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  1. There might have been a road show for that.
  2. Hey~ you guys are supposed to post links!!!!
  3. I'm struggling to comprehend 'no seafood'... just can't wrap my head around that!
  4. So that's why you got deported from the East coast! My brother and I are the reason Red Lobster stopped the "all you can eat king crab legs" True story.
  5. Of all my rice rockets, that one was the most entertaining. Completely uncivilized. Unbearably loud, nearly uncontrollable below 75MPH, more fun than a sack of 20 puppies!
  6. Actually she's asked if I wanted to bring it out this summer. So it's on me.
  7. I agreed to take it off the road, for an undetermined length of time. It was paid for so there was no question of selling it. Previous to the Yammy was one of these with an 1100 motor wedged into it and a fair bit of tuning.
  8. It does. I keep managing to convince myself to leave it in mothballs. Usually each April.
  9. Did you get the hatch-tent?
  10. Have had one of these in storage since 2005: Sadly in the daily commute there's usually 5 to 10 deer, a couple coyotes, the occasional cow and hundreds of wild turkeys that cross the road at inopportune times.
  11. Many of us have automotive toys, but what is your daily driver? My 2007 Nissan Altima barfed out it's electronic brain a couple weeks ago. Stalled pretty much every time it crossed an intersection or a highway. Couldn't let my missus drive it or put my kids in it so it went to the crusher. 388838 km on it. Found a 2006 Honda Accord. Although it had 190000km, it looks new. Old dude owned it from new, babied, over-maintained, most boring car on earth (yeah I'm looking at you Camry). Does everything it should, gets 35mpg. BORING!!! I drive 100 miles to work each way every day. What hauls your ass everywhere?
  12. Figgurs. I just bought 60. Not in. Thanks Barry!
  13. No, the other ones: miscreants, troublemakers that haven't quite made it to the sandbox yet. A pre-sandbox warning color.
  14. What's the color for Boneheads?
  15. Contact Jim @ jimclarkstereo.com 815-323-0898, he carries the line.
  16. FYI when not signed in - using Win7/Chrome - scrolling in any thread is really jumpy. When signed in it happens on profile pages as well.
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