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  1. Welcome! If you want THE ONE DeoxIt product to have, get the F-5. The Fader Lube is great at getting old pots and sliders quiet.
  2. I just formed the SORBET, Society Of Radically Bringing Electrons Together. Our goal is to STOP the segregation of electrons using resistors, capacitors, semi-conductors, etc. We strive to keep electrons free to go wherever they want. #Solder Bridges! Not Walls!
  3. Welcome! Play some Pink Floyd for us...
  4. Page 22 of the PM-1200 service manual shows the same circuit much more clearly. Yes, 22.1K for sure. Many times in Carver amps, identical circuits were were used in several amps.
  5. Guess you need some marine type gear in those lower level rooms, eh? Floods suck! We lost a bunch of stuff last year when our sump pump broke. The ground in South Jersey holds water like a sponge, then fills up your basement.
  6. That could get ugly! Best be fitting your Carver gear with pontoons.
  7. kve777

    Carver Throws

    These make great covers for room treatments. Make a 1 x frame filled with rockwool and put a throw over the front, hang it on the wall. Put a throw on both sides and use it wherever.
  8. kve777

    Catfishin' NSFK*

    That's it? Sad. Thought it would be worth the read. Never get that hour back.
  9. I truly miss my Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS II preamp. A close second is a pair of Jeff Rowland Model 7 monoblocks. Right up at the top of speakerdom is a pair of JBL C-60 Sovereign S8R's that I never should have sold. This thread is rather depressing... I'm going to go slit my wrists. You slice the long way, not across, right?
  10. kve777

    Members avatars

    This just makes me sad.
  11. I just looked it up. Bill The Wall is dead. Google: william theodore wall He died in 2007. Trump cannot bill the wall. He's dead. Sorry.
  12. LETTUCE! CRUSH! If you want some really funky Jazz, try some Lettuce! Phyllis is pretty cool.
  13. You bastard! You took MY number! OK, in with 666. Mutha Funka!
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