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  1. site is up kind of i can't sign in
  2. Police: Arizona man admits to beheading roommate’s dog The victim opened the box and found the body of her dog inside. Police said the dog had been mutilated and was headless. an admits to beheading roommate’s dog since I'm 65 I would like Sgt Hank Voight of Chicago PD to spend 10 minutes with this guy These are my Maxwell and my Sophie and Wilson/ Last is pic of my SO from a few yrs ago. She is not a pet but does like to be petted a lot
  3. I can't get in, do I need to erase my history or reboot my computer? I'm illiterate obviously.
  4. Hi all J and I will be at Axpona/19 all next weekend. We wear black t shirts wit the RCA Victor logo on it. Nipper and the speaker same as my pic. If you see us, me or her please come up and say Hi. It we are close to a bar I will buy you a drink if you wish and shoot the shit, especiially if you were at CF 18 or going to CF 19, might buy you 2 drinks.
  5. It's now March/19 if you still don"t have your ribbons, let me know, I'll do what I can
  6. I also have a rebuilt Exposure VI and VII that I use only as a phono pre amp, that I will be using into one the auxs. Will also let you know how it sounds with my Thorens 160 super
  7. Ordered and I look forward to getting it in 2-3 weeks and will give you a review of how I like it w/ the 350s in 4-6 weeks if anyone is interested. I'm not going to use the 12s and adapter, will use it stock with Olivia and Sheena (the 350s) and see how they like it.
  8. thank you to D47 and Sbum for helping me out. I probably should have just looked at the Rock and Roll HOF for their names.
  9. This wasn't said to me but I overheard it at age 10 and never forgot it.....My old Polish grandmother was standing on our back steps giving my dad (the wisest man I have ever known) hell about how our backyard looked. It was the wiffle ball field of the neighborhood. Great worn base paths, HP, pitchers mound, bases etc. in the grass. Finally he said "Ma we're raising kids, we're not raising grass" Even now as I type this at 65yrs old, a gentle tear comes, remembering my dad.
  10. How about " short people" I forget the "artist" or "torn between 2 lovers" again I forget the "artist"
  11. I would also like to be in on this and have sent a pm. Planning on using it with my 350s. heard the praise on the 275s running it so it should be similar. I was thinking of getting a C1 and having it upgraded but this looks like the way to go. Thnks so much for offering this. Mark
  12. I'm less than an hr from GR Ill go pick up your ribbons if you wish and trust you to reimburse the UPS to me Mark PS I;m going to HR tomorrow (Friday) so hit me up quick if you would like. GR not HR sorry
  13. I would love to, where do you post pics? Mark
  14. New to this site but a long time Carver fan. Mostly into vintage, Epicure, JBL, Soundcraftsmen, Carver, AR turntables, but some modern stuff MB Quart Veras, Markaudio single speaker. Would love to go to Carverfest, trying to find out how to sign up etc. Just thought I'd introduce myself. Best Mark
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