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  1. What a GREAT idea🤔🧯🔥
  2. The Rewatchables is a pretty fun podcast if you like movies. The re-define the term “deep dive”, as they explore virtually every facet of some of the best movies that we “...just love to rewatch”. My only minor nit pick is the over-use of sports metaphors (especially NBA) when they try to explain certain things. All in all a pretty good listen. A few that were particularly good were Heat, Die Hard, Shawshank Redemption, The Karate Kid, and The Wolf Of Wall Street... https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-rewatchables/id1268527882
  3. I revisited this one the other night with my son, after everyone else had gone to bed. I had forgotten how great a movie Jacob’s Ladder is. Not a horror movie exactly, not a war movie exactly, and not a thriller exactly. It’s a little bit of everything, and it works rather well. A great performance by a young Tim Robbins, and an equally great performance by the late Elizabeth Peña - but the one that really steals the show is Danny Aiello. Some downright creepy moments, but no cheap jump-scares. The cinematography is absolutely amazing, and the score mirrors the film to a “T”. Also one of
  4. Not Spotify, but this would be my #1 listen over the course of the year...
  5. Daddyjt

    Favorite Quotes

    “Total paranoia is just total awareness.” ― Charles Manson
  6. I watched that one back when I had Netflix, and found it quite good. It was a bit of a wild ride if I recall, as it went from a typical Ryan Reynolds light-hearted fun action flick, then took a couple pretty dark turns, and got a whole lot more serious....
  7. I just finished this one this morning. The good news - it’s an exceedingly easy read. The bad news - where to begin... First, I highly recommend you read this book - NOT because it’s content is of any value, but because it’s important to understand how you are viewed by the woke brigade, if you are Caucasian. If you deny your racism, it’s because you’re racist - if you admit your racism, well... It’s the old “Have you stopped beating your wife yet” verbal trap. An important “peek behind the curtain” of the radical movement sweeping the country - I’m glad I took the ti
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