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CD storage cabinet

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I hope this counts as a DIY project.  Last week, I decided it was time to build a CD cabinet to house my meager CD collection.  I use pretty basic woodworking techniques (dado and rabbet joints) but I am generally happy with the results.  I build my projects out of 3/4 inch oak plywood with 1/2 inch solid oak trim. 


Once I come up with a design, I cut the pieces as such:



I then set up my stack dado set and fine tune it to the correct width and go ahead and cut my dado joints and rabbet joints.  I test fit everything if it looks good, I will glue it together.  Wood glue is extremely strong.  I very rarely use screws.  If you glue two pieces of wood together and then 15 minutes later you change your mind, you will NOT be able to separate the joint without busting the wood.  Here is the glue up;




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I am posting this in pieces so I don't lose the whole thing if the computer crashes.eusa_angel.gif

Once the carcass is together, I cut 1/2 inch strips of solid oak at the table saw and cut them to length.  Its a bit time consuming to glue each piece on but I like the results.;



I use an oak plywood top with solid wood edging (mitred) and screw it on.  I like to make my own simple moldings using the router and then attach them with glue and air nailer.  Here is a shot of the completed carcass with all the trim.  I like this stage the best.





I found a Minwax "walnut" stain the I really like.  I leave the stain on for a short time before rubbing it off.  I use a wood conditioner before i stain. 



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My idea to make the CD holder slots involved cutting a whole whack of dado joints in some solid pine.  the slots are 1/2 inch in size and separated by 1/4 inch.  This was a bit time consuming.




I then ripped them into strips 2 5/8 inches wide and glued them into the vertical slots.  I had some solid fir laying around and so I cut it into strips, stained them and glued them behind the slotted pine in order to make a "stop".  The CD will remain about 5/8 inch proud of the face of the cabinet so they are easy to grab.




I then cut a piece of 1/4 inch oak plywood and stained it.  this becomes the back and is naied in place.  I then use a Danish walnut oil and wet/dry 400 grit sandpaper to smooth the top, sides and shelf.  The rest gets oiled but not sanded.  Here is the completed project with some close up shots of the trim detail.  (good corner only shownemwink.gif)





And the completed project;




I am estimating that the material cost was about $120 and about 25-30 hours work.  It has room for 144 CDs in the slots and space for "double CDs" in the shelf on the bottom.  My neighbour stopped by just as I was finishing and he says "could you make me one for my CDs?"  He has about 2000 CDs.  jaw_dropper.gif  I said, "NO" happy0009.gif
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