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  1. nice setup! I also enjoy DIY. I like the amps a lot. The GR-Research XLS Encore speakers look nice. I was considering the x-statics until i read about the nx studio monitors, I have a guy in Texas who can make me a flat pack for anything in the GR line. thanks for sharing Dennis, Barry
  2. Blair witch project, lol such a bad movie. It was filmed in the country west of Baltimore near Frederick! A bunch of kids for a school project I think! i could not watch it! barry
  3. Noooooooooo Not 10 hours! At least it’s not baby shark!
  4. ‘Tequila Sheila’ by Bobby Bare my wife MaryAnn and I move to Carlsbad NM in 1979. Town was totally void of rock music! Country and mariachi were all that was on the radio dial! To this day I cringe when I hear this song! Was played a lot on all the radio stations!
  5. Now thats an impressive system! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Netflix has been gone from my setup for years!
  7. Welcome to the wonderful world of Carver! Great folks and lots of info on these pages. Put your feet up, grab your favorite beverage turn the volume up, rock the neighbors. Stay a while and have fun! BTW We love photos! barry
  8. It’s called ‘fuzzy logic’
  9. My Amazing crossover follow the schematic quite close. Mine had 400 uF instead of 450 uF in the schematic, everything else is the same!
  10. Happy Birthday!🎈 hope you have many more revolutions around the rotary!
  11. I saw that, very tempted to buy it!
  12. I have to o stop peeking in here! Lol I’m hungry when I leave! Great looking fish dinner!
  13. I often leave my tuner playing overnight! Other than that shut down when not in use! I usually turn on a while before listening, let the tubes warm up! We have thunderstorms here, I unplug during storms, lost my tv while watching last week from lightning !
  14. When this virus thing ends we should get together, have @MORE CARVER'S PLEASEand maybe others and have a jam session.
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