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  1. DrummerJuice

    Best bang for the buck?

    I'm looking for both. LOL I think I might start with the C-1 as I have one locally available and am ultimately looking for accuracy over boom. Does the improved detail in the C-1 extend to the lower end frequencies?
  2. DrummerJuice

    Best bang for the buck?

    Good suggestion. I've heard that stereo subs are the way to go for 2 channel, but the cost of 2 decent powered subs would be 3x the price of a BillDed C-1. I would love to use passive subs (as I have a Crown K2 which is a killer amp designed specifically for that), but haven't been able to find any decent ones as everyone is going to powered.
  3. I'm looking to upgrade my sound...(said no one ever). Which direction do you think will have the larger impact? Purchasing a C-1 (I have a buddy who is willing to sell a EU version) and BillDing it, or buying a pair of powered subs? I currently run a Nad 116 pre and Infinity IL40's (bi amped with a M-1.0t on the highs and a M-1.5t running the lows). Hoping for some sage advice.
  4. DrummerJuice

    Finally! Just Scored an M1.0t - Happy Day

    Great amp! Congrats, you have an awesome sounding piece of Audio history!
  5. DrummerJuice

    Updated link for the Audio Critic back issues

    They only have issues 16-29. Does anyone have a link to the rest?
  6. Hi Guys, I thought this might be useful to some. I've seen some older posts with dead links to Audio Critic issues. I found this site that has active links. Some great Carver articles in there! http://www.biline.ca/audio_critic/audio_critic_down.htm Enjoy!
  7. Saw this on the Audio Cheapskates Facebook Page. Never seen one before! Look at the wood!:)
  8. DrummerJuice

    Site Funding - Time For Another Round

    Tribute sent! Love this site!
  9. DrummerJuice

    What are you listening to?

    Great album!
  10. DrummerJuice

    Canadian Carver Fans

    Very Cool!
  11. DrummerJuice

    What Carver piece are you lusting for???

    They are beautiful aren't they!
  12. DrummerJuice

    Profile Name Change

    Thank you!
  13. DrummerJuice

    Profile Name Change

    That sounds dangerous! lol... I was hoping for DrummerJuice!
  14. DrummerJuice

    Profile Name Change

    Is there any way to change my Profile name? I should have been more creative off the bat!
  15. DrummerJuice

    What Carver piece are you lusting for???

    Right now lusting after a Sunfire Signature 600 (or 2)