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  1. Have you seen this? First the moon landing and now this! We are an amazing species!
  2. Did you ever get your formula Packratt? My good buddy is an accountant!
  3. Happy birthday RichP. 😁 Thank you for your creation!
  4. Hey NickT, what is your Avatar picture? Looks very Porsche-like to me. 🤔
  5. I love the black M-500t with the white lights! I've got DaddyJT working on a MKll for me right now and I think I may go in that direction!
  6. Nice Setup NickT! Can't wait to see pics!! You probably have this already. http://thecarversite.com/manuals/mandir/Sunfire 200X5-400X5 owner manual.pdf The real Carver brains should be along shortly!
  7. It's half your age + 8! I assume you're asking about how young a woman you can date!
  8. Am a fan of his work! Rest in Peace!
  9. So true! It blows my mind how some people treat their gear!
  10. Are you selling to buy more? What Carver goodies haven't you owned yet?
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