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  1. Ha! That was informative!
  2. If any of my posts were lost, the universe gives thanks.
  3. "Oh Lord - I'll never drink again...."
  4. He might be the new site librarian....
  5. Nasty! "BumWine.com"
  6. RodH

    Favorite Pictures

    Well, he did break the site after all........ I may change his user name to MALWARE
  7. Hey! I'm no commie! ?
  8. Too pretty for the roads I travel! Looks fantastic Rich.
  9. Wow D-jt, you've really mellowed since last we've seen you! ?
  10. RodH

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter!
  11. Pretty sure that was water. As for "ouch", they wouldn't have felt a thing!
  12. RodH

    Key Lime Pie

    Totally screws my low-carb diet.
  13. RodH

    Key Lime Pie

    Love it? Hate it? Got a story or a source to share? Personally, I really like it....
  14. Hell yeah! I'll cover shipping!
  15. YYZ - Rush YYZ = World airport code for Toronto's Pearson International airport BTW.
  16. They be purdy! Nice work. I wish I could do anything more useful with wood than secure sh!t to a pallet....
  17. This quote always makes me think of the audiophile world: " What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence. "
  18. There might have been a road show for that.
  19. Hey~ you guys are supposed to post links!!!!
  20. I'm struggling to comprehend 'no seafood'... just can't wrap my head around that!
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