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Whew. Finding this thread was more than I thought it would be. I will try and mark it somehow for future use. 


 Ok, you guys have all about DSOTM. I know. Only recently did I get the idea to find the best copy of it on vinyl without spending a fortune. To compare with, I am using a Mobil Fidelity CD that didn't even realize until a night or two ago was better than any vinyl that I have owned in the past. Having said that, I got a hold of a Harvest pressing, and yah, there were big differences in the sound. Maybe I got a sucky pressing, but it won't be played twice. Very quiet vinyl, but the recording sound almost dismembered compared to the MF copy. I will try one more pressing, and that would be by Capitol records. I saw this recommendation at Acoustic Sounds by one of the customers there. I will report good news when that happens. I still can't believe the difference. I will say that some of the drum parts are better in a way but that is about it. Very narrow soundstage too. yuk.


FWIW, I found a Capitol recording on eBay last. We'll see.

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