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  1. *****WARNING*****DANGER****** Blatant enabling Alert *****WARNING*****DANGER*****
  2. I noticed that unit has digital inputs? Is that to allow use of the internal DAC with other digital sources? Hmmm, (pondering out loud) could that Wolfson make streaming content better?
  3. Happy Happy Birthday ! Make it a good one..., extra effort in the holiday season! Cheers 🥂🍾
  4. Welcome to the Forum..., The Carver Site has a lot for everyone. Love those two systems, you have, @Klamtucky. I bet you have an m500t with big meters in your future 😉 OCCD is a journey, not a destination. In a few more thanks and posts - please post some pictures of your gear - we love pictures.
  5. I have listened to that SACD..., it definitely kicks it..., BS&T is a good listen, any day.
  6. Way to go, @Danowood. Happy Birthday. Another year behind us!
  7. Happy birthday !! Make it a good one!
  8. "Copenhagen" (2002) This one will get you thinking..., there's lots of speculation on what really happened in this meeting between Heisenberg and Bohr in 1941. Regardless of your position on a meeting that no one was there to witness, the power of the event, and the potential of these two on the future of mankind is interesting to ponder. I found (early) Daniel Craig (Heisenberg) and Stephen Rea (Bohr) with Francessca Annis (Margrethe Bohr) presentation of this story to be thought provoking. Science and great scientists do have a conscience. If you are into the met
  9. Happy birthday, Greg. Take the day off! Do something out of the ordinary with Jennie..., Why not! You earned it. Celebrate like Elvis would !
  10. Saw this a couple of nights ago..., CBGB. The story of the origins of Punk Rock and the Punk Rock Scene in NYC at the CBGB venue... Some scenes really make you cringe..., like canine hygiene in the bar, as well as the restroom..., I'm guessing those of us that lived through those years can relate, this part was easily reproduced in venues anywhere. The movie CBGB will give you the hee-bee-gee-bee's... However, I really enjoyed seeing the early theatrical recreation of the early Talking Heads, The Police, Velvet Underground, The Ramones, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Blondie (De
  11. Catching up on an older movie, starring Miles Teller, Jonah Hill and Bradley Cooper. Based on a Rolling Stone article titled "Arms and the Dudes." which was based on some foundation of a true story... Pretty good entertainment, and fairly accurate description of cluster F@#k's in many places that need cleaned up..., your own observations apply here. I recall a few scary situations like the ones in the movie in foreign lands and am glad to have lived through them..., I even shake my head in wonder..., "how the heck did I get through that?" Missed it when it came out, b
  12. AndrewJohn

    Get Back

    I need to stop drinking..., I fell asleep 10 minutes into the first one... I didn't go crazy for the Beatles back then..., or now. I like a lot of their music and can listen to it but am not rabid about any of it. Like @BarryG, My tastes were, and are, still much broader. I'll watch it, so I can check it off, and know what it's all about, but won't watch it twice.
  13. Oh, and don't forget the "Stihl" (back-wall spare unit)... LoL. Stihl is the sharpest tool in my shed, too, wouldn't/couldn't live without it. Seriously, love it, nice system. Something about an R2R center-piece that gives a gear set-up unique character. (I have an Akai in the middle of my main rig.)
  14. Happy Birthday, Rod..., you deserve all you get! 😉
  15. Not heard today, but have heard in the past..., that quote followed by "use your left hand.! LoL 😉
  16. Rock On @Rockster. Happy Birthday! Elvis wishes you a happy birthday too, from somewhere in Vegas.
  17. I don't need to move it out of the way, that takes too much time. I'll just work around it. What's the worst that could happen?
  18. Final Lawn Mow..., leaves mulched..., put up the Massey Ferguson, and get out the Snow Blower.

  19. Welcome, @Dhorvat. Glad you found us. When you can, please post pics of your gear ! We love pictures. What Carver units do you have today? Glad to have you here - stay a while and enjoy the Carver energy here.
  20. Welcome @Charles May, glad you found us. Welcome to the Carver Party...,
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