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  1. Three great guys involved in this Karma - two on the giving end and one on the receiving end. Congratulations to all - the Carver Brotherhood at its best!
  2. Yes, Happy Birthday to a CS Legend. Wishing you many, many more.
  3. A most generous offering. I’ve got a couple C-1s and a couple C-5s so I’ll pass but someone is going to be a very happy camper. Best of Luck to all and thanks to Dick & Mark.
  4. You guys are too kind. One of the benchmarks of the Carversite is the generosity and thoughtfulness of the community. This whole “Karma” concept is contagious and there are a lot of members who are responsible for making this such a special place. I’m still blown away by DaddyJT’s including me in his CD Karma when I had all of about five posts and was brand spanking new to the site. He’s not alone and this is but one of many many examples. Be mindful of the fact that this was a group project and it took three guys to complete this project. I’m glad that I could be a part of it but without Greg and Dennis and their expertise nothing would have gone forward.
  5. I couldn’t agree more - yours is a most welcomed perspective and although I tend to be in agreement with most everything you have to say I too have learned the value of using my ears more often than using my mouth. And, while my wife would certainly dispute that, I have the scars to prove how often I bite my tongue. You were sorely missed Mark.
  6. Congratulations - well deserved - Enjoy......
  7. Happy Birthday Charlie - I hope you have many many more and are enjoying the Hell out of this one. You bring a lot to this community and I always enjoy your perspective. Take it easy on that Crotch Rocket, we want you to continue slugging down that Grolsh while the young ladies knock that volleyball back and forth. Happy Birthday.
  8. Happy Birthday - Let’s make no bones about it - Enjoy yourself. Here’s hoping there are many more.
  9. Happy Birthday Peck - long time, no see. I miss all of those gems and pearls of wisdom.
  10. Very Impressive - those look like a bundle of fun. I’m assuming your battery is on that front tube and guessing the rear hub contains the drive motor. Love the tires but would expect them to require a little extra effort when peddling. What’s the price range on something like that? Again, best wishes for your continuing success in this new venture. Atta’ Boy Jim. ????
  11. Nice Digs - great setting too. Enjoy the serenity. You’ll have some fun with those pine needles.
  12. Still loving this song and Album that Charlie recommended - their other Album is just as good.
  13. There was one sold on EBay a couple of months ago for $99 and one listed right now with a high bid of $79 and 9 hours remaining in the auction.
  14. Wow - just saw the update to 175 mph sustained winds. That will take care of most any structure in this storm’s path.
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