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  1. DrummerJuice

    Roku Ultra

    Is anyone else using a Roku Ultra as a media hub? I have a 4 gig HD connected for Flac files and run the Roku through toslink to a cheap SMSL Sanscrit Dac. Seems to work well (other than Roku's media app is pretty primitive). Plex is better so I use it sometimes as well. Any tips or tricks from someone uses one?
  2. DrummerJuice

    PT-2400 $600CDN ($465USD)

    I check Canuck Audio mart for Carver gear every other day. Some good deals to be had!
  3. DrummerJuice

    Supertramp Crime of the Century

    I used to have a pair of Sl-1200's when I owned a nightclub back in the early aughts! Stupidly sold them with the Bryston 4b's and other gear when the club folded. Great decks!
  4. DrummerJuice

    Do you know any jokes?

    "Why do they make disposable douche?" "Who wants to keep that shit around!
  5. DrummerJuice

    Hello! New to the Carver Site.

    Congrats! Have you read the Carver Challenges? Carver Stereophile Challenge.pdf
  6. I know Bob made a solid state guitar amp, but did he ever make a tube version? If not, he should!
  7. DrummerJuice

    Hello! New to the Carver Site.

    Run, (don't walk) and buy both! As you can see in my signature line that I have both and love them. I run them in a vertical bi-amp set up. I payed much more for one than you will for both and feel like I got a steal! Not to mention that both have historical significance via the Carver amp challenges!
  8. DrummerJuice

    Poll: Analog or digital music source:

    Flac, DSD, Wav. Can't beat the convenience and the ability to create a playlist. I still listen to vinyl every now and then, but less and less.
  9. Yes Jack Ryan, Red Storm Rising was an awesome book also!
  10. Classic nod to James Bond, but really like the John Wick series so far. Gold coins and all!
  11. DrummerJuice

    NFL Season

    Is anyone else excited about NFL season starting or is it like politics and religion and should be banned from social discourse?
  12. Welcome Chas, Yeah another Canuck! (I live on Vancouver island!) You will love it here, great Free-trade of knowledge and love of all things audio!
  13. DrummerJuice

    Carver Sweatshirt

    Has anyone seen this before? It's a store in Chicago!
  14. DrummerJuice

    Carver Sweatshirt

    Is anyone graphically inclined? I would buy something like this if it were for Audio!
  15. DrummerJuice

    Audio publications

    Here are a couple of bookmarks I check often. http://db.audioasylum.com/mhtml/m.html?forum=speakers&n=188238&highlight=il40&r=&search_url=%2Fcgi%2Fsearch.mpl%3Fsearchtext%3Dil40%26b%3DAND%26topic%3D%26topics_only%3DN%26author%3D%26date1%3D%26date2%3D%26slowmessage%3D%26sort%3Ddate%26sortOrder%3DDESC%26forum%3Dspeakers http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/the-ten-most-significant-amplifiers-of-all-time/