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  1. There are a lot of units from recycling centers just chucked into bins, pulled out and sold on eBay "As-Is".
  2. People do the same thing with cars and houses (and spouses and animals!) Very sad.
  3. I'm selling because I can't keep it all. Not buying more. I've not had a TFM-75, nor a C-19. Not looking either. I have a Bonzoro 4000t, an SD/A-490t, a TX-11b, a TDR-2400 and three TFM-42's. Plus Dennis Miller has my pair of Silver Seven t's. I use a Receiver 6250 in "The Meddle Shop" and an AVR-100 at work. That's more than enough.
  4. Yes. You are. We all know this thing.
  5. That part about sending items to a tech. my delivery service no longer includes Michigan.
  6. I have several beautiful TX-11a's.
  7. I have an extra one! The faceplate was drilled for rack mounting. $200.00
  8. I have too many projects...these need to go. Pics as I can, these are in many locations across South Jersey. Note: NONE of these are recapped or serviced. Prices reflect that. I can ship to Greg or Dennis or your choice of tech, or right to you. Prices are plus shipping. PayPal or personal check. Two C-11's. Look good, working. $275.00 each. Two C-2's. Look good. Never plugged them in. $150.00 each. One T-2. Looks good, never plugged it in. $85.00. M-4.0t. Barry had it. Works but it's an early one that needs upgrades and recapping. $425.00. M-1.0t. Got this one from Itch. Looks good. Never plugged it in. Probably in need of a recap. $250.00. M-0.5t. Ebay purchase. Never tried it. Looks good. $150.00. Three PM-1.5, I think one is Mono. I believe they all work. $200.00 each. Pile of DTL-100/200's. Three or four? $100.00 for the lot. Pile of TX-11a/DTL-200 MKII, $150.00 each if working, $100.00 if not. I'll sort through as requested. I may or may not have some C-1's, C-9's. Some may be parts only or ugly. Pile of whole house Carver audio gear, with controller, amp, remote, wall units. $500.00 for all. New-old-stock, unused pieces. If I find more I'll post... C-6! Noisy transistor(s) in the phono, otherwise a nice C-6. $400.00. TFM-55, needs major overhaul. $350.00. Ugly TFM-35, needs major overhaul. $150.00. HR-732, works, with remote. $150.00. Free Local pickup!
  9. Debate is not forbidden on this site, however, personal attacks, insults and other insinuations used with the intent to humiliate or impugn a member will not be tolerated. If something angers you or offends you, report it to the Mods or the Admins. It is their job to remove such material from the site if it violates our guidelines. However, I implore all of you to resist the urge to discuss Headline News since it is often designed to rile people and sensationalize events. We must all accept that many, many different kinds of world views and opinions are held by your fellow members, and as such, personal viewpoints are bound to surface from time to time. Please, just let it go. If a member is posting material on a regular basis that you believe is inappropriate, please Report it to a Moderator. I’ve been mulling this over all day (hanging Sheetrock, ones mind has room to wander), and I have to say the manner of your participation in this thread saddens and annoys me Kevin. This was a fun, intelligent and spirited discussion, and you had to come in and shit all over it with your liberal talking points. You start off with your attack on Fox News, which just shows you level of vitriol - this discussion had NOTHING to do with Fox News. Nothing. If you had even done the barest of research, you’d have found the story a credible one, being covered by your left leaning sites as well. Now you’ve managed to drag the conversation into a gun debate, the very thing I wanted to avoid. Now, you’ve essentially killed what was once a fun discussion, and turned it into a political slug-fest. Well done???? I know your politics from past encounters, and believe it or not, I take caution to keep topics from veering into uncomfortable territory. Yes, I’ve made my mistakes in the past with regards to political posts. The difference is, I’ve learned from them, and am working at being a more tolerant human. Maybe you, being a member of the “tolerant and inclusive” left, could do the same. If not, feel free to stay out of these conversations in the future. I need to report a Moderator to a Moderator? The title of the thread ASKS for OPINIONS!
  10. LABELS! Put labels on both ends of your cables! Seriously. Saves a ton of time.
  11. You are not "defenseless" without a gun in Florida. Montana, maybe, but not Florida. Gun violence kills more people without guns than with, which means that the shooters are pussies. The Second Amendment to The Constitution was intended to protect us against an invading force. That intent has been lost, so has the need. There are entirely too many illegal and irresponsible gun holders. Over time we can curb the number of guns out there, just like we will reduce the number of gasoline burning automobiles, over time. Eradicate? No. Reduce? Yes. IMO. I'm going to leave it at that, as I'm too off topic.
  12. I own no guns, Ruby is enough... I'm appalled by this "relinquishment gap", if a judge makes an order, there needs to be a mechanism to enforce it. At a minimum, the judge needs to see compliance before moving forward with the case. If there is a domestic dispute alleging violence, neither party should be allowed access to firearms. Far too many people own far too many guns in this country, without real consequences when things go wrong. 50% of the population has below average intelligence, and many of them own guns. The worst part is they don't know that they have below average intelligence but they know they have a gun.
  13. The story is focusing on the wrong things... The husband needed to turn in his guns by court order, but there was no follow up by law enforcement. THAT was the biggest crime of all here.
  14. First of all, Fox News is propaganda programming at it's finest. It's the National Enquirer of TV. Very little real news, lots of drama. That said, you can't break the law to protect yourself. Dude was in jail. If you are in danger from your spouse, TALK TO YOUR LAWYER! He or she will know what you can do.
  15. I'm out this year. Just can't swing it.
  16. If you are in the Philadelphia area and want a listen to this preamp, I will be hosting an audio meet on June 15th from 10 to 5 at 100 Frontage Rd. Cherry Hill, NJ 08034.
  17. I never over-react, and I'll kill anybody who says otherwise!
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