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Floor Jansen, of Dutch symphonic metal band Nightwish, on the Dutch TV show Beste Zangers.  The rapt expression of Dutch opera/theatre singer Henk Poort  during the aria Vlja Lied from the opera The Merry Widow says it all.



"Ik hoop dat jullie hebben genoten!"
"I hope you all like it! "
Floor Jansen - Vilja lied | Beste Zangers 2019



Henk Poort would go on to join Floor and the band in concert for performance of their wildly popular duet (below). Symphonic metal fans 🤘


Henk: Sing for meeee!!!
Floor : 🔥

Floor Jansen & Henk Poort - Phantom Of The Opera | Beste Zangers 2019


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LIstening to my 1974 first pressing........bought when I was a 9 year old KISS fan, LOL.  They weren't actually that bad in the early days... 

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Equally good strategy!!!!


Used to listen to Toto a little in college and not much since. After the first video and learning who the players were, I have become interested in re-visiting them myself.

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