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  1. RodH

    New Jazz Albums

    Jaga Jazzist is a Norwegian experimental jazz band....
  2. Aliens freak a lot of folks out. Stand-up comedians???
  3. 10 years. Arrgh. I believe a sip of Jack Daniels and a spin of Jazz at the Pawnshop is in order.
  4. The original Pert Plus Ad!
  5. I am running a set of those in my vinyl/analog system. Still sweet after all the years. Hope you are enjoying yours!
  6. 3 Woofers + 48" ribbons = ALS Silvers Awesome is appropriate if not technically accurate!
  7. The newest model is the Uranus.
  8. Happy birthday! Break out the good Port & cigars!
  9. Happy birthday Greg! Party like it's 2018
  10. Don't lean on that. DON'T LEAN ON THAT!! So how much did that hurt?
  11. Jeez! You can smell the tinfoil from way over here!
  12. RodH

    My system

    Speaker details if you would.....😀
  13. I've never seen a 12" CD.... I'm trying to take decent pictures of this abomination before I send it back, but so far it's proved to be very difficult to photograph. It's a silver-grey vinyl to begin with and seems to have a clear vinyl overcoat. At first I though it had one of those peel away protective films on it - but no! The clear layer continues under the label.
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