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15 hours ago, randog311 said:

Blue Oyster Cult


Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll 



Ahhh...love B.O.C.  Also known as "Great White Underbelly"  when they played locally....from my hometown on Long Island.....where they are from.  Saw them in concert back in the day.  Great classic rock memories.  Thanks for sharing !!!  My High School friend Al Pitrelli (Trans Siberian Orchestra / Megadeath) toured with B.O.C.   Going to play some B.O.C. now

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Bringing to mind the 2019 Maceo Parker @ Asheville, NC July 4 free outdoors summer concert. Bootsy preceded him 2015. the year we arrived & just missed, still tangled up in moving. Here's a 2011 Vienna concert. 


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