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  1. Same family as the TFM-42/45 and the Silver-7t Note the notched corner on the amp board - as required by the shape of the 7t chassis. (Second photo from NelionAudio) The M1.5 is - I believe - an earlier version of that group, the amp boards are similar, but it uses TO-3 type transistors.
  2. The transformer is sadly undersized, and the voltage dropping circuitry is a bit..... imperfect. Add the BillD upgrades, a Gundry board and a remote, it's very close to it's limits. I'm thinking about an outboard PS to improve on performance. You up to the challenge?
  3. There is an M1.5 (not a T) for $100 CDN* 3 hours from here. $74.51 US$
  4. You could always delve into improvement of the power supply section if you were looking for a challenge.
  5. Keeping the electronics suppliers alive in stressful times. Bless you!
  6. Kev never met a piece of kit he did not wish to sell.
  7. I have one as well. No remote though. AND it did come from that certain Kevin.....
  8. Why are you such an a$$hole about that damned government paperwork?
  9. I have purchased from them without issues. As time moves forward we keep finding more and more of the big 'lytic caps are no longer available. Sometimes it's a matter of adapting modern caps - or arrays of caps to suit the requirements. Not as simple as a direct drop in, but if you peruse some of the repair and upgrade threads here, you will see a number of substitutions & solutions.
  10. A look at the backside of an M1.5t reveals the earth (ground) symbol adorning both negative posts.
  11. I believe the M1.5t is a common ground unit - not inverting.
  12. This week's winner of the Ray of sunshine award
  13. So your back pockets did not get 'damp'?
  14. I've posted this elsewhere on the site, but 25(?) years ago my house was burgled and my Sony 3 head cassette deck was taken. A few years ago it showed up on the local classifieds. I had replaced the power switch with something not stock so it was easy to identify. Got it back for $25 and it works perfectly.
  15. Spinning Wheel was the first song that got my attention as a kid with a transistor radio.
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