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  1. Hello,


    I have a C-1 that needs to be repaired and I noticed you were local and had the "Carver Repair Team" tag on your profile.  Are repairs to C-1's something that you do?


    As a little background, I purchased the C-1 and a M 1.0 a couple of years back to get a feel for the Carver gear.  I quickly found that I loved the sound of Carver but that the sound was slowly degrading and moth balled them with the intent of having both restored.


    Recently I dusted them off, hooked up the C-1 to some Yamaha HS-8 powered monitors, the M 1.0 to a pair of JBL 4412's, found I still loved the C-1, but there is a steady thump every 1 second or so coming through.


    After hearing the C-1 again, comparing it to other integrated amps, the need to have it repaired first (the M 1.0 second), became a priority. 


    I know very little about repairing electronics and any guidance would be appreciated.


    Thank you,

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