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  1. Whats next a DAC for your turntable? LOL!!!
  2. Sniper bar and grill. One shot is all it takes! Way to go...
  3. I draw on real men with real jobs every day. Well five days a week anyway.
  4. I'm with Jim on this. I miss the thank button. Many need thanks here.
  5. Good one Doh-R Love that turkey for dinner! LOL
  6. Let me say it right this time .LOL I have a CT17 and a lost remote. Don't know where to get it worked on yet. But I would buy another one in a flash. I would keep the one I have till I can find someone to repair it. Then sell it and try a C1 and tuner. Just need something good to hook it up. Moving to a new place and going to make a Man cave room treatments and all. Hope to find one soon. Help MUSIC disabled.
  7. I have a CT17 not working now. Need another working unit till I can get it fixed. Any help will be welcome. Just got a TFM 25 and a m200T but no way to give them a try. Thought I would check the members first . thanks:-k SOS
  8. That's what I want to know to Doh-R? Who's under 30? Ha Ha!
  9. If the trees are hooked to a carver Everyone Hears!
  10. Thanks for posting that. TOTALY kool ! And I'm a artist.
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