seen. If I lived closer....
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    These are in Charleston IL, about 1 1/2 hours from Indi or St Louis, 3 hours south of Chicago and 4 1/2 north of Nashville. $1700 or Better Offer I'm lowering the price to $1500
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    Throw the brown sugar in the micro for a few and it will bring it back to life nice and soft. Resturants have a 90% fail rate. Our wife’s were called “Resturant Widows”
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    Mine is the soundtrack from The Breakfast Club:
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    Heavy Metal Soundtrack (youtube does not allow embedding of that video) https://youtu.be/viDDL2Jzw20 &
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    I came across a rare SoundStream Mtube-8 preamp with vacuum tubes, HERE so I had to have it! Came yesterday, I popped the top and it has Russian Rocket 6N23-P, which is awesome because I can use my beloved 6DJ8 Bugle Boys!
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    Happy Birthday Kingman!!
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    What a great guy. Prayers, always.
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    He was so full of life the last time I saw him at CF. So sad to hear-thanks for the update Ed, and Susan and I send our prayers to his family.
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    Tis truly sad news; may you go in peace Wayne...
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    Sad news. I pray he passes peacefully, surrounded by loved ones.
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    I spent a bit of time with Wayne at CF2019 in Ed's cabin. I will always have that picture of calm and serenity to remember him by. Prayers for Tammy and Wayne.
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    Ut Oh, I can see a dash board with a row of KT88 tubes in it. Signal tubes in front of them for easy rolling as you drive. Ok Kevin, get working on that. BillWojo
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