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    Welcome back Joe. I’m not sure your sense of urgency, but I could look at them in a couple months, and save you on shipping, as I’m just north of you in the Layton area. Unfortunately I’m working at the moment, and won’t really have a day off or free time till early October...
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    This is an interesting subject - it really depends on how you build your system. If you were to go out and purchase new a system that equals or bests the one I'm using today, it would likely stack up like this: Speakers: 60% Amplifiers: 25% Pre-Amp: 5% Other sources and cables: 10% Because I am cheap and like to work on my own stuff I have built my system from mostly used equipment. Amps: Two M1.0ts that I purchased new back in the day (1985) for $400 each. I have upgraded / updated them both myself. Pre-Amp: C-1 from Dennis Miller that I hacked up into a workable unit for my lazy self. Obviously it has been BillD treated, plus all resistors have been replaced with 1% metal film, new rectifiers, new RCAs, remote control, etc. Easily my favorite piece from a sentimental value - it was my first technical contribution to this site. CD player: Oppo 95 that I bought from Mark. @Daddyjt Wonderful component that does multi-duty in my HT and 2 channel set-ups. Tuner: TX-11a from Craiglist that I worked on and made useful again. @kve777 sent me a variable cap in the mail to help get it going again. Speakers: I currently run a set of Polk SDA-SRS 1.2TLs. I got them from @trav0810 for "free - just come get them". I had to spend $500 on tweeters (they were all missing) and making an interconnect cable, Neutrik connectors, etc. Overall I actually have very little cash invested in what I consider to be a decent stereo system. Of course, there's a whole litany of components, speakers, etc. downstairs and in the garage that I need to do something with.
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    The purchase that put me on this Carver journey was an amplifier (a $150 EBay impulse buy). I was blown away by how much a good amp improved the sound of my outdated system. After some time descending down the bunny hole, I've acquired 11 Carver amps (I think) and now I've turned my attention more towards speakers and room treatment. I've also tried to determine a hierarchy of components to get the most bang for my buck. To my frustration, I've answered the question differently at different times and perhaps thrown good money after bad. At the risk of sounding pretentious, this is when I comfort myself with the Neil Peart quote, "The point of the journey...is not to arrive" Enjoy the music!
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    What do you think about where the money goes? Which components should you spend the most money on? For instance, in my work in progress(Main system): I have $1100 in Digital Sources, $3200 in Phono Source, $2500 in Preamp, $4000 in Amps, $800 in Speakers, $400 in Power Conditioner, $400 in Subs, $20 tuner, maybe $100.00 in cables. Where did you spend all the money?
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    Hi Guys, nice to be back with the Carver Gurus, I will open the covers and take a peak. Everything was inside a cabinet except for the turntable, which, of course, was on top. The water ran off the plastic cover of the turntable and then ran down the front of the cabinet, hitting the fronts of the Receiver, one TFM15 and then the next TFM15. I am hoping that my looksy will show no water inside. My wife asked me if I had powered them up, I said "not till there is a pair of 'discerning eyes' looking inside first". Will let you know, with the verdict. I will shrink some photos to send. Papajoe
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    ALl Vinyl is 'mastered' so it will transducable on the disc. If there is extremely high frequency content, it must be reduced to prevent harsh distortions cause by the physical limitation of the cantilever (it can only move so fast). If there is extremely loud low frequency content, it must be reduced to prevent the cantilever from skipping the groove entirely (like a scratch). So, the rise time of high frequencies, and the level of low frequencies are problematic and are reduced (the RIAA curve). If the actual medium is moving more quickly along the cantilever, there is more medium with which to contain the signal without distortion, and the bass and treble cuts can be less (the groove modulations are more spread out). Likewise Reel to rell tape decks have a higher inch per second velocity that gives them better dynamic range In theory
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    Thanks Brian - yes, they do have a narrow (albeit deep) footprint, hence a high WAF (If that is a consideration). The bass response out of the single sealed 10" drivers is mind boggling. Granted, the abundance of power from the Silver 9t amps certainly helps, but seriously - They easily best the Infinitys (2 x 12") and even the Legacys (3 x 12") in bass response. As for the rest of the room decor, I had zero input - and quite honestly, I didn't care! I mean hell, I have a theater room (Which I DID decorate to MY standards) AND a 2ch listening area, and all is cost me was a year of work and letting her decorate it... Who wouldn't take that deal? 🙂
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    When activated, SH, loudness, and source/direct buttons should each light amber LED indicators above them. RR
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    Power-on light in all three of mine is amber; it's always on when the main power button is in (on), whether in standby mode or on and running. Did you check all the fuses? There are seven of them - five together and two more elsewhere. One of those two (both are 630mA) powers the fluorescent display directly. See schematic page 36, extreme bottom right. RR
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    When I found this site and had Greg service my MXR, I didn't know the journey I would be on. I have since bought 3 amps, 3 pairs of speakers, a turntable and 2 CD players. Maybe 60% of my costs are in amps, 30% in speakers and 10% in the rest. And I have no idea where this journey will take me but I am having a good time.
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    The new album "Convergence" by Malia & Boris Blank is getting a lot of spin time at my house. Here's an interview with the artists:
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    My Mastiff is the same way. He's not particularly fond of strangers, even less of kids. He wouldn't attack or bite them as a rule but doesn't really like them either. It is exacerbated by the fact that people are very curious / amazed / scared of his sheer size and are drawn to try and touch / pet him. I've seen a few Great Danes that are a little taller but few other dogs carry anywhere near his mass - unless they are obese. His dad was 243 lbs; he hovers around 204 lbs. - and neither are fat at all. His head is massive - it's larger than most humans and, I dare say, more useful !!! This is he and I at the vet's office - he is literally trying to hide behind me. 🙂 He too is a working / herding dog and it shows in his behavior. He is not particularly aggressive but he is absolutely fearless and will not allow anyone or anything to come between me and him - just ask the FedEx man !!!! 😲 He is very intelligent and has amazing instincts with regards to living with humans. Alas, he is getting older (he just turned 9) and I know that tearful, sad day is coming...
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    Another from Nat Geo. If you know the HighLine in NYC, this is a very cool walk today, as it's an elevated park. Very interesting / unique history with it's purpose to deliver goods coming into port in the early part of the last century. Immigrants built it to feed the daily supply chain for a growing city with produce for restaurants to other products to each of the boroughs along its path. My sister and I took my mother for a nostalgic memory trip on her 80th - she grew up in NYC - and walked the length of the HighLine park. It has some spectacular views, like this one, as a great place to watch the fireworks in the harbor. You can see the abandoned rail road tracks that carried small transport engines with goods up and down the entire length. Interesting history preserved now as an elevated park. It's about 25 or 30 feet above the ground level.
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    As defined by them... My observation - If the speech fits their narrative, it's not hate speech.
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    😀Hi Guys, remember Papajoe the Welded Steel Sculptor from Salt Lake City. Well, he had retired and faded into the sunset , although still enjoying the Sound of the 4 Carver M4.0T's in his Home Theater. Alas, it is a sad tale that makes him return, some of the Carver Equipment in his second system was subject to an 'outpouring' of water from his rec. room ceiling. Most of the impact was withstood by his turntable cover; but, the 3 Carvers saw there share of water intrusion. He needs help in getting them examined and possibly repaired. One thing, for sure, he is not going to do is 'power' them up without the examination by discerning eyes. Boy, the insurance company has not yet heard that three pieces of Vintage Carver Equipment were soaked. Good to talk to you, again. Papajoe
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    Sunday was a quiet morning: breakfast for the kitties at 0755 & afterwards off for relaxed post-meal preening. Then they all became absolutely still, posture alert, ears focused forward, eyes directed towards a vague distant somewhere outside. There happened a very low frequency sound–almost felt as much as heard–just for a moment, then quiet again. But quiet with the lingering strangeness of “What was that?”. The cats & I went out to look for perhaps a large fallen tree...but even that did not make sense. We learned the news–an earthquake–two hours later just before a friend called to inquire. The epicenter is 137 miles east/northeast in Sparta, NC near the NC-Virginia line. But definitely sensed here. If the windows or walls vibrated it was not noticed, the event was brief, no time to look about. The reported earthquake time is approximately 0801, the time of the phenomenon here is soon thereafter. Here just above Asheville all is okay. I did report to Did You Feel It over at earthquake.usgs. gov. I am curious as to what Old Texas Dog might report. The following is from The Icelandic Web of Science; https://www.why.is/svar.php?id=4825 “The speed of sound in air is 330 meters per second. Certainly, that is a great speed in many contexts but not always. Thus, it means that it takes 300 seconds or 5 minutes for the sound to travel a hundred kilometers. If earthquakes would only travel at this speed many things about them would be different. In reality, sound which may form in the air above the point of origin of the earthquake is transmitted much slower than the seismic waves of the quake and is also strongly damped by distance. The speed of seismic waves in the earth can not be described by a single number because it depends heavily on the material through which the waves are passing. Besides, these waves are of at least four different kinds with different speeds, not simply related to each other. The fastest waves are called P-waves. Their speed in the uppermost layers of Iceland is 2-3 km per second, whereas they may travel about 6,5 km per second in lower layers. The travel time of these waves from the point of origin to a place in the neigbourhood is determined by the first figure, but if the places are for instance 100 km apart the fastest wave will go deeper and the travel time will then correspond to a speed of 6,5 km/s. Thus it takes the wave only about 15 seconds to travel 100 kilometers. It is well known that sound is created in air when an oscillating object is in contact with it. The sound really is oscillations in pressure, displacement and speed of the air, in concordance with the object creating them. For instance, the frequency or the pitch of the sound is determined by the frequency of the oscillations of the source. But you also have to keep in mind that the human ear only detects oscillations in a certain interval as sound. For many people this interval will stretch from base tones at 20 Hertz (oscillations per second) to high pitch at for instance 20.000 Hertz. [Not the case for myself at this age.] Now, the seismic waves themselves include oscillations of the surface of the earth which is in contact with the air. Therefore, they cause oscillations in the air. However, the frequency of these oscillations is so low that we hear the least part of them as sound. Still, the frequency of the fastest waves, the P-waves, may be more than 30 Hertz and thus be audible as sound. The sound induced by seismic waves in the air have been compared to the boom in underground stations when a train is approaching. We normally sense P-waves as an earthquake to a lesser degree than for instance the S-waves following them. If an earthquake has not been very strong or we are reasonably far away from its center we will not at all sense the P-waves as an earthquake but only hear the sound induced by them in the air. Still, we may feel the S-waves quite clearly and then other waves which often arrive later, especially at a distance. The reason for this incoherence of sensation is thus found in the different sensitivity of our sensing organs. When Professor Ragnar Sigbjörnsson was talking to a lady near to the center of the National Day earthquake of year 2000 she said she had realized at once that the epicenter was close to her because there was no sound ahead of the quake. This observation is quite to the point according to the text above. Firstly, the P-waves will have been felt as an earthquake at such a place in this event and, secondly, they will not have been far ahead of the S-waves.” The cats & I would liken the phenomenon to recordings with very low frequency sounds, "heard" in the audible-visceral zone: What is that?
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    Tektronix used to wash their oscilloscopes! One of the reasons the Bugle Boys in there have no graphics left. As long as you bake it, electronics can take water. Just not Salty or acidic water!
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    What Kevin said !! If the water was clean and you mitigate rust on the steel parts you may not need to do much of anything.
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    Pull the covers and set them out in the sun! Welcome back.
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    Thanks B-Man. The problem with rotating it is that the diameter is 35mm and it interferes with the capacitors near it. I have it rotated so as to interfere with the least neighboring components.
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    This is interesting, hilarious and sad all at the same time....!
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    As you pointed out it's a Mastiff trait - be a home body. Go outside, walk to the edge of the road, survey the landscape, pee on EVERYTHING to make sure everyone knows it's your territory. Patrol the property daily, chasing off pesky deer, groundhogs, rabbits, squirrels, the occasional Redtail hawk eating something it caught, etc. Act like you are going to eat anyone who walks by, or drives by too slowly, yet be silent and wag your tail if "Daddy" is with you when someone stops. It is one of the things that made me want one when I was researching dogs traits that would be compatible with my wife and I. Others are they don't require lots of exercise, they are very gentle (for their size anyway) and he is very loving. On the negative side he sheds enough hair every day to make a Chihuahua and the drool when he eats is not for the faint-hearted. 😲 Mastiffs in general can be stubborn but not disobedient - if I raise my voice a bit he immediately complies with the request. Another trait is they want to be with you 24/7/365. It can be good or bad - depends on your personality I guess. He's always in my home office when I am working and it can be annoying when I try to roll my chair back and he has me blocked in. But, on the positive side, he's pretty hard to trip over. 😄 Too many people get a dog because they love how it looks and they ruin their dog's entire life by trying to turn it into something it isn't. I have friends who bought a Blue Tick hound. Anyone who knows them realizes they are made to run and hunt. They can't help it - it's in their DNA. This poor dog is being himself and they spend most of their waking moments telling him to lay down, be quiet, etc. It's very unfair to the dog and it is exacerbated by the fact that he REQUIRES lots of exercise and they don't want to do that. Bored and anxious dogs make poor companions for humans. When he comes to visit I will spend at least 30 minutes throwing a ball for him. He absolutely loves it and he is much more sedate when I bring him inside for a rest. I have 3 acres of yard / woods mixed and he loves to put his nose to work, checking out everything on the property. They said "He is always so calm and sleeps so well after we visit you guys." I shared that he needs exercise to be physically and mentally healthy and the response was that it takes too much time to tire him out. Poor dog - it's like trying to tell a Beagle to be quiet - it ain't happening !! Sorry for the rambling post - I guess you can tell I love dogs. I always have. Amazing creatures that have no capacity for evil.
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    Well, it's I again. Got the new 8200/80 caps, installed them (one is soldered into the PCB directly and the other is zip-tied upside down to it and connected to the PCB by 18ga wire. Plugged it in again and nothing new: Screen is blank and it goes into protection in about 7 seconds. Measured the voltage at the new 8200 caps and it's 71v (not much leeway from the 80v rating). All fuses are intact. Looking at the PCB with stronger glasses (now up to 4x power) I see a couple more questionable caps with some ? leakage on the board and I'm going to go to the schematic and see if they would make any power difference. Some corrosion around a couple of resistors made it impossible to measure so I may just go ahead and replace those too. I need the practice soldering. As RobertR has suggested I'm going to look at the VR's. Will make effort to see where the display gets its power and work from there. I feel certain I'll learn a lot more about electronics and electronic diagnosis before this is all over. Not that I really NEED another piece of operating audio equipment.
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    Hwy. 35 not far from the Big Fork River where we were fly fishing in Kalispell MT. Pretty peaceful place.
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    Thanks for all the info guys. I tracked down an old employee on Linked In that’s in the Hemp/CBD business. He gave me a wealth of knowledge... I placed an order today, we’ll see what happens:-)
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    Thumbs up for CBD cream. I swear by it to relieve old sports injuries that rear their ugly heads once in awhile. The CBD settles them down pretty quickly. Aleve works well for me as well but I try not to take it unless the pain interupts sleep. Or as Sk1Bum brings up, the 5th 😄 is always helpful.
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    K.D.Lang - Constant Craving
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    That is exactly who they are and where they were performing. Love K.D. Lang's "Constant Craving" from much later on.
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    Bonnie Raitt, Jennifer Warnes, and K. D. Lang; possibly from Roy Orbison's Black & White Night performance.
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    I disagree with their meddling, however I realize that is their platform to do with as they please. Therefor, I do what people do in a capitalist society - I vote with my feet, and refuse to use Facebook, Twitter, etc. The truly troubling part however, are the masses that get ALL of their news, and thereby allow their consciousness to be formed by, the social media giants.
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    I use cbd oil. It does take the edge off my joint pain! It takes a while to get it into your system. I tried several brands before I found a brand that works for me. this is what I use: https://fabcbd.com/products/cbd-oil/
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    Once you get the display working you won't really care what color the light is - it will be unmistakable that the unit is turned on. When it's off, the amber light tells you it's in standby mode, and can be turned on by remote control. Did you get a remote (Model RH-77) with it? There is a winding on the power transformer that's dedicated to powering the fluorescent display module; no circuitry except that one fuse. If the display unit is getting AC but still no shows no light, then the module may well be shot. Hope it's not some catastrophic failure of the 64-pin IC. They were impossible to find, last time I looked - unless you wanted to order around 3000 of them from China. Did you try it with speakers yet? It has separate preamp outputs and amp inputs that must be jumpered if you expect to hear anything. Or just drive it with something else and try it as a power amp, with no volume control; you still have to push in the appropriate 'speakers' switch. It would be encouraging to hear something - anything - out of this thing. As you say, it could have been zapped by lightning, or whatever. RobertR
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    Neil Young and Crazy Horse Down By The River (LIVE)
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    Had a weird sound like a string of little ladyfinger firecrackers going off. Could not figure it out then the news came on about the quake and all was clear.
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    As more people push into once-remote areas, truly quiet spots — devoid of the noise of traffic or crowds of tourists — have become increasingly scarce... https://e360.yale.edu/features/listening-to-silence-why-we-must-protect-the-worlds-quiet-places
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    Thanks again! I'm going to go through my changes today again possibly to dismount/remount the caps and the 1 resistor I changed. Bugs me that I'm going backwards here! I may reprint the manual I have, for the schematic pages, on 11x17 paper just to make following the traces easier.
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    The enemy of good is better....Last night, after re-soldering a couple of questionable solder joints voila it didn't go to protect and the speaker relays were working. Still no display. I looked at the board and some more caps looked somewhat suspect so I got some new ones today, inserted them and it's going into protect again. (emoji: hit myself in the head). I checked my work, twice, made sure the caps were oriented +/- correctly and that there was a proper capacitance tested in circuit. I'm perplexed! In any case I hope that the IC601 which drives the readout isn't bad as it isn't available apparently. Picture shows the large filter caps which had to be McGyver'd to get them to fit. Yes I know the exposed lugs are a safety hazard and that will be protected IF I CAN EVER GET THIS TO WORK! All the black caps have been replaced. The saga continues!
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    Thankfully I was able to lay my father to rest on 08/06, I still don’t know how but the process was fairly quick and they where able to let me bury him whole (vs the flying rumors of having to cremate the COVID patients). Thank you all for the support and great wishes. I did have a small snag on the journey but his immense pool of friends and colleagues along with some family and some Postal friends we where able to clear the deficit needed. Hoping to be back in here soon with you guys
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    I had a neighbor with a Mastiff named Max. He was over 240 pounds too and enormous. But Jack left Max out in the front yard while he was out working around in his yard there across the street from my place and it absolutely floored me how Max would never leave his yard unless Jack came over to talk to me. Then Max was right there by his side. Fantastic dogs no doubt about it. Always enjoyed seeing Max patrolling his yard when we lived there. This was about 30 years or so ago. But I will never forget max. He was just amazing.
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    Same here. When I was about 12 we had a Dachshund black with little brown feet and her name was cuddles. My wife on the other hand convinced me that the bigger they were, the sweeter they are. And you know what? She was right.
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    My Black Lab, Shadow, is my best buddy and I've never had so much fun with a dog as I've had with him. Boundless energy, sharp as a tack and wears me out every day with his play time. It's going to kill me to lose him since he's 12 years old now and even though he is healthy as can be and still acts like a puppy, I know that dreadful day is coming all too quickly. But, there will be another Lab in my life no doubt about it. They are something else.
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    Bluey, Tinted Sky was released on June 12, 2020. Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick is the founder, producer, and lead songwriter of Incognito. "British soul collective Incognito was at the forefront of the acid-jazz movement during the 1980s and early ‘90s. Originally focused on instrumental grooves fusing soul, jazz, and disco, the offshoot of Light of the World found long-deserved commercial success throughout the ‘90s with vocally charged numbers featuring the likes of Jocelyn Brown, Maysa, and Carleen Anderson—to name a few."
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    This is my very first preamp that I bought with my M1.5 back in 1994 I believe. It’s been a great unit but I just don’t need 4 pre’s, as I have upgraded to some Bill D modded units and also acquired a C-11 to go with the black stack of equipment. The face and knobs are in good shape 8/10, the cover is scratched and will need a repaint. Happy to send more pics on request.
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    Gave this album a good listen with SH engaged last night...Wow! Great album, really gives the system a good run. SH felt very immersive for just a 2.1 setup!
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    I just got my C-1 BillD (with Gundry) from DaddyJT. Nice work! All works great. I have 4000 CDs and 1000 LPs and am just starting to enjoy SH again. It's been 12 years. It took a while, but I got it working nicely. The speakers are about five feet in front of me, and about 24 inches apart, a lot like the set up in the C1 manual and in the liner notes for the Sonic Holography set up CD. I have some high-efficiency JBLs with a subwoofer and a reworked M500t. The CD indicates that my set up is working properly. So, far, these CDs have some very nice width and depth: King Crimson - Red/Steven Wilson remix ("Starless" is very wide indeed) Soft Machine - Fifth Miles - Jack Johnson complete More as I find them....I would appreciate other ideas as Brian suggests, above. John
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