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  1. Happy Birthday Young Man. Wishing you many more as a TarHeel!
  2. Yo Itch ...... Happy Birthday Young Man! I hope you have a great day and do something other than cleaning up snow. It’s a real pleasure having your input to brighten the day. Here’s to wishing you many more, a good recruiting class for the Badgers and a good draft for the Bears. Keep that Bull Market going Dad & enjoy your day.
  3. Really nice work. This is quite an undertaking and is very well thought out and executed. You have to be very happy and must be having an absolute picnic as you get closer and closer to completion. Keep those pictures coming - they are a real treat and speak volumes about your skill sets. I’m envious of your craftsmanship.
  4. Happy Birthday Sea - here’s wishing you many more sprinkled with plenty of good BBQ, a winter full of ACC Basketball and decent weather in Burlington.
  5. May you Rest In Peace Wayne.
  6. Damn OTD - that dog must have gotten into Sk1Bum’s single malt after chowing down on a couple of his monstrous hamburgers. Happy Birthday Sk1Bum! If you celebrate with anything older than a 25 yr old we are going to call you Spoiled1Bum from this point forth. Here’s hoping you have a great one and that many, many more are to follow.
  7. What a Bummer. This is very sad news indeed. He was always a cheerful voice of encouragement and confidence and although I can’t claim to have known Wayne personally, I bought a CD player from him several months ago and had a couple of conversations with him. He truly is one of the great ones and will always be remembered as such. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem to be fair. May he be allowed to go comfortably and forever Rest In Peace. We’ll miss you Wayne - you were an inspiration brother.
  8. Very, very generous Karma Charlie. Congratulations Kevin.
  9. That’s a beauty! I’ll take a shot at it with #17.
  10. Happy Birthday Young Man! Congratulations Barry - hope you truly do have a great one complete with a cake, 64 candles and a cleaning lady worthy of servicing a Birthday Boy - ENJOY! 💋
  11. That’s great Dennis - exactly what Grandpa needed! Very thoughtful & generous Charlie - my hat is off to both of you guys. 👍👍
  12. Great System - great photos. I sure am glad that you are the guy who wound up with this. Tubes look great through the window if I do say so myself. Thanks for sharing.
  13. They don’t make em’ much better - Kingman is one of the best and I truly hope you are back on your feet soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you as well.
  14. Yo Charlie - very pleased to learn of this and very much a well deserved honor. We needed a firearms instructor stepping into this role. Congratulations!
  15. Man, that’s great news - very pleased to hear this. Congratulations Dick.
  16. Congratulations Kevin. - well deserved.
  17. Man oh man! I had no idea - truly hope you are on the mend. That is some scary stuff. My prayers are with you.
  18. Charlie. Although I’ve been out of it for several years, I spent a lot of time building machines and was pretty comfortable with all things computer related. The best program (a freebie) I ever came across for copying or backing up files was Karen’s Replicator. One can copy files, folders or entire drives and you can set a schedule. It’s incremental so it’s very fast and is very reliable. The original program author passed away but her nephew picked up where she left off a few years ago. Pretty awesome program that’s easy to use. https://www.karenware.com/powertools/karens-replicator-backup-utility
  19. Happy Birthday. Haven’t seen you around much lately but I hope all is well and you are enjoying life to the fullest. Here’s to wishing you many more - have a great Birthday!
  20. Man, this one almost slipped by...... Happy Birthday Greg & thanks for all you do. I hope you have a great one and manage to take a bit of a breather - hey, a guy who keeps your kind of schedule needs to slow down once in a while and take time to smell the roses. Happy Birthday Dad!
  21. Happy Birthday Bradrock - one of the few good things about growing older is Medicare. Enjoy the day and get ready to start saving a few more of those hard earned bucks the medical profession has been trying to pull out of your pocket. Happy Birthday!
  22. Greg, once again thanks for looking out for us. Don’t be afraid to holler if help is needed.
  23. Sure is tough to beat that one - absolutely perfect pose for “The Dude”. Happy Birthday.
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