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  1. Rather dodgy finding speakers in Canada, eh?
  2. Extra points for this component!🍺 Another candidate for speaker rolling? Dan, where are you located?😎
  3. I have spares if it breaks. $50.00 for fans of Country Music, free to everybody else. 🙀
  4. Nice, but can those DQ-20's handle that power? Maybe time to roll speakers...😎
  5. Don't push your luck, buster!
  6. OK, you can stay.👍 (I'm gonna give you a pass on that country remark.)
  7. That's a VERY clean MXR-150!
  8. Found my parts TX-11a! That strip is missing one button cap, but that shouldn't be an issue. Easy swap.
  9. Just in case anybody wanted to see the cover... Somebody new post!
  10. kve777

    Fuel prices

    When you subtract State and Federal Taxes, gas is getting really, really cheap.
  11. I think this is the barn from Google Maps Street View. (I had to verify the address with Zillow and zooming in on the mailboxes, Google gives the wrong location)
  12. Carver Receivers- HR732/742 The part # is HTR-0002-0060, (I stand corrected, RH-33 is correct. I posted the wrong pic and deleted it) I do have one here.
  13. Let me look at my TX-11a's in storage. Like this one...
  14. Steve, I just checked my tuner stock, I have a parts TX-11a and a TX-11b with holes drilled in the faceplate. (plus working units of each) What I noticed is that the TX-11a has the anthracite finish, but the TX-11b/PSB-11 has black finish there. I tested it, it does work. Just ugly face. Are you interested in buying the TX-11b? Kevin
  15. Really? Marillion? Next:
  16. kve777

    bad day?

    I guess No doesn't mean No in France.
  17. Oh God! That so sucks! I hope you have some insurance. 😟
  18. Not working. Trying to get home/hobby work done.
  19. kve777

    Favorite Pictures

    Goes better with this one:
  20. kve777

    Favorite Pictures

    I sold my Marantz 6300 with a pickering cartridge for $128.49 in 2007. Nothing special as far as sound quality.
  21. kve777

    Favorite Pictures

    Distracted driving circa 1960...
  22. Correcto! You're up again.
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