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Everything posted by BarryG

  1. Nice day for outdoor cooking!
  2. Careful shopping for bovine!
  3. All of a sudden I’m hungry!
  4. Very nice setup you have there! barry
  5. OCCD for sure ‘ obsessive cassette collecting disorder’ ; lol
  6. 2 cubbies for two subs! She will be kicking ass! Mom will be outnumbered by audiophiles .
  7. I wonder where Travis is hiding, this topic is his specialty! Also not seen @RonW in a while, he does bbq competitions! Smoke should kill the coronavirus!!! barryG
  8. You can’t go wrong with an updated c-1 or the Black version c-11. Search for the BillD mods, has a nice phono section on these units! barryG
  9. Welcome to the Carversite! I can feel in the force , OCCD is strong with this one! enjoy your stay, a lot of info on these pages! barry
  10. So sorry to hear! That totally sucks! i hope things improve! barry
  11. OCCD is strong with this one! Welcome to the site! Glad your here, kick off your shoes, grab your favorite beverage (for me it’s dark roast sumatra) put on tunes and crank it! Since we are all sitting at home in self quarantine, let’s have a block party! lots of great info and people here! Have fun and let me say we love Photos! Enjoy your stay, come back often, feel free to ask questions! barry
  12. Early sounds of summer that damn woodpecker trying to take out the power pole! take me to the river!
  13. OCCD is strong in this one! It’s too late he’s been Assimilated! barryG
  14. Welcome to the wonderful world of Carver! There is a lot of info here, kick off your shoes, get your favorite beverage, turn up the volume and enjoy your stay! By the way, we love photographs of your gear! Carver power and Polk sda’s are a great combo! I love mine! barryG
  15. Nice find! My ex had that album on vinyl! Iirc very nice, glad you found this!
  16. I could use a few of these! Even though you can’t read it, it’s the puck from his 700th goal!
  17. Welcome to the carver site! i am also a polk fan, I have Sda-1b’s I repaired and modded! i am currently driving them with the Carverfest 275 tube amp! there is a lot of information on these pages, enjoy your stay! barry
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