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  1. If you wish to understand my point, read THIS. It was written by a Civil Liberties Professor at NYU and former National Legal Director at the American Civil Liberties Union.
  2. Bob's biased against 6DJ8's. He prefers 12AX7's. That's a problem for me. I couldn't vote for him.
  3. I'm just restraining myself here because I see too many historical parallels between Trump and Hitler. 'Nuf said.
  4. Please, will a moderator lock this thread before I post something...
  5. I believe that is a hydraulic or pneumatic schematic, not electrical. The Company is Doppelmayr, they make lifts for ski resorts. It's dated 2007, so it might be something in the controls for lifts at Jackson Hole, WY or Whistler Blackcomb in BC.
  6. Not yet. It's early still.
  7. Milkweed is OK, but we're running out of food for the swallowtails. They love dill and parsley. Look carefully- there are lots of little instars.
  8. This one took flight at 10:15 AM. Two hours after emerging from the chrysalis.
  9. Val had her first monarch appear from it's chrysalis this morning at 8:15.
  10. Cool. Let me know when you want some vintage tubes to try.
  11. Great Karma! I'm glad to see the Onkyo C-7030t is still in use!
  12. Incredible silent movie! Giorgio Moroder provides a superb soundtrack. Inspiration for C-3PO.
  13. Rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth.
  14. Ha! I know this cover. I had it signed by Bob at CF 17, but I gave him the wrong name! That's why you see the 'halo' around 'Charles'. The other name was removed and Bob re-wrote it. I'm sure if you sent it to Bob, he'd do it again. It's a powder coated top, if I remember correctly. Heck, you could just remove the top line and it'd look fine. If no one else wants it, I'll trade.
  15. Welcome! I have a stock C-11 for $275 plus shipping. (About $30.00 to NM) Very clean inside. One scratch by the headphone jack. I did not attempt to cover it up. Works fine.
  16. Nope. A goner for sure. Power Supply failure. Could not deliver the current for the load, apparently.
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