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  1. Well MRHP we would like the opening to the ear (auditory meatus.) fall in the middle (+or-) of your shoulder. Draw a line straight down and you'll see it is completely off the shoulder giving you a severe head forward posture. Think of holding a bowling ball, that's about what your head weighs, real close to your body as your walk from alley 1 where your locker is, to alley 30. Now think of holding that bowling ball extended in front of you, how many alleys could you walk without setting the ball down. It's the same principal other than you can't take your head off to rest the muscles. It dramatically increases the loading on the facet joints and ligaments. It is estimated that every inch in front of the mid line increases stress on the neck approx 10lbs. It can also cause jaw (TMJ) problems, shoulder and shoulder blade pain, low back pain, along with a decrease in respiratory function. There is undoubtedly a shortening of the suprahyoids and neck extensors muscles. Glad you asked now. Although you are thin you appear to have a small pot belly because your lumbar spine is probably hyper lordotic (too much forward curve) sometimes called "sway back" and also probably a pelvic tilt. Overall it gives the classic "old age posture" Still glad you asked? Ok I'll quit tormenting you. I have found that patient's need a plan to help with this and many times improvement is quite dramatic , but any positive change is beneficial. The first thing I recommend is Posture Package from Smash City Fitness . This involves a posture support and approx 7-8 min of specific exercises that they go over in detail. In 30-45 days you should see positive changes. Amazon use to sell it, not sure they still do but it's available out there and doesn't cost much. I highly recommend it. If you want to do it without a support familiarize yourself with the McKenzie Exercise procedure and start doing them. Again we should see a positive change w/in 30-45 days. I don't stay at a Holiday Inn Express, I'm a Marriott guy (part of last Jan and all of Feb I stayed in New Orleans at a couple different Marriott brands and paid zero) but I did this for 38 yrs, have a number of degrees and the high-lite is I did examine (at his and Peggy's request) the Bobfather at CF18. I retired to the unwashed and unemployed about 2 1/2 yrs ago after my 3rd ( or 4th I forget) heart surgery. ( I bought AAPL in 1996 with my year end bonus so I and my gkids are good), why let it kill me. At The Cleveland Clinic (THE BEST in the world for cardiac problems) I actually died (as in DEAD) for 2min 34 secs after I threw a blood clot from a collapsed lung that occurred during one of my surgeries. I would have died permanently if I had been anywhere else. I knew then it was time to give away all my silk ties. I've undergone 2 experimental procedures there, 1 was ineffective, the other so far so good. My mind still works, my body so so, but parts of it real good :). Let me know if I can help anymore. Best Mark
  2. I have had a friend read my posts here and she advised me that I was very close to hijacking this thread with my longish answers to MHRP. If so I apologize to Maytag. I am truly a novice on forums, I post very very little on any forum and I don't have a Facebook, Twitter, Our Time, B&D made easy, or really any other social site. Please feel free on posts I respond to tell me to shut the hell up and get back on topic. Thank you Best to all........."that goes to ever' last one of you regardless of your race, color, or your creed, now let's get this thing on the hump" ( Maj T J "King" Kong, Dr Strangelove)
  3. You are very welcome. My overall opinion is that you will be just fine. You know later in life we all pay for the sins of our youth. Just for fun put a dot on the middle of each square in the front and also on the back of the square you see. connect the dots and see how basically it's a nice smooth arc. Real good indication of normal alignment without a forward or backward displacement. You might and my guess is you probably are somewhat stenotic (smaller spinal canal or IVF) somewhere around those levels which means you have less room to work with. Trauma to that area can lead to symptoms which so far seem to be minimal. You might never have a serious problem, hell Covid 19 might get you or a large bus, or a jealous husband, who knows. I read your earlier post and cannot see C7-T1 at all from this pic. This is C6-C7 that is a congenital block. I'm sure you have an anterior or forward head posture , want more fun, if you have a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, I don't know anymore, and I care less ( I took care of individual human beings) have them take a side pic of you in your normal posture. Please keep you clothes on, please. I want to see where the opening of the outer ear canal is in relation to your shoulder to determine how severe it is. I can already tell it is far in front of where it should be. It may be your mid and upper back is contributing to the forward head posture, there are exercises to help with that. When we talk about discs, all involved need in the beginning to delineate our terms. I don't know what a "completely ruptured disc" is especially dxed off an an xray without agreeing on our terms. Is there an anterior or posterior disruption of the jt a the accompanying structures ? Something similar to this. According to the Subaxial Cervical Injury Description System (SCIDS), bilateral facet dislocation is defined as a disruption of both facet joints in which the inferior articular processes of the cranial vertebra have translated anterosuperiorly over the superior articular processes of the caudal vertebra. The lesion may be associated with fracture of the facet joint complex. Perched facets is a subtype of dislocation where there is complete loss of apposition of the articular surfaces, but the tip of the inferior articular process only abuts, without extending past, the superior articular process.
  4. MRHP I can tell just by viewing 1 xray that this is what happened.... you ( a much younger MRHP) and your date are walking down the street when out of a dark alley you hear "MRHP I have an important message for you." You say "it that you lord" and the reply is "yes it is." Now you can't be sure if it's the lord or Charlton Heston and you enter the alley. It's not the lord or Mr Heston it's 2 big thugs who say "we want your money and your date." They have massive hands and one chokes you from in front and one from behind. They are so strong they crush your C6/C7 articulations which would paralyze most men but not MRHP. His brain immediate reroutes the nerve impulses and MRHP reaches out and tears the ears off the thug in front of him. That's right, tears both his ears right off. MRHP then reaches back and graps the guy behind him and flips him 1 handed over his shoulder (somersault style) and stomps him in the face rendering him unconscious. MRHP then calmly walks back to the street to continue with his date. For 9-12 months his neck is very sore and stiff and even now bothers him as it fuses itself but being the man he is admits no pain. Now that's a great story. I would write that on my letterhead for you but only in the Czech language. Then you could interp to English to your gkids. or you can tell them this......Although i, me, this guy writing to you would really like additional pics I believe you have a congenital block vertebrae of C6/C7. It is radiological consistent with that opinion. How long have you had it it? IMO Since before you were born. No it is absolutely NOT a dislocation, nor has it ever been, nor is it an injury, absolutely not , am I clear!! You do have some mild degeneration especially at C5 going on which is consistent with this. I can't see D1 your shoulder is blocking it. If you have symptoms that correlate to that area a traumatic event (injury) could set off symptoms as it is usually an inherently weaker area with perhaps other congenital contributions or you reached an age where the contributing factors are exacerbated like stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal) in the area or other pathologies in joints I can't see. Many people live forever w/out knowing they even have something like this. It never bothered them. Symptoms may include Pain from the neck radiating to the shoulder down to the middle finger. ...Numbness in the palm, index finger, and middle finger. ...Weakness in the upper arm, forearm, elbow, and wrist; affecting the motion of these regions and/or causes symptoms at the triceps, outside of forearm, pinky, ring, and other half of the middle finger. Can cause pain by or behind shoulder blade ( I have personal knowledge of that) .-Symptoms usually present themselves more with reading, sitting at the computer, driving, and jobs where you have to look up or down for prolonged periods of time. So I like the first story but the above is my opinion w/out more pics and a detailed exam is what I'm going on. Best Mark
  5. Maytag, the only thing is BEHAVE yourself. Let it heal, let it heal, behave yourself and let it heal. I hope I'm not unclear. :) best Mark
  6. Best wishes Maytag, Except for C5-6, an the body of C6 of which I have a limited view because your shoulder is in the way looks to being mildly degenerated your C spine looks overall in real good shape from what I can see. I would guess you are somewhere under 55. AndrewJohn, hopefully each one of us learn something we didn't know every day. ACDF, anterior cervical discectomy fusion is the most common way of approaching the cervical spine in most cases. It is basically much easier technically, and has significant advantages to the posterior procedure. The surgeon can visualize almost the entire cervical spine, it's relatively much less complicated than the posterior approach and most patients have less post-op pain . In this case we had a cervical ADR, (artificial disc replacement) which cannot be performed by the posterior approach. The surgeon simply cleans out the disc space which they have complete access to and then inserts the artificial disc. The ADR unlike a fusion maintains motion in that segment and it seems to put less stress on the segments above and below hopefully reducing DDD (degenerative disc disease) in the future at those levels. It also eliminates the possibility of a non fusion if a auto-graft or cadaver bone graft was used along with the resulting screws and plate. So in ADR motion is retained (not created or increased) where fusion obviously eliminates motion. Both increase disc space reducing any nerve pressure. The most common problem afterward is dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) because the esophagus lies directly in front of the spine and needs to be retracted or dysphonia (weak or horse voice) because the recurrent laryngeal nerve is in that area. Either or both usually resolve. Posterior discectomy is used usually for a disc herniation that protrudes laterally or laterally and posterior compressing a nerve. The surgeon removes a little bone to give them room and clips off the herniation. Most of the disc remains and may cause problems in he future. Or may not. It does not involve a fusion or ADR. It cannot enlarge the disc space. It is harder to visualize the disc space because the spinal cord is in the way (we don't want to screw with that too much, like at all!) and it requires more demanding surgical techniques by the surgeon (usually as in a really, really good spine doc) So there you have it in brief. Very brief :) Best to all in these very strange times Mark xavionics You must have misheard or misunderstood whoever was discussing this with you. Or the professional???? was an idiot. There is no disc between C1-C2. They are the only 2 vertebrae that are uniquely shaped and have no disc between them. You might have degenerative changes at those levels but not disc degeneration. Best Mark
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  9. site is up kind of i can't sign in
  10. Police: Arizona man admits to beheading roommate’s dog The victim opened the box and found the body of her dog inside. Police said the dog had been mutilated and was headless. an admits to beheading roommate’s dog since I'm 65 I would like Sgt Hank Voight of Chicago PD to spend 10 minutes with this guy These are my Maxwell and my Sophie and Wilson/ Last is pic of my SO from a few yrs ago. She is not a pet but does like to be petted a lot
  11. I can't get in, do I need to erase my history or reboot my computer? I'm illiterate obviously.
  12. Hi all J and I will be at Axpona/19 all next weekend. We wear black t shirts wit the RCA Victor logo on it. Nipper and the speaker same as my pic. If you see us, me or her please come up and say Hi. It we are close to a bar I will buy you a drink if you wish and shoot the shit, especiially if you were at CF 18 or going to CF 19, might buy you 2 drinks.
  13. It's now March/19 if you still don"t have your ribbons, let me know, I'll do what I can
  14. I also have a rebuilt Exposure VI and VII that I use only as a phono pre amp, that I will be using into one the auxs. Will also let you know how it sounds with my Thorens 160 super
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