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  1. Looking forward to a visit. Progress looks awesome Jim! It’s great to see Bob back! barry
  2. Happy belated birthday!
  3. Welcome to the site. A lot of good people and information here! kickoff your shoes, grab your favorite beverage and sit in the sweet spot, and crank the volume. Enjoy the site! Barry
  4. Welcome! Enjoy your stay, lots of great info here!
  5. FLAC I use EAC (exact audio copy) software. Which is shareware, can be configured for FLAC or MP3 or uncompressed into wav file barry
  6. I’m with you about tv. I do no cable, satellite or any other version! sometimes stream sports but that’s about it! Nice setup Steve! Barry
  7. I was thinking next was ‘yellow snow’ by Zappa! Lol ‘I can’t see, de de de da de! Lol!
  8. My singing a cappella is driving my nursing staff crazy lol. Should have thought of this earlier! I sound like a dying frog! Have a great evening my friends!
  9. I walked 200 ft today in PT (pain & torture). im hoping to get home soon! I also climbed the staircase 2x. I feel good, looking forward to a good meal at home soon! My brother brought me coffee yesterday! im figuring either end of this week or early next week I’ll be home listening to tunes. Barry
  10. I am doing good! I am finally walking in physical therapy! My brothers have been visiting bringing me things I need!
  11. Thanks all, making progress, therapist is taking me to the gym tomorrow for more vigorous therapy and to work on steps! today was an excellent day!
  12. My doctor expects I’ll be going home in 2 weeks!
  13. Some of you know I fell a while back, I spent a week in hopkins hospital. I am out and in an inpatient rehab facility. I hope to be up on my feet soon. Nothing is broken but a lot of damage to my muscles! My chemotherapy is on hold until I can get out on my own! i need a beard trim! Barry
  14. Bill invited me to the carver site many years ago! I miss you my friend . Barry
  15. Thank you all for the Birthday greetings, it was a quiet day here watching football. We are postponing celebrating until next weekend, a few brothers still have COVID and I’m super careful. Barry
  16. Happy belated birthday Kevin!
  17. Greg’s get together is tentative. He was trying to do it around my chemotherapy schedule. I’m in home isolation currently. Hopefully that changes soon, then the other factor is the COVID pandemic. im hoping we can have it as planned! Barry
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