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  1. This works not just for optical, but for auditory illusions as well. Take your phone our and use the voice memo function and a mirror to perform the McGurk effect on yourself. Even though I know for a fact the recording doesn’t change, there is a part of my brain beyond my conscious control that continues to be fooled.
  2. I’ll give a shout out for Billy Cobham - Spectrum
  3. Got a new boss in mid March, then shortly thereafter started working from home. Maybe this is my problem in connecting with the new boss?
  4. Now that I think about it, pushing up those mountains must have shaken things up over the years. I guess I just think about the ring of fire, since I live on it. I hope that this one was the big one of this series for you guys.
  5. I didn’t realize that Utah was susceptible to earthquakes! 5.7 is not too bad, but certainly enough to get your attention. There is always a small chance that this was a preshock, and a bigger one is coming. Take a little bit of time to move or secure anything fragile that you wouldn’t want to lose and wait a week or so before putting it back. Dishes, pictures on the wall, that car, carver audio equipment, etc. i have lived in SoCal all my life. I hate earthquakes.
  6. Another interesting thing that people notice when they come here is they will ask how far it is to get somewhere. People here will not answer with a distance, but with a time duration. Distance is useless; if you need to go over the pass on the 405, those 5 miles will usually take 1/2 hour even late at night.
  7. Thanks for the props to my home town. I traveled extensively for the first decade of my career, much of it international. I slowly realized that I live in the best country in the world, and in a particularly nice part of that country. Yes, the cost of living is high. Yes, the traffic sucks big time. But that is just a consequence of a great amount of people that want to live here.
  8. Thanks for your work on this guys. Without these manuals, keeping our old carver gear running would be difficult. Looking for a manual is what originally led me to the carver site.
  9. Wow, nice karma. I have trouble reading my anthracite unit, so would love to have on of these. In with 84 (my last golf score).
  10. Wow - thanks guys for the good wishes.
  11. If you still want one, I think I have one in storage. Let me know.
  12. Sad. I always really liked the little soliloquy he gives at the end of Blade Runner. I guess it was time to die...
  13. While you can certainly add some regulators, it won’t help with the problem you will have if you change all of the opamps. The problem will be that the transformer will not be adequate for the new load requirements, it will get really hot, and if left as is I expect it will fail. When it does, hope that nothing catches fire?
  14. As some others told me before I did a similar mod to my C-11, if you change all of the opamps and use anything good, it will need more current and you will need to upgrade the power supply. I ended up doing so on mine, and it worked great but was more work than I originally planned.
  15. Wow, so generous! Not in, I have one.
  16. I had uploaded some files in a thread about the mods I did to my C-11. I went to look something up for another active thread, and the links don’t work to the files. I am guessing this was due to the website change awhile back. Can these links be fixed?
  17. That is a really interesting way to visualize how these waveforms combine. I’ve never seen anything like that before, thanks. Another thing to be aware of in digital o’scope FFTs is the relationship between the sample rate and the frequency range. I’ve seen people make that mistake a few times.
  18. I would be interested if it is in good cosmetic shape. I will rebuild anyways, so performance problems are not an issue.
  19. Good luck with your group, but I’m sorry, I refuse to give Mark Z all of my personal information for his gain.
  20. Thanks for the karma salve, very generous, but not in.
  21. Very nice, thanks. I have it on CD, but would like to have an LP. In with #42.
  22. BrianD


    I have an opinion about why vinyl is sometimes preferred that I rarely see mentioned in these articles. I haven’t made any measurements so I could be wrong, but here is what I think. I beleive that much of the difference is in how it was mixed, and how much dynamic range compression is used. It is strange that a CD quality digital recording has the capacity for much more dynamic rangethan an LP, but it is rarely used. If you are listening to any vintage vinyl, there was some compression just to get it to fit within the constraints of the media, but usually that was about it. But the CD era was also the start of the loudness wars, and in the digital download era it is even worse. Almost any popular music made in this century is really compressed and loud. But when it is mixed for an LP, I think that the engineer knows that it won’t just be played over an iPhone speaker and cuts down the compression. Then to someone who cares about sound quality, it sounds better. But in the end, I agree with what has already been said. No matter what it is, enjoy the music.
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