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  1. Haha ... nice. You hit the nail squarely - it does feel an aweful lot like an added chapter to AH. Anyway great to be back.
  2. Yep it's the very reason I originally selected it. And though it appropriate to continue using both from a nostalgic but currently appropriate standpoint.
  3. Good morning all After a long hiatus I'm very much glad to be back. Please pardon my lurking while I review the last few years and get reacquainted with what's been happening at Carversite. Terry
  4. U da man fill ... congrats on the post achievement
  5. I figured I'd hit the FCC site to see what the federal government is thinking and interestingly found this topic. Commission Adopts NPRM to Revitalize AM Broadcast Radio Service So while I was thinking they would be looking to cut ties with analog and move more to the digital spectrum they are giving indications that they are looking for ways to improve the oldest analog (AM radio).
  6. Welcome aboard Gary, glad you've found the right place. The 500t is an awesome 'musical' amp. I'm in the process of actively biamping (actually tri) these beauties. Still working out the "bugs" in my new system but the process has been extremely rewarding in addition to challenging. Stick around and once your system is together post some pix.
  7. Congrats fill ... Yes for Jim's nomination!
  8. Happy Memorial Day weekend to all (or Happy Decoration Day to you real old timers) ... and if possible take a minute to remember the men and women who died while serving in the Unites States Armed Forces.
  9. I'm going to throw weight behind the former rather than the later. But that's not to say the later is not true also.
  10. Welcome aboard Escher, glad to have ya. Oh by the way if you stick around, the OCCD will kick in so no worries, you'll have plenty of Carver gear in no time.
  11. Thats all! A hundred thousand lines of code explains everything? When I left school after my bachelors we were running code that actually took up to a few minutes of actual computing time (translates in a huge amount of code) Course that was back in the dark ages when we were still clicking rocks to make light and heat.
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