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  1. Happy Birthday 🚀 🎈 🎆
  2. I know Kingsport well! I travel to Johnson City annually! I generally try to plan my trip to coincide with Carverfest, sometimes I come in July for my grandsons birthday! Enjoy your time here on the carversite! You can learn a lot. Be careful, lol, OCCD has a way of infecting you, though it seems your already afflicted! (Obsessive Carver Collecting Disorder = OCCD) Barry
  3. One member here named @sea, can probably help if you have ribbon issues. He can rebuild them as well. I have a pair of original als hybrids, honeycomb woofers, as and 60” ribbons. there are a few threads on here about these speakers. this is the thread on mine! Barry
  4. Welcome to the carver site! what part of Tennessee? I lived in tri-cities area for over 20 years before moving back to my home state Of Maryland. Miss the cool mountain mornings! Barry
  5. I miss this old venue, I had seen many shows here in my youth! Rock snd bluegrass! Barry
  6. @Nahash5150 wow, it’s much cleaner than when I got it! Excellent job! Can’t wait to hear the review! barry
  7. I bought that amp off Craigslist, with a ct-seven and Dtl 3200 for $300. It played ok but knew it needed an upgrade when I traded it to Kevin! I know nothing of prior history. Glad to see it upgraded! Iirc that is the amp that needed all service bulletins. I think it had an air capacitor on the power supply board. I was looking it over and saw two little wires sticking up, looked in service manual to find out what it was. barry
  8. I have a black carver tx-10 tuner I can sell for $75.00 plus shipping. Also a phase linear pl-5100 series two, same price! I have other non carver tuners as well. barry
  9. This sounds real nice, a Jays Audio transport, with a holo May DAC. Way out of my price range but have heard a demo. seriously I’m using an old OPPO, and happy with it! I have a 390t that needs work, and a 490t that only needs a new belt. I will eventually be selling them! I have the belt, just need the time to install it! When ready to sell, I’ll post here before anywhere else. Already having someone asking for my 390t. Barry
  10. What is the price you would pay for a 490t?
  11. BarryG


    The Panasonic cartridge that came with my system literature was low like 5 Hz to 50,000 Hz. What fun the early 70s were! barry
  12. BarryG


    There were several versions of quad, the version I had was cd-4! Provided four discrete channels not hybrid like other versions! Found this on the web about cd-4! I wish I would have kept that equipment and quad recordings! CD-4 This is the “odd man out” in the quad world. Extremely ‘fine’ grooves were etched onto the vinyl record to provide frequencies between 35,000 and 50,000 hertz. The CD-4 demodulator sensed these high frequencies then converted them to a range of around 100 to 15,000 hertz. These frequencies were then sent to the amplifier and on to the rear channels.
  13. C-1 is better imho, has more adjustments, the ct-7 has a remote and a tuner. if you spin vinyl, the c-1 has a better phono section. if you need a unit with built in tuner, I would go with the ct-7. barry
  14. Welcome to the carver site! OCCD is strong with this one! sit back and enjoy your stay, “Turn it up, Turn it up, Turn it up, drop the needle and play! ... Meet me at Mary’s Place, we’re gonna have a party!”
  15. I opened package today, looks good! I will have fun playing with it before putting together a small system for my brother! I am happy to help with the site funding! Have a great day! barry
  16. I do active and passive crossovers too! I roll with tubes snd solid state. Im well rounded in many ways! Just don’t tell Beth! barry
  17. Welcome Bill, we like all types, vinyl or digital! I like both! Enjoy the site. as always grab your favorite beverage, crank up the volume. Kick your shoes off, have a seat and Enjoy your time listening!
  18. “It’s alive”, ... “that thing crawling out of the toilet bowl is still moving!”
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