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  1. Milkweed is OK, but we're running out of food for the swallowtails. They love dill and parsley. Look carefully- there are lots of little instars.
  2. This one took flight at 10:15 AM. Two hours after emerging from the chrysalis.
  3. Val had her first monarch appear from it's chrysalis this morning at 8:15.
  4. Cool. Let me know when you want some vintage tubes to try.
  5. Great Karma! I'm glad to see the Onkyo C-7030t is still in use!
  6. Incredible silent movie! Giorgio Moroder provides a superb soundtrack. Inspiration for C-3PO.
  7. Rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth.
  8. Ha! I know this cover. I had it signed by Bob at CF 17, but I gave him the wrong name! That's why you see the 'halo' around 'Charles'. The other name was removed and Bob re-wrote it. I'm sure if you sent it to Bob, he'd do it again. It's a powder coated top, if I remember correctly. Heck, you could just remove the top line and it'd look fine. If no one else wants it, I'll trade.
  9. Welcome! I have a stock C-11 for $275 plus shipping. (About $30.00 to NM) Very clean inside. One scratch by the headphone jack. I did not attempt to cover it up. Works fine.
  10. Nope. A goner for sure. Power Supply failure. Could not deliver the current for the load, apparently.
  11. I already made one of those...
  12. I know! It's a "Brick" that sounds good and won't fall off a table!
  13. I'm selling a premium cartridge. Re-tipped with a fine line stylus by Steve Leung of VAS in Cliffwood, NJ. Low Output Moving Coil Denon DL-301 with headshell. This cartridge is optimal for high mass arms like Empire and Garrard. $400.00 shipped in CONUS.
  14. Not yet. One is signed by Bob Carver.
  15. I came across an extra DTL-200MK2 remote. $50.00 shipped in CONUS. Nice looking one. No corrosion in the battery compartment.
  16. Welcome! I have a couple of C-11's for sale right now.
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