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Quarantine Play List

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This play list was put out by the Arizona AV Club today.  We aren't under quarantine yet, but a lot of the old farts in Scottsdale are staying home listening to tunes.



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THis was (iirc?) a big Bush era song.  Fun part at the bridge lyrics (2:02) (also very good with sonic holography (he'll whisper in your ear)


The bridge:


Do you feel the power
Do you feel the power
Baptized in electronic water
Prodigal sons and beautiful daughters
With smiles and bows and rosy cheeks
And the righteous bath
Death to the freaks
Do you feel the power
Do you feel the power
From the man whose voice sounds reassuring
Completely firm and so alluring, Like's he's lived a thousand times before
And seen the world from shore to shore
With the calmness and tranquility that oozes credibility
With the wisdom and the confidence that seem to scream out common sense
And it makes you feel just like a babe
Daddy holding you tight and safe
Hush babe everything's all right, Daddy's gonna stay with you tonight
Now he's got you by the balls, he can sell you anything at all
From morality to diamond rings to genocide to magazines
From religion to cosmology to the end of a democracy




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Well I happen to be in Spain and the whole country is locked down, very movement in the public.  So today my asshole neighbor starts playing  Regeton so ended in a stereo war haven't done that since early military barracks days.


Rush tfm-35 wharfedale linton heritage 1 oclock on the C1 is apparently too much current right speaker was smelling a little, shutdown the asshole, and pretty sure no damage, speakers are still not really broken in.  But they did get warm.  Played them at normal volume sound normal.  

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