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    "João Gilberto, one of the principal architects of the Brazilian musical style bossa nova, has died at his home in Rio de Janeiro, according to a Facebook post by his son. João Marcelo Gilberto wrote that his father, who was 88 years old, died following an undisclosed illness. João Gilberto is credited by some with writing the first bossa nova, or new beat. This mid-20th century musical gift to the world drew on Brazil's African-influenced samba tradition, but was performed without the usual battery of drums and rhythm instruments, and at much lower volumes. Gilberto's intimate and nuanced style of guitar playing and singing, eventually central to the bossa nova sound, were reportedly developed in 1955 when he sequestered himself inside of a bathroom at his sister's house so as not to disturb her family and to take advantage of the acoustics provided by the bathroom tiles." Link
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    Hope I did not miss anyone: And the winner is: I have your address Andrew. I will get this in the mail tomorrow. Enjoy the music..
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    Good morning/day everyone. I currently live about 30 minutes north of Houston Thank you for adding me to your site. I’ve just recently moved into a house that affords me a room for me to put together my own listening room. I’m currently running a dbx DX5 CD player into an Anthem AVM -20 preamp which feeds a Carver M1.5t which keeps my Polk Audio SDA-1C.s fairly happy. Musical Concepts is updating/modding my Hafler P500 which I will swap out the Carver amp with. Then it’s off to Nellion Audio for the 1.5 to be upgraded, she really sounds tired. I hope to change preamps at some point in the future to a C-1/C-11. Plus I’m always on the look out for my next speaker upgrade. I look forward to learning a lot from this site and hope you guys see me as a good member. Thanks for your time! Michael
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    The Black Crowes Hard To Handle (HQ)
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    RIP. Thank you David. This is a big loss for latin music. The Bossa Nova genre is one that makes everyone tap their feet, and know that they can slow-dance with a beautiful woman - if they just get up, smile and try it.
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    Joe Cocker She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
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    I actually live in Conroe, when I first moved to Houston I lived near BW8 and I-10W not far from Katy.
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    Artic Monkeys Do I Want To Know
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    Very cool concept; thanks for sharing!
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    Music Therapy Unites the Arts and Medicine to Help Patients "As the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once stated, “Music is the universal language of mankind,” and we certainly could not agree more. We hope to be part of a new generation of physicians who can unite the arts and sciences and thereby create better outcomes for all patients."
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    NASA sold moon landing footage to an intern for $218. Now, the tapes could sell for millions Fascinating!
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    Its not just gear.....in the horse industry the examples of neglect are amazing, and this is with a living creature. Personally, It doesnt bother me one way or another with objects. You bought it, its yours, do with it what you may......not my business. One mans garbage is another mans gold. That goes for anything really.......except for animals. You miss mistreat animals in my area, you get a visit from me way before the SPCA.
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    @Sk1Bum I'm glad you asked. There are a few... 1) It permits easier serviceability of the PCB. No components are permanently covered like other retrofits available. 2) Its massive ground plane keeps the amp quiet. 3) Has much more substantial traces than other retrofits to connect the pos and neg High Rail voltages to each channel, eliminating the 20ga blue and red wires. 4) It's much better at allowing heat to escape the PCB rather than suffocating it like other retrofits. 5) It is cheaper and faster to install than other retrofits.
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    Congrats AndrewJohn! I told myself that if I won this karma today that it would be a sign that I should buy Dennis Miller's M500TmkII. Well I didn't win, but I still think it's a sign that I should buy Dennis Miller's M500TmkII. OCCD Rules. PM Sent.
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    "Hello, Dave. I see that you own some of my home movies, Dave. Is there any way that we can talk this over? I still have control of the oxygen valve... Dave."
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