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Hello and new member,

I have a handful of Carver gear and excited to learn more. Currently replacing a power switch in my CT-3 and not having much luck so will make another post. Thanks for the add!

CT-3,CT-23, TFM15CB (3), TFM 35, 42, and 55, C-1, and C2

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  • Community Admin

Hello jhouse55, and welcome to thecarversite.com. We're glad you're hear. ;) There is a lot of information here, much technical know how, and a pretty good bunch of folks that are happy to help.

Nice collection of gear. Once you advance to Novice, please consider uploading some pics of your gear in the Members Systems area. We all like pics of all kinds of audio gear.

In the meantime, kick your shoes off, turn up the music, and welcome aboard.






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Welcome to the site - that's quite the collection of Bob's Best you have.


You should definitely be able to find some assistance with that power switch, among the folks, here.


Good luck and post some pictures of your system, when you can.  :D



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Welcome jhouse55! Hope you like and enjoy the site! With the gear you have you will fit right in!

As @BarryGsays, grab your favorite beverage, turn up the music and enjoy!

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