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David H.

What I’ve found so far in world of N.A.S. Storage and Music Streamers and players

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Hey Guys,

Sorry for being so quiet these last few months , It’s been a Crazy busy time for me through the Fire and floods, and repairing the smoke damage . 

I had reached out to the group asking about N.A.S Storage and Music streaming network and player  some time ago and found that it seemed to be a topic of interest for some,  and at the time not a lot of info so far was within the group.  I felt that with all the great support and advice I’ve been given from all within “The Carver Site” , This may be a way for me to try a give back some  with information what dI’ve found so far with hope that it can be of help to others.  Again , I had no idea of how much there would be to learn and research in all those categories,  so through all these months I’ve been doing my homework. I’ll do my best to be as accurate and detailed in what I have found. I’ve always been a little , or “ VERY”  intimidated in doing a post because of how incredible sharp and knowledgable most of you are when it came to the world of audio. But  everyone has always been so supportive, and giving of all there knowledge,  and for all that I “ Thank all of you “. 


So, Here we go. I’ll touch base on:

1) external DAC

2) NAS Storage

3) Music Streaming devices

4) Network music players

     ( All in one System’s and individually Music players and network streaming devices together, examples , low $$ to High$ $$$)

5) ROON -   Operating system for music that is hardware agnostic. 

 One app that brings all of your stored music together with all your music streaming services, including. Tidal and Qobuz , high res music services in one search interface.  ( This App will be the one that all will be using for there digital music world - IMOP. ) All new digital music streaming system’s are being developed for Roon, with some also having there own operating system.  I can’t cover it all, cables, all the various system, etc.., but with a little help I’m sure in the end we’ll all have a good starting point, if interested in the digital world. 


N.A.S Storage  and Network Music Streaming for HI Def audio I found  when I really got into the Digital Audio world , it really wasn’t as complicated as I though it would be.  But again as with everything in audio , it can be as simple or as complicated as one wants within there system.  I think I’ll go in the above order,  Because that’s how I entered it.  First I wanted to improve my digital sound and to make it not just as good  and warm as my beloved Vynyl world, and favorite albums, But better.  Then I heard about storing my CD’s , and  digital music in what was know as NAS music storage. After hearing how incredible my digital  music was sounding, I wanted to enter the world  of a Music Network streaming system , Pandora, Spotify, to  Hi Res music services like Tidal and Qobuz , and the muisic streaming player that with some individual systems accompany  the streamer so that so I hear it in the System.  But What was this thing Called Roon that I found all these new high end Music  Streaming / Player system were developed with Roon , the New universal Operating system for music That is hardware Agnostic.

Please let me know any of the routes that you may have chosen or thinking of going with for your system. I will be adding to this as I go along,  Please bear with me as I pull all my info together on each subject to best I can so as to give you a feel and hopefully route you may like to start. It’s wide open from very affordable systems to the point I always dream of, But to rich for me.

When I say this in my  own humble option, This is where Music has been on its way and heading in a Directions I feel will open up a New World of Music ,  With it’s depth in clean Hi Res , warm  music  and a huge Music library services when one can find and hear pretty much what one would want to hear. It keeps getting better and better.

I still love my vynyl , But in my next post I’ll start off with the benefits of adding an external DAC. 

Below is a picture of where my system is now, I’m just now finalizing and getting my digital music streaming 

playing device. Pictures to follow when I get it, very soon.  









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Beautiful system, and a great idea for a thread! I primarily listen to stored digital files so I can't wait to see your recommendations. :)

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I’m just a huge Bob Caver Fan, I love and enjoy his all audio Gear .. 

His vision and and what he has created to me is so inspirational.

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Thanks very much for the legwork, sir.  

I also learned a ton about digital to analog processing here at Carversite, the weakest link in my system at the time.   


This does beg the question, what streams /stores the best resolution digital and what can be some restrictions (including even network / home WiFi routers etc.)


I will also add this to my followed threads.

Thanks again.  

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