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  1. Looks like I'm late to this party, so, WELCOME rcdarcy! Glad you found us! I have a full SoundStream SystemOne going as a bedroom system, C-1, T-1, DA-1, R-1. Sounds great through ADS L-730 speakers. At last count I had 16 C-1's, 7 T-1's, 6 DA-1's, 5 DA-2's and a bunch of other stuff. I must ask, why are you ending your quest? What direction are you going in? While I'm not buying any more C-1's or T-1's, what are you asking? Just to help those here, that SoundStream gear is quite decent. They are both remote capable, the tuner only remote via the preamp, by the way.
  2. kve777

    Favorite Pictures

    That's not how it works. The Earth is the platform upon which all else goes above. I get a kick out of you "Science" guys...
  3. Capacitance is more dependent on your cables, IIRC.
  4. Nice system! (We gotta work on better speakers!)
  5. kve777

    Favorite Pictures

    Deprived as a child, I suspect. Never had a pet, nor received a Big Wheel for Christmas.
  6. Tekton Pendragon's, A/D/S/ L-730's, Klipsch KSF-10's, JBL L-19's, Focal SIB's, Polk RT-35's.
  7. IC701 may be defective. There are several micro switches that also need to be checked for proper operation. It could be "Mixed Signals" with switches in conflict. Start by checking them all.
  8. Ah yes, I remember my NAK days fondly. Had all of the 400's, all of the 600's (except for the rack) and CA-7/ST-7 but paired with a couple of PA-5's. Cassette decks are what Nakamichi did right. CD players, not so much. Nelson Pass brought the magic for the amps, PA-5/PA-7. Looks like those PA-7's still command a good price. Enjoy!
  9. I'd like to put my name on 11. I'm hoping someone wants to share. There are two bedrooms and a couple of futons. Must like dogs.
  10. They do. BUT! (and it's a big but) you better have the room right. And the right speakers. Oh, and the right sources. IF you do not have the RIGHTS, you are LEFT with something underwhelming. Synergy is the key. As Always. If you get the opportunity, it will deepen your appreciation of how GOOD a system can sound.
  11. My first Carver pieces included a Receiver 150 that was missing jumpers, thus the low price. I got that and an M-500t for $125. Both worked fine.
  12. Chris Holmes(WASP) and Lita Ford?
  13. I have owned quite a bit of that era NAD myself. In fact my favorite surround system had no less than five 2200PE amps and seven Polk speakers. The biggest fault was the Outlaw Audio preamp processor, it's volume encoder was damaged and would only turn the volume UP, regardless of the direction you turned it. I told my then roommate to ONLY use the remote, well he had a momentary lapse of reason and turned the knob. Thankfully the only casualty was a Polk center channel mid woofer that now sported a birds nest made from thin copper wire. That must have been loud. Later that year he fell into a
  14. No, no I don't...
  15. From what I heard out of the Premier 140, I do like the C-J sound.
  16. I really want THESE! Since I had to return a defective Premier 140, I have been looking... If I sell my C-19, SD/A-490t, TX-11b and all four Silver 7t's, I might be able to swing it. It's only $900.00 for a new set of output tubes.
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