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  1. The only different component may be the main filter caps. I ran out of the UC caps that we now use, and used a pair of the Panasonic ones that I have on hand. I only stopped using the Panasonics because it’s a chore to bend the legs of one to fit the space - they are the same spec however (10kuf, 100v) so I don’t see how they could make a difference....🤔
  2. That’s a good looking stack Dick! How does it sound? (Inquiring minds want to know!)
  3. In my defense, you said right now... I just finished up Mike’s C11, and haven’t cleaned up yet, lol. I tend not to clean up until after a piece of gear, then I put everything away, and start the next piece. Messy? Yea, sure. Work for me? Yup....😉 BTW, I like the trophy buried in the background of yours... baseball or softball?
  4. I called a cousin who is a State Trooper and asked him about it. He explained that it’s to protect motorcycle riders, as they are “sitting ducks” when stopped behind a car at a red light, especially with the explosion of distracted driving accidents. I can understand that reasoning, but I still think it’s a bad idea. As for crowding the white line, he said that is not a “thing” - drivers are under no obligation to be any distance from the white line(s), so long as they are between them. I honestly don’t remember how close I was to the white line, but I do remember that a semi was next to me. I initially thought the semi had blown a tire, as that’s what it sounded like. I’m sure the motorcycle rider was crowding towards me, to distance himself from the semi... I think he should have at least stopped, but oh well.
  5. The other day, I’m sitting in traffic at a red light. I’m about 12 cars back on a 6 lane (3 in each direction) artery in SLC. That’s when I hear what sounds like a gunshot right outside my drivers side window, and see a motorcycle ripping between the rows of cars waiting at the red light. Something on the rider or his motorcycle hit my side mirror and tore it off my truck. Just as he got to the front of the line of cars (by riding between them), the light turns green and he’s gone. So I hop out quickly (in traffic) and grab one of the trim pieces to my mirror (most of it was still dangling by the wiring harness) and get back in my truck. I rolled the window down and brought the rest of the still-attached mirror into the cab, so as to keep it from scratching the shit out of the door. I called the sheriff’s department to report the accident (not that I had much info to give, as it happened so fast and motorcycle plates are so small). As I’m relaying the incident to the dispatcher, she asked me something that literally stunned me - “were you crowding the white line?” Excuse me?? “Well if you were, this incident may have been at least partially your fault.” WHAT? Apparently there was a new law passed last spring called “filtering”, and you guessed it, this new gem of a law allows motorcycles to “filter” between rows of stopped cars at traffic lights, and roll right up to the light. Is it just me, or does this law seem completely asinine? Luckily, most of the damage to my truck was easily fixed, but it could have been much worse.
  6. Most every album Chip Davis put together was “concept” by virtue of being strongly themed, but here are a couple of my favorites:
  7. If you want to save some coin Brian, I’ll buy the US version and ship it to you... (if that would save you $, based on the exchange rate?)
  8. 1,200hp 2020 Corvette C8 coming soon.... http://hennesseyperformance.com/vehicles/chevrolet-2/corvette/c8/
  9. I count myself as one of the few (perhaps sacrilegiously so) people that far prefer the post-Waters PF material to the “original” material. This set is long overdue - I just wish it were a bit cheaper, lol....
  10. Heres a handy formula to assist you in your calculations😉
  11. I’ve been pulling the other site up weekly for the past couple months, hoping to see some more Carverfest photos, but have repeatedly gotten the “board is currently unavailable” message. Now today it’s the white screen “404 page not found” message... If CarverAudio is dead, what does that mean for the future of Carverfest?
  12. I received this as a gift from Tim ( @PhilDent ), and it has quickly made its way to the top of my play rotation. The sound quality is not only superb, but it is lively, active, visceral! The range of tracks keeps you guessing - there’s something different around every corner. One of, if not the best DTS mix I’ve experienced. highly recommended, and THANK YOU TIM!
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