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  1. Here Brian, these are closer to home and you can flip them to buy the Kappa's... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-stereo-systems-home-theatre/peterborough/2-carver-amps-m1-0t/1452430086
  2. Yes, just 3 days earlier and with a lot of Beaver! Thanks everybody! Took a day trip with the wife to Victoria and did a sensory deprivation tank!
  3. Really enjoyed "Childhood's end" as well!
  4. I was the host drummer in a Jam (open mic) at a local for a few years and there was an ongoing joke... "How many women does it take to sing Tracy Chapman's - Give me one reason?" "All of them apparently!" I heard it so often that I still throw up in my mouth when I hear it and twist my back changing the radio station.
  5. Welcome Bwest! Good choice on a BillD'd C-1. Can't wait to see pictures of your gear!
  6. I always liked this western!
  7. Oldie but a goodie!
  8. Two of my favourites!
  9. Have you seen this? First the moon landing and now this! We are an amazing species!
  10. Did you ever get your formula Packratt? My good buddy is an accountant!
  11. Happy birthday RichP. 😁 Thank you for your creation!
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