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  1. So, i'm over at a friends place today and i mentioned this post. He is a hard core Jazzbo' He pulls out three Flim &the BB's cd's...Tunnel, Big Notes and Neon...I've got a week or two to give them a listen.
  2. That's it...Thank you for giving this gem a new life...
  3. If DaddyJT wants to create a second CS Reference disk set, this is very highly recommended to be included on it. I have a XR-metal recording which someone made for me. It is on a cassette tape. The CD is currently unreasonably priced (at least for me) - http://www.amazon.com/Morello-Standard-Time-Joe/dp/B000003DE9 Give it a listen,...turn it up very loud...and enjoy...
  4. I was lucky to see and hear Frank Zappa. I love his work.
  5. In the mid '90's dmp or, Digital Music Products, released a few music samplers in the "20" bit format. It was new at the time. We are way beyond that now. One of their sampler catalog CD's has a recording of "Take Five"... It was taken from the Joe Morello CD, "Standard Time". Joe Morello was Dave Brubeck's drummer and Paul Desmond was the sax player that wrote the song. Joe Morello's version of Take Five will make you cry...trust me, If you are a Sax player, it will make you smile, if you are a drummer,...you'll learn from a true master. I am neither.
  6. A horse walks into a bar...Bartender say's...Hey!...what's with the long face?
  7. A jazz guitar player has his daughter take him to see her favorite Metal band. He watches the guitar player tuning up. It takes him at least a half hour to tune up and then he delivers a great gig. Later, after the show, the fathers bumps into the metal guy and say's " That was a great show however, i was astonished it took you half and hour to tune up. I saw Andres Segovia years ago and it took him about thirty seconds to tune his guitar...The metal guy reply's.......Ya?...really? well some guy's just don't give a shit"...
  8. There are two views here...Pick the healthy happy one...
  9. Rich once asked, What kind of wood doesn't float?...Achh!...Bach!
  10. Thanks Perry, If anybody has more reason to discuss politics, it would be between Balok, you and me. We'll never do it here. Agreed?
  11. Bootsy Collins was 19 years old when he started playing with James Brown. James Brown trashed him at every turn. He kept telling him he didn't have it. That made Bootsy the bass player he is today.
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