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What are you listening to?

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Let's christen this thread with some Rush!        

The Who    I've Had Enough     

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Let's see....... I listened to "Limited Gold Edition In The Digital Mood - Glenn Miller Orchestra" with Dave Grusin, Mel Torme and other top-notch musicians. I'd say its the best modern, stereo Miller recording I've ever heard and is faithful to the original arrangements so no lengthy improvs there. A double "10" in my books.
Then to Rush's "Sector 2", followed by "Barcelona", Freddie Mercury's last recording. 
The one CD that never ceases to amaze me is The Band's re-mastered "Greatest Hits". They sound like they are there with you, playing for you. And the bass, OMG, it's just so powerful and robust, yet not overwhelming. If only The Beatles were recorded with a louder bottom end...One of my secret wishes is for a re-mix of The Beatles' catalog but what is there to remix when they only recorded in two-eight tracks? But then their "Love" CD showed that it can be done. Nothing against Norm Smith and Geoff Emerick. They were simply limited by what they had on hand, EMI's state of the art equipment, British-style and a very young Geoff had to sound different to cater to the Fab Four's LSD-driven new tastes.
Enjoy the sound, er, the music.... 
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The ECM label wafts out on a wintery predawn Sunday morning & is first out of the gate for the new thread. The cats having had Sunday dope (catnip) have stretched out to preen whilst Ralph Towner sets the mood. 
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Listening to the NanoPod with songs on Shuffle whilst commuting, Hot 'Lanta queues up first. The fiery playing never fails to put  spring in my step, a smile from ear bud to ear bud. Now  home, queueing Hot 'Lanta again.
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Not often referred to as such, this stuff is really funky with the horns & all. One band I wish to have seen: exceptional story telling married to memorable, danceable melodies, on-your-feet-all-nght emotion. 
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