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  1. I really did not need another preamp, I wanted to support the site, the preamp will find a home around the corner at my brothers! Funny I win this as I am about yo list a bunch of gear for sale! Keep eyes open for what I’ll be offering. I scored a haul of five items in excellent condition on Sunday! I’ve already sold the tape deck a TD-1700. Have a great Day! Barry
  2. Thanks Ken, thanks for offering this as a fundraiser! Payment sent to Greg and address to you ken! Have a wonderful day! barry
  3. Happy Birthday!🎂 🍺 🍀
  4. Happy Birthday Jenny! 🎂 🎈 🎈 🎈 As a mathematician wondering how you ended up on pi day!
  5. Bump to $130! I don’t need it but for a good cause!
  6. Last year, the DC HIFI group had a demo at a Maggie dealer with 30.7’s it was quite impressive. It was at Overture Audio in Delaware. @SteveFord next time we have a local carver group get together I’ll send you an invite. Your still in PA right. I am between Baltimore and Washington just east of Columbia. Also I usually work as a volunteer at Capital Audiofest. I am hoping things settle down so it happens this year! Barry
  7. Welcome back Steve @SteveFord! IIRC.; You had some very entertaining posts on here. I too venture through audio circle. I read a lot on open baffle speakers, GR Research and Spatial Audio as well as other circles. My handle there is BarryG443. I have even posted in your Frank Zappa vinlyl thread! I recently purchased a Spatial Audio M3 Turbo Master set of open baffle speakers! Good to see an old friend return, Have a great day! Barry
  8. BillD was the first one of my friends, he invited me to join, Gary TNrabbit was first to welcome me, both men are missed by many! @4krow You joined October 2011 according to your profile!
  9. I also joined in October 2009. carverfest is a lot of fun, I have met many from this site! Not many of us old timers left! barry
  10. @Halwelcome to the carver site! There are lots of good people snd great information on this site. Kick off your shoes, grab your favorite beverage and relax while you browse. enjoy your stay!
  11. Welcome to the site. I noticed a lot of Heathkit on your bench, when I did photo equipment repair, I had def a lot of self built Heathkit test gear! I think you will fit in well in this corner of cyberspace! As always turn it up, grab a beverage, kick off your shoes, relax and enjoy the tunes! barry
  12. Welcome @Tomcat ; you have found us! Glad you are here, we love photos! As always grab your favorite beverage, relax, turn up the volume and enjoy your music!
  13. Happy belated birthday Steve!
  14. Not many of us from the first year of CS that are still active! Im glad for the many friends I have met here, I really enjoy the small gatherings of local members as well. barry
  15. I came here by invitation from BillD. I was asking him about the m-500t MKIi Modifications. I came and stayed. Still learning a lot everyday. Good people and great knowledge in the minds of the folks who I encounter! I plan to stay for a while longer! barryG
  16. Thank you all! I had a wonderful family get together. We all met at moms retirement community, only 2 can visit inside at a time due to COVID, so we met the whole group at the outside pavilion. In the wind, Mike had trouble lighting the 65 candles, so I did not have any candles to extinguish! it was my favorite cake, spice cake with butter icing! Afterwards brothers went to my brother Bills and we had pizza! it was a fine day! I feel 2021 is going to look much better than 2020! barry
  17. Only heard the first one on the list, will have to dig deeper into the list! barry
  18. welcome @FredH , Its good to see another person from the Mid Atlantic. I am in Baltimore County. I came to Carversite years ago and never left. Lots of good people and good information in these threads. Kick back, grab your favorite beverage, turn up the volume, and enjoy the music! Bring in 2021 with great music! Barry
  19. Welcome Bob! I am in Baltimore, good to see another mid Atlantic member! I have family in Philadelphia and south Jersey. Sometimes a few CS members get together for meets sometimes in New Jersey or Washington DC area. I am also retired and work part time! Enjoy the site, and as always enjoy the music! Barry
  20. Welcome to the site. We love photos! have fun, enjoy your stay, kick off your boots, grab your favorite beverage and turn up the volume! “Time to ROCK this house!!!”
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