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  1. Gary Clark Jr's cover of the Beatles "Come Together" is one of my favorites
  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother, Charlie. It seems as though 2020 has been unkind to a few of us already. I lost my mother as well. She passed on the first. glad to hear you got to see wayne this year at the fest, I didn't even think he was going this past year, otherwise I would have made an attempt to get out there and see him. It seems as though Wayne's story is a far too common one. Worked all his life so that he would be able to enjoy his retirement, and no sooner than that had begun, he was stricken with this horrible disease. It's heartbreaking.
  3. Wayne is truly one of the great ones.
  4. Hey Steve!!! How the hell are ya? Haven't seen you around these parts in quite some time.
  5. No. I didn't keep it very long at all, pre-recorded many discs were ridiculously expensive when you could find them, and I just started getting rid of any excess stuff that I wasn't using on at least a weekly basis
  6. I'm not attending this year myself. 5 is a great way to go if you can get at least four or five people willing to split the cost. This year would be a great opportunity for some newcomers to attend. I think there are going to be a few open cabins.
  7. Welcome to CS! I'm not sure what the issue would be with the site, it seems to be running okay to me. Might have been going through some maintenance at the time you were posting. I'm not sure. if you decide to stick around, post some pics of your gear. People around here love pictures. (I think it's because some of them can't read ?)
  8. My industry doesn't really rely on any foreign made products, or supplies, so it hasn't been affected at all
  9. I was kind of like Andy Dufresne and would replace them as they aged... First I had the Farrah fawcett poster that has been pictured, and then I moved on from her to a poster of Debbie Harry, then I had the poster of Heather Thomas that DJ posted.
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing it next weekend.
  11. That would explain the lack of responses! ?
  12. Could you please forward me the salary and benefits information. Is there any ESOP?
  13. It was great to meet you, Dave. If only for a few minutes!
  14. The room certainly plays a huge part, that's no doubt. These Speaker's, with a typical 8 foot ceiling truly do give you a wall of sound. The Sound Stage will be floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall. I was able to play with them at Carver Fest the year before last, with the really high ceilings there. I've also heard them in a normal sized home Listening Room, and in the small hotel rooms at axpona. I personally think they sound best in an average sized living room. I was really surprised at how good they sounded in the little bitty hotel rooms. I have never owned the AL III's or spent m
  15. if I am not mistaken, I believe they were designed for optimal performance with 8-foot ceilings.
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