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  1. I just bought 30 qts for $53.47 including tax. $1.78/qt for full synthetic! Crazy.
  2. Welcome! If you want to ship it to NJ, I'd be glad to bring it back to it's former glory! The 900 is a favorite here.
  3. I have four or five, but you don't answer my calls anymore, Greg...
  4. Tektronix used to wash their oscilloscopes! One of the reasons the Bugle Boys in there have no graphics left. As long as you bake it, electronics can take water. Just not Salty or acidic water!
  5. Pull the covers and set them out in the sun! Welcome back.
  6. What do you think about where the money goes? Which components should you spend the most money on? For instance, in my work in progress(Main system): I have $1100 in Digital Sources, $3200 in Phono Source, $2500 in Preamp, $4000 in Amps, $800 in Speakers, $400 in Power Conditioner, $400 in Subs, $20 tuner, maybe $100.00 in cables. Where did you spend all the money?
  7. What's Football? You mean Soccer?
  8. Many of you already know Ruby. Some may still have scars. Sorry. #AlpoClub
  9. I'd be interested in any Pink Floyd 8-tracks. There is one Quad release that was mixed by Alan Parsons, worth hundreds. I'd give you twenty bucks if you have it.
  10. Probably need new belts(Rubber bands will suffice to see if they work). You know them by the black tar at the bottom. As for the tapes, they will need new splices.It's tricky, but if you play a tape until just before it goes KACHUNK, pull it out! There will be a metal splice all dried up. If you miss it, there will be a long brown streamer in your machine... They sell rubber bands and splices on eBay.
  11. Probably work fine as long as there are no capacitors. Pretty cool, actually.
  12. How do you know when you are low on oil in your 305? It stops smoking...
  13. The relays on the speaker terminal board SP-508 are in need of replacement, no doubt, along with a plethora of electrolytic caps, plus R635 needs to be 3.3KΩ 1W. Spend the time to check for shorted or open caps! Fix the main amp board MA-508A first, then the smaller boards. Leave the main tuner board TIM-510A and Noise Reduction board CNR-527D for last. Give the two switches for TAPE functions on FEQ-508A a good shot of DeoxIt.
  14. Welcome! I have experience fixing Carver Receivers, lots of spare parts and a working AVR-100, if you need assistance.
  15. Lost a knob already?
  16. OK, Here's our For Delivery order: Val: One Ladies M in LIME. One Medium CHARCOAL Sweatshirt. Kevin: Two Men's 2XL in CHARCOAL HEATHER, Two Men's 2XL in NAVY, and Two Men's 2XL in DEEP RED. One 2XL CHARCOAL Sweatshirt. Ruby: Nothing at the moment. Seven T-shirts, Two Sweatshirts, Nine pieces in all. Full Graphics on all. I'll send you $200, extra postage is expected. If it's more, let me know. Ed, Thank you for your efforts! We really appreciate you! RIP, Wayne.
  17. kve777

    My daily commute

    Looks like South Jersey...
  18. Yes. Hasn't gone far. Must be in a Chevy...
  19. I'm good for 4 in 2XL men's T's, 2 in charcoal heather, two in purple.
  20. Way to go Will! Thank you again, Charlie.
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