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  1. No words. Rest in peace, Wayne. We will miss you!
  2. Kindness and friendship have always been Wayne's calling cards. He's made me feel so welcome at Carver Fests. I will forever cherish those moments I remember so fondly. Demo-ing phono cartridges and Sonic holography, interesting speaker combos... So much fun. Along with few beers and good tunes. I will always consider Wayne a great friend and audio compadre.
  3. WOW! Very Unexpected! Thank you, Charlie! I think I'll build a Phono system with it at the heart.
  4. I could play with a C-4000... In with 7
  5. Went to see Candy Volcano at the TLA on South St. in Philly, 1/4/20. Great Show! It's Bowie Week in Philly!
  6. I had one of those GE's, but in blue. Christmas 1973. I now own two, a blue set in the box, with an extra speaker, plus a white set, no box. Never saw the stand, though, cool! GE Models P330(Blue) , P332(White)
  7. Very Nice! Val would love something like this. In with 77
  8. I'm going to need new wiring to new outlets for this lot!
  9. Really don't hear them. Just seamlessly add to the bottom. No boom, just low end extension. Just what I wanted.
  10. Nope, I just threw them into Q-Logic .65 Cu.Ft. boxes I forgot I had. Maybe in the Spring I'll build the boxes I bought as kits.
  11. Really can't compare them. The Tekton's suck the living hell out of the 275's. I'd need 100+ dB@1W/1M speakers to be happy with the 275's. I have yet to find horns I really like.
  12. Added two more Silver 7t's to the system. WRF did these several years ago, traded them to BillWojo for his Plats. He was't using them so we worked out a trade. Running Tekton Pendragons with the outer amps, Infinity Kappa Perfect 10.1 subs with the inners. Power reserve is soooo deep! Bass is effortless.
  13. Nice Karma. Not using an EQ or planning on one, so not in. Good luck all!
  14. Next year is 2020. How many days between Christmas and New Year?
  15. CT-Seven and SD/A 490t remotes seem to be in greatest demand. Hard to come by.
  16. My 2 channel system has been upgraded yet again by a pair of Silver 7t's I bought a couple of years ago and traded restoration of them by Dennis Miller. (He got a great CT-Seven out of the deal!) These things sound fantastic! Listening to Tool's Fear Inoculum right now. Dynamic range is amazing. Detail is to die for. One problem, where am I going to put the turntable, now? Guess I'll have to put the Oppo on a shelf. System is: iPad into Gramofon WiFi streamer, Oppo BDP-105D, TX-11b(recapped by me), 4000t (Bonzoro modded), Silver 7t's(Dennis Miller restored), Tekton Pendragon speakers. Power Wedge 116, StraightWire IC's and Monster Cable speaker wire round out the team.
  17. If I could afford the Wilson's I'd need a bigger house, which I probably could also afford! Same bigger house required for anything bigger than the Pendragon's. I honestly made the deal to buy these without ever hearing any Tekton. It was a good gamble.
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