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  1. Yes! He's packaged it up and is having it shipped tomorrow! Now fingers crossed it doesn't arrive in pieces! Can't wait to set it up! I have a little Carver jar in my safe that I throw a few $$ in from gig proceeds whenever I play (the wife actually lets me keep 10% of the money I make LOL). Was saving up to buy a minidsp 4x10 but couldn't pass up the M-500t which I hear is one of the best sounding Carver amps! Empty Jar but big smile! This will be me soon! Audiophile-worthy stack and speakers? Check! https://www.wired.com/2014/11/ferris-bueller-movie-gadgets/
  2. Actually I think I might buy it! $380 + $40 shipping seems not bad for a working M-500t in decent cosmetic shape. Plus I've always wanted one!
  3. I've emailed a request for an update on it's status and if the seller will ship... but I don't speak French and some Montrealer's do not like the Anglos! So we'll see what happens. I'm not calling dibs btw.
  4. How far away is this? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-appareils-electroniques/laval-rive-nord/carver-model-m-500t/1420940360
  5. Actually there are parts of the island that are down right cheap, but way out in the boonies!
  6. That's why Scottish men wear kilts... Sheep run when they hear a zipper! LOL
  7. I think that thread was ones that you let go, greatest regrets! Welcome Shalimar! What part of our beautiful country do you inhabit? I'm on Vancouver Island!
  8. I've done this in our band! It rocks!
  9. All of them! I like the parallel he makes with light! We all know that lower frequencies are harder to hear at lower volumes (hence the loudness switch). I would assume that the optimal volume would depend greatly on the room, gear, and source material. I guess if you are going to room correct you should do it at different volumes.
  10. https://thecarversite.com/index.php?/topic/18268-the-one-that-you-let-go-greatest-regret/&do=findComment&comment=195287 This is the hi-fi i had when I was a teenager. (parents divorced and I got my dad's stereo) Sansui Receiver, Dual Turntable and Grundig speakers. (not images of my gear) Got rid of it all when I moved to Calgary to go to school and went to digital.  
  11. We need more headroom! Now if the Bob father would just build one more solid state amp to rule them all! lol
  12. With regard to slapping the bass...sometimes you have to be sneaky about it!
  13. That ad worked on me in my tape playing days until I switched to TDK SA-X 90!
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