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Everything posted by oakley104

  1. So, "lets just say" ( hmmm, where did that quote come from??) that said copper cable is less than 99.99999999999% copper...... Should we expect cold, frigid , icy, cold, harsh sound? Will the sound be Un-natural? Just asking for a friend ???
  2. A good friend sent me these pics and a message: " I did a thing" My reply was: "ROFLMAO, U Did a GOOD thing !!!
  3. Well... everything worked before just fine.......
  4. Obviously Ya need a Bigger (you know what) Hammer
  5. With the aerator missing, that's a non-conforming system .....
  6. Long live mice and mouse pads !!!
  7. Thank you for continuing to hold...... (56 minutes later)
  8. Thinking there's more truth here than most realize ....
  9. Just a couple things missing,,, work all day, and all week, and show up on time!
  10. Here's one for @Dadvw
  11. We are in the process of selling our IL home and had some inspections done today. One of the inspections was the septic system, said inspection was completed by a local septic cleaning and repair company. After the inspection we got: "We'll... looks like this might need pumped out, we can't let it pass inspection until it has been pumped out" Is it just me or could there be a small conflict of interest here?
  12. That sounds like the voice of experience speaking ......
  13. Welcome aboard Greg, looks like you have a nice assortment of gear !!! Lots of great people to help you with that gear refurb/repair. Lots on TCS to see and enjoy, have fun.
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