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  1. Glad to hear things are improving. My best wishes to you and your family during the recovery.
  2. Somebody needs to buy this and then drive down to Houston to get those Silver's! LOL
  3. Good luck with your sale. That is definitely one of my favorite Carver amplifiers.
  4. Man, that is a generous karma. Good luck to someone that could use these, I've owned a couple pair myself and loved them.
  5. I didn't actually sell them. Looks like the move is going to take place quicker than I expected, so it looks like they'll be moving with me!
  6. There was a mistake and one original listing. The price for the 10 Octave preamp is supposed to be $650, not $750
  7. Yeah, with a sensitivity of 101db, they shouldn't require a ton of power. I would think you could run them beautifully with a hundred Watts or less.
  8. Oh, and the Conrscalas actually do have the grill boards as well. I have just never had them comfort, so they aren't in the photos with the speakers. You can order the picture to draw grill cloth from Crites
  9. Yep, I knew you had just bought that Phono pre, otherwise I would have contacted you directly!
  10. We are staying in the same area. We bought this house back when we were first starting out. We've outgrown it. We have a teeneager now, and our 1 bathroom isn't cutting it anymore!
  11. This is a spectacular, karma offering. Kudos to you both! I'm actually trimming down my system as we speak, so I certainly have no need for anything else. Good luck to all of those that are in!
  12. The wife and I have been looking at "new" houses lately. I think we are going to be renting a house well we have repairs and upgrades done on our house to get it ready for sale. I figure, the less stuff I have to move multiple times, the better. Plus any additional capital I can build up to go with our sale to put as a down payment on the new house, will be a bonus. So, I'm actually going to let go of, what has been my favorite system that I've ever owned. That is my Carver fest 275 tube amp. My 10 Octave preamp, and my Crites Cornscala speakers. The Carver fest 275 performs perfectly, with absolutely no issues at all. I did change the stock 120's out for a quad of vintage RCA 6550's which was a beautiful upgrade (IMHO). The 12 ax 7 has been replaced with Telefunken. When changing in and out the 12AT7 tubes, I never noticed any difference, so I left those with the stock JJ Tesla. $1250 plus shipping. I've done a review on the 10 Octave LP-1 preamp here. It's been my favorite to date. I was easily able to give up my Audio Research LS 5 preamp when I got this one, and I've never regretted the decision. There are other reviews available wood stop on this one. This is a great opportunity for anyone that missed out on the introductory deal when they first released this preamp. $750 plus shipping. Crites Cornscala Type B. these are the latest design with choose the JBL mid-range horn driver. I have personally done no upgrades to these, but they come with the Crites crossovers, the Crites Tweeter and cast woofer that Crites prefers. These have been stained in early American finish. $1400. I'm not really willing to ship these, but would be willing to drive a portion of the way to meet someone if they were interested in purchasing.
  13. Hey Steve!!! How the hell are ya? Haven't seen you around these parts in quite some time.
  14. Wow, this is a great opportunity for someone. If you buy this unit now, it's going to cost you a thousand bucks. All of you people that were wishing you would got in on the introductory offer, here's your chance.
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