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  1. 8 string guitar and percussion. Blue Note.
  2. One of the early DMP discs I recently obtained.
  3. Update: There is more interest in this than I had anticipated. I have a decent Nikon Body, and was mostly interested in Nikon lenses. I'm stepping out. #69 is available
  4. In the future, "foot indentations" in the top of Carver receivers will be the way of determining if they passed through Kevin's Carver Apocalypse Bunker or not.
  5. RodH

    Some Sad News

    That's rough Charlie. Will be thinking of you.
  6. Just got a message that the pup in the picture has found a home. I'm on the list for the September/October pups.
  7. On the list. #3. Given the current state of things, I'm a little bit hopeful
  8. I'm on line to get this darling girl:
  9. That's how I lost my last one. Before my current domestic arrangement. Sucks! To this day I miss that dog more than any of my previous 'partners'
  10. Why do I ask? I have a teenage son who is mildly autistic. He needs things to keep him busy. Caring for a dog (we currently have none) might be the ticket. If it doesn't work out - I like Huskies. I can take a dog to work with me if that becomes necessary. That would not hurt my feelings. What I'm trying to determine here is this: Should I get a male or a female pup? Thanks in advance for all insights!
  11. Are you going to put a price on it or are you looking for offers?
  12. RodH

    Why? OMG

  13. RodH

    Why? OMG

    Kevin likely has a half dozen Mickey Mouse TM record players for those in his trailer!
  14. But it doesn't look broken....
  15. RodH

    Favorite Pictures

    Looks like something from "Adventure Time"...
  16. So.... What did you get for Christmas?
  17. RodH

    Why? OMG

    Cut your own LPs
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