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  1. Daddyjt


    *WARNING* - Lots of truth coming at you here, so read at your own risk! You want to know a dirty little secret? EVERYONE botched this - from the administration (who actually DID try to institute a China travel ban, until they were accused of being racist), to Nancy Pelosi (who was urging people to come down to Chinatown to celebrate the lunar new year in MARCH), to Mayor Deblasio (going to the gym in MARCH, and urging others to carry on as usual), to perhaps the biggest “botcher” of all - Andrew Cuomo, who’s OWN POLICY sent positive cases of elderly Wuhan virus BACK TO NURSING HOMES (seriously, this guy is responsible for close to 10k deaths HIMSELF), to Obama & Biden, who left the emergency PPE cupboard bare. But somehow, the media only wants to focus on “Orange Man Bad”. The media have been truly pathetic. You want to know another dirty little secret? There are A LOT of people that are enjoying being told they are not ALLOWED to work, and collecting “free” government money. On top of that, they have the media whispering in their ear that they are HEROS for “doing their part” by sitting on the couch. Additionally, there are several in the government that have seized on the opportunity to remove people’s right to earn a living, and putting them on the public charge. Now that it looks like the party is coming to an end, and people are poised to go back to work, there is a mad scramble to once again instill fear, and keep everything locked down. You see, they’ve never been THIS CLOSE to being able to tip the whole system towards the unstoppable slide into a socialist utopia, and they are fighting like hell to hang on to it. As Elon Musk said today - “take the RED pill America!” I’ll see you all on the other side. @Nahash5150 or @B-Man - you both have my email address, send my “ban” paperwork there, and I’ll gladly sign it. Carry on.
  2. Daddyjt


    Wether or not you classify me in the “below average intelligence”, I understand how to do math. I also understand that doing math with incorrect statistics obtained through either nefarious motivations or incompetence does not produce usable data. I too know several (ok, 6) doctors personally. 2 orthopedics that have been prevented from practicing, a hospitalist, 2 ER doctors, and a endocrinologist. All of them say this virus is dangerous if you are over 60 and/or have some other Heath ailment. In the interest of keeping the peace here, I am not going further in open forum with you on this Kevin. If you want to discuss it further, you know my PM address. And lastly, if I offended you in any way by saying that you were “scared” of the Wuhan Virus, I apologize. I sincerely thought that was an accurate assessment of your feelings. Sadly, it’s common for us “lower than average intelligence” folks to offend...😇
  3. Daddyjt


    No, you’re being condescending to people with differing opinions. I would expect more out of someone as smart as you are. No, it doesn’t. We HAVE had thousands of cases. The thing is, only about 5 in TEN THOUSAND that contract the virus die from it. AND the number continues to fall, as more and more of the shenanigans taken in the statistics come to light. If health care facilities are being overrun, why are the temporary hospitals being dismantled (most without ever treating A SINGLE PATIENT)? Look, if you’re scared, you have every right to stay home, wear a mask, or close your business. But you DO NOT have the right to force me to do the same, and you do not have the right to demand the government PAY you to hide at home.
  4. Daddyjt


    Wow. Disappointing to see a devolution to name calling. So it’s either drink the kool-aid and prevent your immune system from doing its job, or you’re stupid?
  5. Daddyjt


    We just got back from a grocery trip, and I am happy to say that the number of people wearing masks has decreased sharply from just a couple weeks ago. Perhaps a positive sign of things getting back to normal...!
  6. Daddyjt


    I disagree with about 97% of what Bill Maher says, but I gotta tell you, he nails it here:
  7. The thing I find ironic, is that they say “the risk is through the roof”, but more money will make it all ok...? Got it.
  8. Looks like MLB players won’t be willing to take any kind of financial “hit” to get back on the field. Although I don’t find it surprising, sadly... https://www.foxnews.com/sports/mlb-bryce-harper-nolan-arenado-blake-snell-pay-stance
  9. Daddyjt


    Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance...
  10. Apparently it’s just too hard to control us when we have all those pesky freedoms...
  11. I have no words... I am so sorry to hear this news. If you need anything at all...
  12. post deleted. Sincerest apologies. @jeffs you should edit you quite to be in compliance.
  13. *deleted for legal reasons*
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