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  1. Lol yoko, it’s that long lost extended remix of ‘who has seen the wind?’
  2. Hmmmm a new rabbit hole! I can find the extended version of ‘baby shark’ lol NOT! Let me peruse my vinyl, I do have a few doubles! I might have a copy of Pink Floyd ‘the wall ‘ I can send your way!
  3. My daughter says I have awesome friends!
  4. Thanks Everyone! https://gofund.me/de3ac8c4
  5. Here is the link, my daughter created it. I would have worded things a little less dramatically. https://gofund.me/de3ac8c4
  6. Update: I am doing ok, I have a lot of neuropathy from the chemo , otherwise I am doing ok. Frustrated that I cannot work until I reach remission. My younger daughter Melissa started a go fund me page. If anyone is interested send a message I can forward the link. Barry
  7. Looks like a salamander archetype type of rack to me or something very similar !
  8. Outstanding! Greg does great work!
  9. BTW, may my red Prius Rest In Peace! 2010 -2017. Someone made an illegal left turn causing me tee-bone him. Neither car survived, my passenger was hurt worse than I! I miss that car, my current orange Prius does not meet the standards of the old Prius! I have fond memories of that trip to the mountain. I hope to make it next year! barry
  10. Hi Don, the treatment program I am in is partnered with Johns Hopkins oncology! I am confident I will be treated successfully. I had a very good day of treatment today. Yesterday was one of those rare bad days, so far most days are good! I appreciate all the prayers, I really do think prayer helps a lot! Barry
  11. I had an oncologist appointment today! My bone marrow shows 90% of my cells in my blood are cancer! kind of a mind blowing result!
  12. Long live the TNrabbit! Miss you Gary! My very first welcome to the carver site was from Gary!
  13. My daughter started a fundraiser to the American cancer society on Facebook in my name! https://m.facebook.com/donate/958900924956509/?fundraiser_source=feed Anyone who may be interested!
  14. I am going to blast this evil sickness back to Georgia! Miss You Charlie Daniels!
  15. I had my first treatment today, chemo went well! I feel better than expected! Knock on wood! Rock on! barry
  16. Goodness no GI blockage. After blood transfusion I am going home!
  17. The cancer center sent me to ER for major abdominal pain, might be admitted. chemo is on hold for now!
  18. My first day of treatment went well, I will have weekly chemo trestments for the test of my life. Doc is installing a port for blood draw, and giving meds! I feel good today! We are doing everything outpatient as Hospital is at capacity!
  19. Warren Zevon, saw him do this live many years ago!
  20. I got this brand new album I’m enjoying it! Foxfire; The Nature of Things Octave-Records-CD-jewel-template
  21. Welcome Kevin, glad you found your way home. A lot of great info and friendly folks on this site! Ask questions, this is a very knowledgeable group, great techs here as well! Barry
  22. I’ve been searching for a ladder dac, I recently found a mass drop Airist DAC for $300. It is often compared to the denafrips Aires, been searching for a used Aires when I found the airist! I am happy so far! Barry
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