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  1. had to Snicker out loud with this one, something I would have done and probably have done (with car parts or ???????) Thanks for the story and good wishes
  2. Thank you very much PM reply sent will snap a pic when its applied
  3. Congrats AJ. such an amazing karma thanks Charlie
  4. have 1 here I can send in, asked a while back but never got a reply, Don't pay for it just to add to the library will get address and send my original or will scan whichever @dennismiller55 wan'ts
  5. please count me in would look great on 1 of my 500-T mkII's
  6. Happy Birthday Mark hope your having a good 1
  7. Finally time to list my extra Systemdek turntable. In good shape new bearing and correct oil was my main table till I bought one with a perfect lid was in slightly better condition so selling the old 1 complete. Comes with an unknown (i think rega) cartridge and stylus, have a couple others I could negotiate into price. A previous owner has lined with Dynomat material. Has profile arm with removable headshell. Lid is cracked and repaired works as is and is removed for play. Have more pics can email if there is any interest. would sell for $400 to someone on this site have listed on Canuck for $500
  8. For me when visiting southern California gps AND a navigator and I still get lost. But I get pissed at our rush 15 min. where i actually have to slow down to the speed limit ..... Thanks Mark good read 😀
  9. have TD-1700 owners manual if needed already sent to Dom couple years ago you might have already
  10. Thoughts and prayers for you @kingman
  11. Is windows 10 and all updates done. Will look at nexusfile thanks
  12. My son (my computer guy) and I have searched and can't find an answer. Windows file explorer will not read/display about 75% of my music directories file tags. From the reading we have done it is a very common problem but have not been able to resolve. All the data is there and can be read by many other programs seems to be a windows problem. Anybody point me in the right direction.
  13. nothing special but brings back very good memories one of my Sunday morning favorites.
  14. In my playlist last night love the album play it regularly
  15. probably more than I can handle was hoping might be just a data entry thing
  16. did you get the emails about hard drive

  17. is this something a novice could do or is a special skill set required just thinking out loud would like to contribute
  18. I have a M1.5t completely refreshed if thats what you end up wanting. Might consider part trade for your 500t
  19. Glad you found the site ..... I'm from Nanaimo and there is another member up in Courtenay
  20. Great Karma guys not in I have enough good luck to all
  21. Congratulations ................ Enjoy
  22. Amazing work, Beautiful, not sure if I need it or not, looks so good it's hard not to lust after it, but have an X10-D have had it in my main system and now run in my den system just not sure I hear enough difference to make it worthwhile for my ears. Would love to try it. If I were lucky enough to win I would karma out the X10-D ... David
  23. I use one of these in my offroad truck see's only dusty roads and trails, works great clean the sock regularly only need to clean the filter half as often
  24. Here is a better pic of the front only a few tiny nicks in the front and very top edge
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