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  1. No that's Joel Zimmerman AKA DeadMau5 (It's supposed to be pronounced DeadMouse BTW) He had a long runninglegal battle with the owners of Mickey Mouse over that helmet, but as they promoted him as is for a time even using his music, he won out in the end.
  2. Do you have a scale to set your tracking weight? It's the only method I trust....
  3. Sadly, no cleaner removes wear or abuse. However, LP cleaner solution is super easy to DIY!
  4. Well, look what the python dragged in! Nice to see you Steve.
  5. No algorithm, just me. You can change it to whatever you like.
  6. RodH

    Gritting my teeth

    The phono section in most Carver gear is actually quite good. It was built back in the days when vinyl still ruled. What you are seeing is most likely audio boredom/curiousity and the endless need to keep tweaking systems. And OGCD* of course! *Obsessive Gear Collection Disorder: a computer virus that can jump the man-machine boundary, infecting the frequent users of audio websites.
  7. RodH

    The effort involved

    The creation of Steely Dan's Aja
  8. You're only 10 in dog years!
  9. YOU GUYS ALL NEED HELP!!! Loud enough for ya?
  10. Fire up the BBQ and grab a couple cold ones.
  11. Happy birthday Steve! Is it time to convert to dog-years yet?
  12. I turn up BOTH systems to listen to F&theBBs. It gets good as the lights start to dim.
  13. I believe you have 24 hours for that. Afterwards it requires staff level access to do so. That`s to prevent abuse. Just PM a Mod.
  14. RodH

    Favorite Pictures

    Lightening Sprite
  15. RodH

    Gritting my teeth

    XRCD are redbook CD at the player level. 16 bit @ 44.1 kHz. It was a proprietary mastering process developed by JVC.
  16. RodH

    Gritting my teeth

    The CD layer of a hybrid sounds like a regular CD. The SACD layer has way more data.
  17. RodH

    Gritting my teeth

    The number of available SACD titles is well less than 1% of what is available on vinyl. Does that help?
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