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Everything posted by Brian_at_HHH

  1. Welcome to the site! That sounds like a perfect combination of interests & talents for here!
  2. Congrats! The answer to the age old question of "Will he," or "Won't he," had better be he Will ... celebrate it properly!
  3. Welcome to the group, @nautinut! It's great to have you! That sounds like a great system. Good luck with the BillD conversion. We'll be looking forward to pictures when you get a couple more posts under your belt.
  4. Yes, I remember that ad - thanks for the memory!
  5. As usual, I'm filling the role of heretic and some would likely claim, village idiot. I have long been fond of the sound from Grado's. I also have a couple of AT's (I have no clue where the 2nd one came from), but while they are clear and precise, there's no warmth, and they feel somewhat lifeless to me. Tag, you're IT! Yes, you! Whomever you are, foolish enough to be reading this!
  6. Either @Buck115has it right, or it's Buffalo Springfield, I'd guess.
  7. Cool - a new guitar amp[ 😇 Might make a decent snake room heater, too!
  8. Hmmm, a TT that puts out close to 1000w/RMS per channel - now THAT'S scary!!!! 😆
  9. Greg, you KNOW this is a far deeper, darker, rabbit hole than even tube amps! Pull your wellies up high, and dive in - the water's .... fine! I'm curious, what are you doing to it WRT overhauling it? Yes, I have an ulterior motive as I just acquired a TD-165 and I'm working on doing a bunch of things with it. Are you changing out older electronic components (caps, resistors, etc.), or just doing a general tune up? I'm "toying" with swapping the deck (aesthetics only, I admit), but mostly just making it far more robust, and less prone to s
  10. You mean "more Carver power amps...?"
  11. I agree - you don't have nearly enough planar's there! Get with it, dammit!
  12. Thanks for sharing the good news, Barry! 🙂 Please do let us know the link for the Go Fund Me page! 🙂
  13. Welcome to the site! Great to see someone from outside N.A. joining! There's nothing Frankenstein about picking and choosing the best options for you. Most of us have "ecletic" collections of gear, and yours looks great. Once you get a few more posts & responses under your belt, we'd love to see some pictures. For now, join in the fun, and remember to enjoy the music!
  14. I was actually glad to see he was still with us and still able to enjoy his music - at least for a little while longer. ALS is a truly horrific disease - I lost a friend from work to it a couple of years ago. Probably one of the nicest fellow I'd met here. Best wishes, to you Ken - enjoy the music for as long as you can!
  15. Congrats on getting through another crazy year! If that's not a reason to celebrate, I don't know what is!
  16. Congrats, Brian! Hope you get to live it up!
  17. Hmmmm, that makes it about another 3,132,000 revolutions of the turntable since the last such celebration! Congrats!
  18. My apologies for the late Welcome, Brent! You've definitely found the right place to make your home with that collection of amps. Good luck with the recapping - there's a tremendous amount of life in those for long into the future. No point in warning you about OCCD - it's clearly FAR too late - welcome to the club. Let us know what else you have - it doesn't need to be Carver to be of interest. And, of course, when you get a bit further along, we'd love to see pictures of the system.
  19. Welcome to the group, Kevin! That is an incredible deal you managed to get, wow! There are definitely some folks, here, within slingshot range of you, who can restore your 1.5t to life. If nobody pipes up in a bit, don't worry - just bump this, or send out an explicit query, and I would imagine someone will pipe up before long. In the mean time, do join in and remember to enjoy the music.
  20. CONGRATS!!!!! I knew I was out of action but didn't realize it was that bad - I hope you've been celebrating the whole time as you should be!!!! Now get back to living it up, or we'll make you do it again until you get it right!!!!!
  21. I see you got the one colour that works well, for an Element! Very nice - esp. with the new wheels & shoes.
  22. And HOW much COFFEE did he have ?!?!?!?! 😲
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