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  1. It's an aviation chronograph. The rings of numbers are used to make navigational and fuel range calculations. From before computers and calculators.
  2. look at the first post again....
  3. New to me too. Hope never to see that again. Thanks. What the heck sites do you frequent????
  4. RodH

    Beat Up 75

    Looks clean inside. Excellent !
  5. My collection is these size of Will's, hence the reduction....
  6. Sapphire crystal. The only mineral as close to but not as hard as diamond...... I originally bought it because it was nearly indestructible.
  7. Titanium, guys. Like Tony Stark's metal tuxedo....
  8. Nice! In with 56! Thanks Charlie!
  9. Are you a watch aficionado? Wrist watch type? Up for consideration: A Citizen Eco-Drive all titanium solar powered Skyhawk Cal. # C651 All original packaging, paperwork and wristband links. New super-capacitor storage cell. Conditions: You must want the watch to use. If I see it on ePrey you did not Abide! Don't post "In" - as follows. Need a picture of your current watch(es) - on your wrist. Hey you have to be a watch-guy. (Kevin: A sketch of a Mickey-Mouse watch in Sharpie on your wrist is not acceptable) Pick a TIME between 00:01 and 23:59 Will draw a winner whenever the time seems right.
  10. But why? High level would be full spectrum, Lfe is cut off at a set frequency.....🤔
  11. There is a review of the Sunfire amp somewhere (I'll look for it later) where the reviewer incorrectly claims the amp is class-D while actually trying to describe the Tracking Downconverter power supply.... FYI
  12. Still not resolved Barry?
  13. Regulated power supply boards. Shake it! Sounds like shards of broken glass. Refund requested. Not opening it.
  14. RodH

    Disk replacement

    Glad it went well for you!
  15. Careful Kevin. The Chevy guys will find you.
  16. In high school (1980) I had a 1970 Monte Carlo SS 454.....
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